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Thanks to the digital world, fitness coaches, fitness models, your online personal training business, yoga studios, and boutique gyms have all found an extra stream of income.

Live Stream = Cash Stream

When it comes to starting an online personal training business, motivation and encouragement are huge factors to getting your customers over the slump of committing to working out.

It’s been a long-known fact that people use excuses like “I don’t have time or money”, to talk themselves out of working-out.

online personal training business

That’s the beauty of starting an online personal training business, online fitness automatically cuts through the time and money excuses!

So far in this series we have covered 5 different digital marketing strategies; in this article we continue the strategic game plan by adding 3rd party collaborations to your repertoire — subscription services, live stream options, and software that helps you sell videos online.

Starting an Online Personal Training Business: The Three’s Company Strategy

The boom in online fitness businesses and programs are proof that instant access to a workout plan is a genius business idea!

One of the most successful in the game is Body Rock.TV — with nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram!

The Body Rock.TV business model allows participants from around the world to take part in three levels of workout plans – either to purchase and download, or pay to subscribe.

If you are digging their success and want to aim for an online personal training business, Body Rock.TV or Fitness Blender, then take these 4 points into consideration:

  1. Sales page with good copywriting, showing the benefits, features, video, testimonials and some good offer.
  2. Membership based website (the backend of this can be time-consuming and costly) so people will pay first to join your membership where they can watch the videos and learn about your product.
  3. Add your website with Clickbank so you don’t need to take the headache of getting affiliate and paying affiliates, all Clickbank will do for you.
  4. Your product should be valuable and high quality, basically create the product to help people not just taking their money and go.

Whether you do or don’t have the time, interest, or money to start a subscription service of your own, it’s a great idea to get involved with a third party that can offer you the same functionalities – instant access to your workout plans via the web.

Earlier in this Starting an Online Personal Training Business series we introduced you to Catherine Basu, the founder of Fit Armadillo, she shares:

“You’re giving them a taste of working out with you through 3rd party sites. You’ll start to attract clients who want to invest more than 1 week of time to drop 2 sizes before their reunion. Your clients will actually be with you long enough to see results and later recommend their family and friends who will also “get it.” that real results take time, but the time is worth it. A great way to educate clients on buying your longer term service over a package is to create a fitness challenge or webinar.”

starting an online personal training business

When thinking about what kind of third party to intermix with your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to not recreate the wheel.

Before you reach out, let’s look within your online personal training business, so you will spend your time strategically.

  • Can you use existing workout plan videos, PDF’s, and audio?
  • Is it time to refresh your brand and create new workout plan material?
  • Is there another way to edit existing footage to create a new workout plan?

This is a great time to revisit the last article in this series that talked about diversification.

If you find that you are going to take time to create new content, let’s make sure you are first checking in with both your customers, and prospective 3rd party businesses.

Selling videos is a huge part of the digital fitness industry – consider using a third party like Cleeng to store and sell your workout plan videos.

You can also use the e-commerce options here at Selz to increase exposure to the videos you are selling.

selling an online personal training business

Another third party to think about are those on your media list – this will most likely need you to create unique content, but it is worth the exposure. Many publications have an online presence that include workout plans, just check out Yoga Journal, Gaiam, and Men’s Health.

I’m a yoga instructor in Houston, and many of the studio’s here, like Joy Yoga have a live-stream or digital membership options, and they are always looking for instructors to help them create new workout plans!

Last but not least, get your business digitally fit by thinking about the latest rage — exercise equipment built with Live Stream option, like Peloton.

Now, you may not be a spinning instructor, and the purpose is not for you to create something for Peloton, but this is for you to think about the future of digital fitness and begin to incorporate this idea into your current workout plan!

You’re now equipped with 6 digital marketing strategies to get your online personal training business digitally fit!

Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, and stay curious!

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When she is not inspiring others, Sahar loves to salsa dance!


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