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In our seventh addition to the “How to Sell on YouTube” series we will give you a cheat sheet to make you a YouTube rockstar!

And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I’ll say it clear,
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.

Frank Sinatra sang it best. We’re sad to say it, but we’ve reached the final curtain of our YouTube journey together! Hopefully by now you’ve read each installment and gained tons of insight to further your business. You might have also spent hours watching YouTube videos that derailed you from other tasks…but that’s ok! Those funny videos were all in the name of research, right? No judgement here.

Rather than overload your brain with any more information, we’re pretty confident you’ve got the tools you need now. However, you might forget some of them. After all, it’s not like selling on YouTube is your only job. You might be a mother, a significant other, a painter, or a candlestick maker. Maybe you’re all of them! In that case, this YouTube cheat sheet will be handy. Print it out and stick it on your fridge. Stick it on your dog’s forehead. Stick it wherever you need to in order to remember all the awesome stuff you’ve learned.

How to Sell on YouTube: GETTING SET UP

  • Canva thumbnails are your friend. Make sure your videos hang out with them
  • Merch annotations are also your friend! No need for anyone to get jealous here, they can all hangout together.
  • Follow, engage, and cross-promote. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

How to Sell on YouTube: CONTENT GUIDE

    • Unboxing videos are EXCITING. So are lots of sales. These two go hand in hand.
  • A “vlog” is not as scary or weird as it sounds. But it could be scary and weird. It’s simply a “day-in-the-life”sort of video. Maybe your life is scary and weird.
  • How-To videos are helpful. Product review videos build trust. Q & A videos answer all of life’s biggest questions. OK not really, but people like them.

How to Sell on YouTube: TRICKS TO REMEMBER

  • YouTube Transcripts are like the person you forgot to invite to the party. Don’t forget. The party would still be good, but they make everything a lot more fun and memorable.
  • YouTube Playlists keep things organized so you can have a ton of content without being annoying.
  • Make a custom URL for your video. It’s like it’s own little address on the internet rather than a random compilation of numbers and letters that don’t feel cozy at all.
  • The YouTube Sound Library is a non-cheesy way to make your videos even better. And say it with me now, it’s royalty-free and legal.

How to Sell on YouTube: SEARCH RANK

  • Metadata is a fancy way of saying “keywords are important.” Feel free to talk about meta data with your friends so they think you’re super smart (even smarter than they already thought).
  • The YouTube Keyword Tool is a *free* way to find out what people are searching, so you can become one of them.
  • Be consistent with the days and times you post and get other cool people on the internet to embed your videos on their pages. Then buy them something nice on their birthday to say thanks.

How to Sell on YouTube: GOING VIRAL

    • Kim Kardashian broke the internet. SO CAN YOU!
  • Make your videos actionable. Remember to ask yourself: “What is the point of this?” before you post.
  • Make your videos emotional. You don’t have to attempt to make everyone cry…but eliciting strong responses from people makes them want to share.
  • Wild videos go viral. Do something no one has ever seen before. Do something that’s unique. Be your weird little self and go viral.

How to Sell on YouTube: CASE STUDIES

  • If you feel like wasting hours on the internet, these YouTube channels can provide the content: Jenna Marbles, Kayla Itsines, Playstation, Ramit Sethi.
  • What do they all have in common? Um, the humans behind them are filthy rich. And how? From YOUTUBE of course. Let them be your inspiration.

Alright. We now realize this might be a little long to print out and place on your dog’s forehead. But please, put it somewhere that you’ll be looking at often. We want to be watching your amazing YouTube videos soon and writing case studies about YOU! So, don’t let us down. Get on YouTube and get selling. You got this.


And, good luck out there!


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