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Yoga is a mind-body practice that connects movement and breathing. It’s more than a form of exercise, it’s a philosophy of living. Yoga is about personality and being part of a community. If you love yoga, you may want to take that love a few steps further and start a yoga business online. 

Is Your Next Yoga Challenge Starting a Yoga Business?

1. Create Your Yoga USP
2. Build a Following
3. Starting a Yoga Business Plan
4. How to Teach Yoga Online
5. Marketing
6. How to Grow Your Yoga Business

The demand is there. Yoga is more popular than ever, and more than half of those who practice yoga prefer to do it at home. It can be hectic teaching yoga for a studio. It can sometimes feel like you give a lot of time and don’t get a lot of income in return. 

When you teach yoga online you’re starting a yoga business that works with your life. You can form your classes and structure around your specific needs and goals, and the goals of your students. 

Whether you want to teach private lessons, big online classes, or to connect with yogis around the world, if you want to teach your dream yoga class, now is the time. 

A yoga business starts with your daily yoga challenge and moves to a thriving ecommerce business

1. Create Your Yoga USP

Your USP is a unique selling point. It’s hard to effectively sell online without one.

Choose a yoga niche

For physical trainers new to the practice, yoga is an exercise niche. For dedicated yogis and fans, there are endless yoga niches. So what’s the niche of your niche?

First, you’ll need to choose a type of yoga. You may already have a favorite, but if you are still in the early days of your studies, this list includes just a handful of the most popular yoga practices:

  • Bikram Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Kriya Yoga
  • Yoga for beginners
  • Heart Rhythm Yoga
  • Vipassana Yoga

Once you’ve chosen a practice, you’ll want to get a yoga certification. It’s not a requirement if you’re teaching independently online, but certification is a simple way to learn as much as you can before you start teaching, and to demonstrate your credibility in a crowded market.

Speaking of competition, you may want to narrow your niche even further. Goat yoga, corporate yoga and yoga for kids are just a few examples of super-niches in yoga.

Goat yoga is just one of many super-niches for yoga business

Think about ways that you can set your yoga business apart from other yoga instructors and create something unique. Think about what activities or collaborators could help you add something special to your online yoga classes. 

Figure out your class format

Do you want to sell yoga videos, or private classes one-on-one? Do you want to live stream your classes or offer pre-recorded sessions to your students? 

Selling online means that your only limitation is time! It’s a good idea to offer pricing tiers, so think about your class offerings in relation to the price and how much time you have for live sessions.

You may want to offer your private sessions at a premium or sell your live sessions with physical products to your most loyal customers. 

You can rent videos to students who love your teaching style but may not have the budget for your private sessions. Videos are also great for customers who may not be able to make it to your scheduled live stream group classes!

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Prep to teach your first yoga class

You’ll need a stable camera. This could be the webcam on your computer or your mobile phone. Make sure that your device can create quality video. Blurry images are especially frustrating during a workout, because it makes it difficult for your students to see your movement clearly. 

Think carefully about where you plan to record your live yoga sessions.  Your background, lighting, and where you put your mat make a big difference in how professional your final product will look. Use tape to mark the edges of the video so nothing important in your class happens offscreen. 

A woman looks to a screen as she learns how to teach yoga online

Lighting is important too. Professional photography lights make a big difference in the quality of your live sessions, and they aren’t too expensive. You should be able to find something for $50-100 USD. This tutorial is great if you aren’t sure how to use light when shooting video.

Don’t forget audio! Have you noticed the sound quality on your laptop or phone is fine when you’re watching the video, but not so great for audio alone? You’ll want podcast-quality sound because your students will be listening more than watching if they are practicing along with your videos. 

With this in mind, a decent microphone with a stable stand is another good investment. You can find a good one for $60-100 USD. 

Film a test session and have a friend give you a critique of your set up. You may need to move a distracting houseplant or experiment with background sound, but it’s worth it for a great finished product.

2. Build a Following

If you’re already teaching yoga, you’ve done a little bit of self-promotion and you know how effective social media can be for getting the word out. 

Start with social media

You may already have a following on one platform or another, but since it takes time to really build a following, you’ll want to start immediately. Each platform is unique, so just choose one or two platforms, and post with intention.

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You’ll also want to build your yoga business on LinkedIn. This platform is the best place for professional networking, so update your profile and reach out to your network for positive references. Join some professional groups too!

Add a blog

Another fantastic long-term marketing strategy is writing a blog. A blog gives you a chance to tell your story and attract new people to your yoga business while also building a closer relationship with your current clients. 

Check out these great yoga blogs for ideas to get your blog started:

Yoga with Adriene
Yoga Journal
Yoga Dork

An older man practices yoga outside, showing that yoga business is for everyone in this article from Selz ecommerce for business growth

3. Starting a Yoga Business Plan

Teaching yoga online is a business, and you’ll need to approach it thoughtfully. 

You may be an expert at teaching yoga classes, but there may be a steep learning curve when it comes to organizing and running your business. The best way to nail down your process for success is to create a business plan.

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You may only have a couple of students to start with, so it may seem overly complicated to create too much process at first. But questions like whether or not you need teaching insurance or how you’ll handle scheduling and billing are better to figure out up front than after a problem rears its ugly head.

Ask yourself a few questions:

What are the different types of services, classes and products you will offer?
How will you follow up with your students?
Who are your ideal students?
How will you organize your finances?

You’ll also want to think carefully about prices for your yoga business.

There are three models for success when starting a yoga business:

Offering video classes for free

Many yoga instructors who offer this option will sell one-on-one live sessions and physical products from their site.

Asking for a donation

Sites like Selz offer a pay what you want option so you can let your customers pay a rate that works for their budget.

Multiple pricing tiers for classes

As you determine your pricing, ask yourself:

Who can afford your top tier classes?
How much do you need to charge to make your prices competitive while still earning a good income?

4. How to Teach Yoga Online

Opening an online store is your first step to starting a yoga business. While starting an online store for yoga can be simple, there are hundreds of ways to go about it. 

So, what is one of the simplest, fastest ways to set up a great-looking, professional yoga business online? Selling live sessions from your own ecommerce website.

You can read more about the benefits of selling from your own site in this article.

Choose a video chat platform

One of the most popular options for live stream classes is Zoom. Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live are also great options. 

On YouTube, you can restrict access by sharing an unlisted link, so only people with the link will see your class. On Facebook, you can restrict access by going live in a private Facebook Group. 

Think about which apps you and your students will be most comfortable with, as well as how the platform fits our vision of your business moving forward. 

Do you plan to rent videos of your yoga classes? Selz offers multiple options for digital product security, as well as unlimited bandwidth, so there won’t be any problems when your store goes viral! You’ll have up to 15GB file size and multiple file uploads per item allowed, so you’ve got plenty of room for whatever you want to sell.

Selz theme Avalon is just one of the professional website themes perfect for your yoga business to teach yoga online

Build your ecommerce site

Your online store should be professional and easy for your clients to use. One of our most popular themes for yoga instructors and personal trainers is Avalon – Motivate. One Up is another favorite! 

As you put together your site, be sure to include essential details including: 

  • Schedules
  • Pricing
  • Payment options
  • Access to videos or other materials after your live session
  • What your class includes
  • How long each session or video is

Images are also important. If you’re teaching yoga for weight loss, you may want to add before and after photos from past students. If you are teaching yoga for relaxation, you may want to choose images of a serene landscape. 

Whichever you choose, try to avoid stock imagery. You want to put together a look and feel for your site that reflects your personality and what makes your yoga business special.

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Selz also lets you add a short video to each product listing on your ecommerce site. You can use this video to give your clients a clear picture of the experience they are about to purchase.

Think about how your audience will respond to your teaching style. Do you want them to follow along as you go through poses, or do you want them to watch you for correct form first? Are your live sessions focused on conversation and critique or are you leading your clients through a custom flow? 

The better you set expectations for your students, the more satisfied they will be! 

For each item you sell, you can upload a preview image, audio, or video file. You can also customize delivery options and offer discounts and coupons.

With Selz’s professional-looking checkout complete with SSL certificates, your buyers can be confident purchasing directly from your online store with a range of secure payment options.

If you want an even more custom website, check out Selz Do-It-For-Me.

Anyone can start a yoga business , including this young woman new to yoga practice

Now you’re ready to start adding your live sessions to your new online store!

  1. Sign in to your Selz account 
  2. Click on Items > Add item > Select Service
  3. Name your live session and add your product description
  4. Click on Choose a photo and select a product image for your live session.
  5. Under Instructions / message, add your live session link. 
  6. Set your price. If you’re selling live sessions at a discounted price, you might want to add the original price so that your buyers can see the discount they’re getting from you.
  7. Click Save at the bottom and your product is ready to sell!

Sign up for a free Selz account now and take advantage of the 14-day free trial to see how easy it is to sell your live yoga sessions online!

We Move Together

A dancer and yogi reaches for the sun in this image from the we move together site

As you build your yoga business, great examples are super helpful, so we want to share one of our favorite sites.

We Move Together is a global community of movers and meditators, creators and artists. They offer online donation-based classes and workshops from their stunning website.

At their core is a belief that we should all be moving together. 

In line with that belief, they offer classes that are accessible to all while also supporting their teachers. All classes are either free or donation-based.

We Move Together offers the majority of earnings to their individual teachers. You can see how much they value their teachers on their site. 

Each WMT teacher has access to:

  • A profile page with photos and bio
  • Links to their website and social accounts from the WMT site
  • Live sessions features on their weekly schedule page
  • A comprehensive guide for recording material including camera, lighting, and sound set up
  • Links to affordable equipment
  • Curated Spotify playlists
  • 24/7 mentoring

If you want to learn more about We Move Together, check out their About page.

5. Marketing

Marketing can and will make or break your yoga business. 

Most yoga businesses find long term success with great SEO, PR and word of mouth marketing. 

A beautiful yoga pose by a lake because live stream yoga classes can happen anywhere with Selz ecommerce

You’ve already started a blog, so if you have some readers, think about adding a button or a widget with your live yoga sessions to your blog. 

You may have seen this on your favorite blogs, but never done it yourself before, so we’ve included some instructions. It’s a quick and easy way to start selling to your audience fast!

  1. Log in to your Selz account
  2. Go to Buttons & Widgets in the left navigation. This will display the button and widget editor.
  3. Choose your button style, color, and checkout options
  4. Copy the code for your button
  5. Paste it into the HTML or text tab of your blog post 

You’re all set. A beautiful buy it now button is live to sell your yoga sessions directly from your blog.

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You may also be starting your yoga business now! Get a jump start teaching yoga online with paid advertising

6. How to Grow Your Yoga Business

Once you have a strong marketing plan in place, stick with it and keep experimenting. That said, it’s important to remember that new clients are only one part of a thriving yoga business. The other part is keeping it up

Being reliable and consistent sounds simple, but you’ll have to find ways to keep pushing when you feel tired, unmotivated or overwhelmed.  

Whenever you start to feel less than enthusiastic, take a look at your customer testimonials. Take joy in what you do and how it impacts your clients’ lives.

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You started your yoga business to build relationships. Once you get going it will be easy for you to see that loyal clients who come back for more are the most important asset you can have. 

Stay engaged with your community of clients on social media. Reach out to get their opinion on new products and ideas, and ask them what you can change to keep them happy and invested in your success. 

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A woman rolls up a yoga mat, just one of many physical products you can sell online with your live stream yoga classes

Expand your yoga offer

Once you have your live stream yoga classes running smoothly, it’s time to move to the next stage, growing your business.

The simplest way to grow your yoga business is to grow your product offerings. 

Every yoga challenge needs a few yoga accessories. Work with a dropshipper to sell yoga pants or yoga mats. Print custom t-shirts or try selling nutrition plans, an eBook of recipes or healthy snacks!

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You’ve made fundamental changes to your mind and body with yoga. Now it’s time to share your passion with the world! Start your yoga business online with Selz today.

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