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How you manage your online personal training business and work towards growth is very similar to managing your workout plan to get a lean look head-to-toe. Every fitness expert knows that when you practice the same workout plan, you get the same results, and eventually hit a plateau. In business, you hit the same plateau, which equates to stagnant clicks and no conversions, so you need to create a workout plan with products that keep your customers motivated and engaged.

It’s an exciting time to be a fitness entrepreneur! The digital landscape has changed how health, wellness, and fitness industries reach and sell to their customers.

Create a Workout Plan for Your Online Personal Training Business

It’s a good thing you’ve got stamina, because the opportunities to diversify your workout plans are endless — and a must. Diversification gives way for several opportunities:

  • New reason to contact and sell to your customer.
  • New reason to reach out to your media list.
  • Reduce business risk by not putting all your eggs in one ecommerce basket.

Fortunately for you, in the online personal training business, diversifying your workout for constant results is a must. There are endless workout plans to be put together to help your clients get the perfect arms, legs, butt and eventually, entire body.

online personal training business
Now, just because it’s easy to diversify, doesn’t mean you should put together every workout plan imaginable and put them all on your website.

Remember, these first six articles are all about marketing strategy. When it comes to smart business decisions, you always start with the customer.

Step 1 to Create a Workout Plan for Your Online Personal Training Business: Do Your Homework

  • What are your top 3 ecommerce items?
  • What do these 3 have in common (length, targeted area, benefit, etc. )?
  • What do you offer that is different from your competition?

The answer to these questions will help you decide how you will diversify your workout plan products, and the appropriate campaign to run to let your customers know!

Catherine Basu, owner of Fit Armadillo shares:
“Workout plans with short video clips have been the most successful for my business and my clients. Ask your current client base what they are working on and consider building a program around that. You might be surprised at what they are interested in pursuing. Better to ask them first and build anticipation as you create the program to avoid creating a program no one wants!!”

Remember the products you are adding to your online personal training business don’t have to be your own. This is an opportunity for cross-marketing collaborations, or affiliate marketing with Amazon or Selz, among others, local to your business.

Step 2 is to TEST, REPRICE, TEST.

It’s time to take what you learned from step 1 and put it to the test. Rarely is there just one right answer, go in with this mindset, and test away.

Pricing is the biggest factor of your test. Highly discounted pricing can be advantageous if paired with the appropriate strategy.

The Lose-Leader Strategy assumes that an item sold below market value will encourage customers to buy more overall. Using this strategy, online store owners have the opportunity to upsell, cross-sell and increase the total shopping cart value (average revenue per user).

online personal training business
Dan Ariely found that giving a customer more options influences their choice and their perception of a ‘good deal.’ Specifically, one unattractive option can emphasize the utility of other options, helping the consumer decide on an option that best suits them.

The end result of proper diversification is that online retailers will offer bad options to emphasize the good, driving customers to act based on perceived value. Perception is reality, what does your customer base think of your online personal training business and workout plans?

It’s your customer’s perception that matters.

Why do they come to you for their workout plan? The video length? Is it the instructors? The encouragement? The voice over / voice tone?

It’s important for your customer to know the value of your fitness brand, read article 1 if you need a refresher!

This value is what you will diversify over-and-over info successful selling products. This is great for the longevity of your fit biz!

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