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We’re constantly inspired by the way entrepreneurs use Selz to turn their stores into beautiful, personal representations of their business. Our goal is to help you grow your business by listening to your needs and releasing the features you want. We are happy to hear you and roll out our one-page theme.

One of our most requested features has been a highly customizable one page theme. Getting everything about your product on one beautiful web page is an extremely effective way of making sales.

Options in the Selz dashboard for one of our Selz themes

One of our most powerful Selz themes

So we’re thrilled to say we just released the ultimate one page theme: OneUp.

With our one page theme, you can showcase your product with beautiful images, provide customer testimonials, include feature images and encourage purchases- all in one snappy and fully customizable page that showcases your product, personality, and pizzazz.

And because we want you to be the unique snowflake that you are, we’ve added in extra customization features to suit your every need.

Because this is so completely customizable, your store can be designed with your own personality and store needs in mind!

Add and Remove Optional Section

We have four new sections available in our one page theme, but it’s optional to use them. If you do not want to use a certain section, just use the toggle button to turn it off, or enable it if you change your mind later on. This will make the section invisible on your site.

A bride in a field of green and a website design shows off Selz Do-It-For-Me and a one-page website design

Choose How Many Columns The Section Has

We’ve made columns even more customizable by letting you choose how many are in each section. Do you want one big headline with text? Great, that’s perfect for one column. Do you want to feature several images? Pick three columns! We’ve included some examples for you for inspiration, but the sky’s the limit with these new customizations!

To change how many columns each section has, click on the section you want to edit and find the column area. Drag the circle along the bar to choose how many columns you want. Once you hit update, the section will change to the amount you picked.

Add “As Seen On” Logos to Your One Page Theme

You can use a 4-column section to advertise “as seen on” logos. This is a great way to add social proof and credibility to your product if you’ve been featured on well-known blogs and news outlets in your industry!

To do this, choose how many columns you want that section to have. We recommend four, but you can use less.

Click on “click to edit” to open up the individual column content.

You have a ton of different options to fill the column content, but this time you are going to use an image. Click on Image from the list of options.

From here, you’re going to choose your image and insert it into the column. Once it’s been inserted, you can format your image by centering it (or aligning it however you choose.)

We recommend making sure that each of the images you want to feature in these columns is the same dimension so that they all fit in uniformly in the section. (300 x 150 px worked really well for this example)

Customer Testimonials

Another section that is very beneficial to have is a testimonials section showcasing your customers’ feedback on your products. This is another great way to share social proof and to give your new customers a reason to buy from you!

Creating testimonials is as easy as creating your “as seen on” bar. When you click to edit your column, you’ll have the option of inserting a photo, inserting text, and formatting it however you choose. You can italicize the quote if you’d like, or bold the customer name, whatever you think looks best!

We inserted photos in this example because photos are taking an extra step to show that you have real, loyal customers! (Just make sure you have their permission to use their image). In this case, we edited the photos in advance to be circular.

Add in Active Calls to Action Throughout the Page

You can now add in a button with a call to action throughout the page wherever there is an editable column.

Click on “click to edit” in the column and choose the Button option in the list of options.

From here, you can customize your button. You can choose the type of button to use, enter your call to action text, and choose which item it will point to.

Once your button is inserted, you can format it by centering it or aligning it where it fits best.

This strong call to action encourages sales if your customer is ready to buy! We recommend putting one in your header for an immediate sale, and in your strong copy urging them to buy your product so that they’re just one click away from a purchase!

Save color swatches

This new feature applies to all themes now! You can save your theme’s colors in a swatch underneath the color picker for easy replication.

If you have a few colors you use regularly, save them in your swatch. Once you’ve chosen the color you want to use, hit the plus button in the bottom right corner and it will add it to the row of colors. Now your preferred colors will be easily accessible when making chased to colors in your theme!

We can’t wait to see the new stores that come from this new theme! If you want even more personalization for your site, check out the Selz Theme Kit. As always, Happy Selling!

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Molly has been marketing for small startups for over 5 years. From marketing automation to Facebook ads to copywriting, Molly has figured out the key to growing a business from the ground up. She lives in rainy Portland, Oregon with her dog named Hamms.

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