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You can use Selz for on-demand streaming video tutorials as well as selling digital downloads. Everything you need for digital business is here.

Anyone selling video tutorials can now sell a single video or multiple videos from their blog or website easily in just a few minutes.

Great Customer Experience

Customers can go from viewing a preview to paying to view a full MP4 video. They can download it to watch later without ever leaving your site. Now, with just one click, you can now give your customers the choice of streaming your video tutorial, downloading a file, or both options.

Once they’ve purchased your videos, customers can watch the video stream or download the file for viewing later depending on the option selected. Your customer is also emailed a unique link for the video with their order confirmation.

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Integration Options

Streaming videos like digital downloads are easily integrated with your website or WordPress site.

We do the MP4 video hosting and streaming for you for free. There are no limits on bandwidth or storage and the maximum file size is a staggering 15GB, that’s 3x more than a DVD.

Your customers get instant on-demand video on any device at any time, securely from your site.

Start Selling Streaming Videos and Tutorials Today

Selling your tutorials direct rather than via a marketplace gives you the benefit of capturing valuable customer data for future marketing opportunities. And you can take advantage of Selz integrations to create a great buying experience.

Generating income from selling pay-per-view video tutorials from your site is a breeze with Selz.

Try Selz for selling video courses

It’s easy and totally free to get started. We charge only a small fee when you make a sale which includes the cost of charging a customer’s credit card.

About the author

Geoff Austin

I talk and write a lot. Some of it about ecommerce, selling online, startups, SEO, digital marketing.

Currently, head of analytics for an automotive business in Sydney, facilitating a culture of data-driven decisions. Delivering data-based insights and intelligence.

Chauffeur to twin daughters and a pizza chef master.


  1. Kristen

    Hey Martin, our max streaming is now 50 streams over 90 days. Does that work for you or would you prefer to have a longer availability for streaming?

  2. Martin Benes

    Is it possible to give my users a streaming which is not limited to the 30 days?

  3. Mike Byrnes

    I’m having a difficult time uploading files between 6-14GB. I get “Opps – something went wrong, we’ll fix it right away.” This was 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t worked since. These are clean MP4 files, no 3rd party copyright music, just plain video in MP4 format.

    I’m stumped

  4. Geoff

    Hi Mike
    Sorry to hear you are having a few issues. If you could email us at [email protected] with more details we will try to help you. Geoff

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