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In this article we will discuss the embracing change and how to achieve your goals.

Let start off with some truth right off the bat. I am not an expert. I haven’t sold a million copies of anything or raked in thousands of dollars worth of profitability from a thriving business that I’ve started from the ground up. I am a girl with a dream who has grown up to accomplished things while never growing out of my child-like fantasy to make the world a better place. Who one day decided to follow that dream and never turn back. I decided that I could no longer settle for the mediocre and crossed over to a small group of people that I call: DREAMERS WHO DO.

In Between

In the past, I’ve thrown myself into a number of “opportunities” in the form of jobs, internships, contracted positions and careers. En tandem, I have spent an uncountable number of hours mindlessly scrolling through every social media platform, downing bottles of wine with friends on any given night and finding excuses of why I “can’t do” (fill in the blank with X, Y or Z reason here). Life for a while seemed a bit like I was stuck on a hamster wheel, running just to keep it spinning and keep my mind occupied with pointless activities.

Does this sound familiar? Probably so, because I’m a little like you.

And most likely like you, this was a problem for me. Because I’m here to live wholeheartedly, with passion and with a purpose. Because of this, a dream that I saw many years ago has always kept my head a bit in the clouds and left me half-passionate about building someone else’s dream.

In Between

Two years ago, my life changed forever. I stared up at the sky (literally, I was lying in a hammock desperate for relief from a hangover from a stint at the previously mentioned wine bottle crushing) and saw that dream I left behind glaring back down at me.

This time, I wasn’t able to shake it because it was more than just a dream, it came in the form of an idea that was so close to a reality that there was no way to back out. The fire was lit. I began taking little steps that lead to bigger strides through a place I like to call, THE IN-BETWEEN.

The In-Between is an unpaved path that leads to success. It is full of challenges that live in time and work committed to seeing that dream through. The reason why people do not succeed is not because they don’t dream. It’s because they quit before they take the time to do the work to succeed.

In Between

With this in mind, I am putting together this version of The Hustle Series designed by one dreamer who’s been doing to empower and add some light to guide the path of you dreamers who are tittering on the edge contemplating the maybes, what if’s and can I’s. Those of you who have a dream you’ve been hoarding, one that has grown in magnitude and leaves you less than satisfied with everything else. All you who want it so bad you can’t sleep at night and who are ready to walk the walk alone (or with a small group of supporters dreaming the same dream).

There’s good and bad news (isn’t there always) and both are simple.

  • Good News: YOUR dream can (and will) become a reality.
  • Bad News: It’s going to take TIME and it’s going to take WORK.

Ready to have your mind blown? There’s no complexity in having a dream.

So, now’s the decision-making time. Whichever decision you make will define your existence more than that fancy bachelor’s degree or years of travel. This moment right now is about decision making, commitment and facing fears.

If you decide to turn back, go ahead, close this article and return to the mind-numbing routines and paper pushing you’re doing and keep half-heartedly laying pebbles to line another man’s driveway.

Or, you can pull up your big girl (or boy) pants, ruthlessly charge forward and lay the bricks to build your own yellow brick road to successes and figure it out along the way.

In Between

Still reading? Fantastic. You’ve joined in on the DREAMERS WHO DO Club. This club is not a place for the weak at heart or will. It’s a bit of a self-confidence taxing, soul searching and determination testing place. Pursuing a passion is soul-crushing and self-worth questioning, exhausting, never-ending and continually changing.

But if it were anything less, there would be a million and one (fill in the blank of your genius money maker idea) out there and no demand for something new, innovative or exciting (like the thing you’re working on).

But know, you’re not alone.

You’ve decided that passion pursuits > paper pushing. So, let’s talk about what to do when you want it so bad you can’t sleep at night.

What do you do when you have this dream that has grown from a bumble bee sized hum into a freight train roar that has built up so much angst that is keeping you up at night and waking you early in the mornings.

What do you do now? Take that noise maker to the chopping block.

Focus on these three things to get your fire lit and dreammaker motor up and running.

  1. Embracing the In Between: Write it Down

    A dream must be shifted into a goal to come to life. In order to do this, you have to write it down. A dreams lives in the clouds, in your head and in casual conversation.

    As stated by John, “Your vision must be written. When You keep a vision in your mind, it’s not really a goal; it’s nothing more than a dream. There’s power in putting that dream on paper. When you commit something to writing, commitment to achievement naturally follows… If you cannot see the goal, you cannot go toward it.”

    So go ahead, grab some paper, write down your dream and pin that puppy up somewhere that you can see it every single day. Start and end your day, every day with reading that goal over from start to finish.

  2. Embracing the In Between: Put it out into the Universe

    One you have captured that dream and put in your direct line of vision, the next step is to solidify that dream and begin giving it no other option but to become a reality. Tell your friends, your family, your social media following, everyone that you can. Some people believe that if you have an idea, you should keep it to yourself because someone might steal it. My response is always, “Amazing! If someone takes an idea that I put out into the universe and brings it into a reality, right on! I have dozens of others.”

    You need to know that once you have the courage to put your idea out there not only does it bring it into existence, but it gives you this super human power that will support that idea being yours. Others may may mimic your model or copycat your offer, but they’ll never be able to provide that unique thing that you have, the YOU touch. So, take that as a form of flattery, confirmation that you have a stellar idea and charge forward with finding the niche that will make you stand out amongst the others and let the signs provided to you in your everyday interactions, conversations and experiences guide your way. Because once you’ve put your idea out there, it will fuel it to move forward and line the way for you to follow if you’re open to listening to the signs.

  3. Embracing the In Between: Set a Timeline

    Circling back to the wise words of John Mason, “Procrastination is killer. When you kill time, you kill the purpose and dreams within you… The first step to overcoming procrastination is to eliminate all excuses for not taking immediate action.”

    Once you’ve established your idea in writing and put it out into the universe, you need to seal the deal with setting a timeline to get the engine going. The timeline doesn’t need to be something huge like “I’m going to bring in $100,000 in net profits within the next 12 months” or even “I’m going to sell into XX amount of stores by the end of the year.” Start with something smaller and achievable that you can curate the control over because the success is directly linked to your actions.

    When I made the decision that I was going to make my own money, my own way and follow my passions I spent days upon weeks writing every idea that came to me down. I filled notebooks, emails, iPhone notes and Google Docs with ideas. Until something stuck. I wrote that sticking point down on a piece of paper and taped it to my mirror so I could see it every time I looked at myself, every single day. I went to Go Daddy, bought my domain name and laid out a haphazard website where I put up a page called “On the Road.” I spent the next couple weeks fantasizing about what it would look like to take a cross country road trip to the west coast and back and then I laid this out in a map app. I paired this map with a declaration that I would be taking a 4 month solo cross country road trip in July 2015 and pressed publish.

    My idea was 1. Written down 2. Put out into the universe and 3. Set with a timeline.

    I didn’t know how I was going to make this happen, at the time, I was unknown to me, on the cusp of getting laid off from a job that I was looking for an out from and making a little less money than I wanted to make. But I knew that once I pressed publish, there was no turning back. I started talking about it and telling everyone I knew. The more I said it, the more confident I became in the idea and the more confident I became in the idea the more I began to see all of the elements arising in my life that supported my dream becoming a reality.

    In Between

So now it’s time for you to take your idea to the chopping block. If you’re not sure what that idea is quite yet, begin with dedicating time to discovering what you like, what you’re good at and how you want to impact and change the world you’re living in. It can be a big change or a small change, but enhancing the world around you will only enhance you and increase the rate of your success.

Do whatever it takes to discover this. Follow the steps above to transform that dream into a goal. And don’t just believe, but know that once you put it out into the universe, the whole world will conspire to support you.

Welcome to the club, fellow Dreamer.

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Eunique Deeann

Eunique Deeann

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  1. Ayla

    Awesome read! I’m so happy to be part of the club 😁 You’ve inspired me to continue my schooling 🤓 I’ve always dreamed of getting my masters. Thanks Eunique!

    1. Selz

      Kristen DeCosta

      Thanks for the comment, Ayla! Stay tuned, Eunique will be back next week with even more inspiration. We believe in you! Good luck getting your masters, you can do it!

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