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With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve made it even easier to stand out from the competition with Store Announcements.

Store announcement on a selz store from Selz dashboard on how to increase holiday sales

With store announcements, you can add an eye-catching announcement bar to the top of your online store and highlight your most important call to action.

Promote your latest discount code or seasonal sale and link to items or categories within your store. The best part is, it only requires a sentence or two so you can easily switch out your message at any time.

How to use Store Announcements

From your Selz dashboard, go to Store > Customize and then click on Header.

  1. Turn on the store announcement feature
Selz dashboard screenshot to add a store announcement

2. Decide if you want the bar to appear just on your homepage, or leave this option as is to display your message on every page in your store

Selz dashboard screenshot from Selz advertising services

3. Add your message to the text field

Selz dashboard screenshot to add a store announcement for online sales. You can also add a point of sale system with Selz.

4. Use the link section to direct your customers to a page on your store

Selz dashboard screenshot to add a store announcement

5. Adjust your background and text colors and don’t forget to save your customizations to see the live preview.

Selz store announcement example from Selz ecommerce solutions to grow your business

Not sure what to add to your announcement bar?

Have questions or need a little extra inspiration? Read more on holiday ecommerce here.

About the author

Michelle del Rio

Michelle is the Head of Growth at Selz.


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