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Welcome to this Starting an Online Personal Training Business series!! This collection of articles is going to offer you insight into several different digital marketing strategies for anyone in the business of fitness!

It doesn’t matter if you are an online gym that live streams, an independent personal trainer, part of a boutique gym, or a yoga studio – your digital platforms deserve time, investment, and respect.

Starting an Online Personal Training Business: Your Online Presence

The global fitness and health club industry revenues totaled $81 billion, as 151.5 million members visited nearly 187,000 clubs. That’s ONLY health clubs and ONLY in-person.

Imagine starting an online personal training business and incorporating a digital arm that could sell your workout plans and other products, to a virtual (global) audience!

When you incorporate the digital consumer into your business model your reach multiplies.

Investing in a presence on the web can lead to selling: workout plans, ebooks, along with virtual coaching 1:1 or with a group.

starting an online personal training business
To be successful when starting an online personal training business, it is important for your website to have the ability to convert clicks!

Take time to look at your existing website with a fresh eye, include friends, family, and most preferably, someone whose current workout plan includes digital interaction – podcasts, blogs, vlogs, ebook, virtual workout group, etc.

Here are some MUST HAVES for getting your digital customer’s attention when starting an online personal training business:

  1. Website Workout Plan – Take a new look at your website, hopefully you took my advice from before and talked to a handful of people whose workout plan includes digital interaction.Reflect on what you have learned, then put together a customer profile that will spend money on your digital products and services.

    Do you have a clean and engaging home page that… Clearly and succinctly says who you are as a trainer, a gym, or a fitness platform? Shares what online services and products your visitors can buy? Shows web visit how to hire you, and if you are affordable?

  2. Flex The Goodies Up Front – When it comes to selling anything fitness online and starting an online personal training business, converting clicks has a lot to do with clearly showing what you offer and how your customer will interact with your product or service.Using images, and especially video, to familiarize your audience with what you offer is key. This allows you to simultaneously gain their trust by weaving in testimonials and results, from actual clients. This is a great way to incorporate snippets of workout regimens, nutrition coaching, a the personality of your trainers!



    Here is the equation for the perfect testimonial, use this to coach your clients so they speak naturally (strategically) about the experience.

    Challenge s/he had before your workout plan + Positive experience during your workout plan = Awesome results / habits s/he has now!

  3. Digital Fitness – Blogging and posting to social media regularly boosts your web presence for free!When it comes to blogging volume, at at bare minimum, blog once a month, every week is most preferable. If you have a hard time coming up with content, use your blog to post an inspiring image, quote, or, use your blog to shout out a older blog post or video.

    This is also a great time to leverage social media marketing, and get content written by a fitness writers, bloggers, and your own clients.

    If you have a current customer base that visits a brick-and-mortar location, it’s important to use them as your launching pad. Later in this “Starting an Online Personal Training Business” series, we are going to talk about how to leverage Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Let’s get back to you digital customer profile… once the land on your website, what workout plans, coaching, or subscription options do you have for them? Is it easy to understand what it is you do for them over the web?

Here are a few ways to flex your digital workout plan muscles:

    • Give them something to talk about.
      Amazing service should be at the top of your list when it comes to marketing or sales strategy. They are much more likely to tell their friends or social media followers – and create word of mouth. Another approach is to create affordable (but still profitable) programs and subscriptions that potential clients just can’t turn down.


    • Keep it simple.
      Your customers attention span insists that you keep it simple when it comes to messaging and visuals. Don’t make your visitor read or search too much for what you are offering.Creating a specific URL and landing page for each product (Ebook) or service (live workout plan) is SO important for capturing and converting! Allow your prospective customer an easy way to contact you.


  • It’s about stamina.
    The digital world takes more convincing, unless your price point falls in the no-brainer zone – $39.99 or less, someone will need to come across your site an average of 6 times. To keep the conversation going with them, make sure you have opt-in option to capture their e-mails. There are several tactics to building your email list.


Your web presence is as important as your personal presence when it comes to starting an online personal training business.

Sarah Prudhomme, Fitness Model, who only has a Instagram platform, shared with me:

“I am regularly contacted and asked to coach women over FaceTime or Skype. Most of them want to brainstorm new workout plans, for certain body parts. Then, there are those that need more motivation and want me to spend an hour live with them on Facetime at the gym!”

starting an online personal training business
Sarah works in finance, and is a mom of three, whose fitness coaching clients has taken off solely from Instagram and word-of-mouth! The digital possibilities are endless.

Next in this series we are going to talk about leveraging meal planning to boost sales of workout plans, virtual coaching, and ebooks!

About the author

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz started her first profit-generating business at the age of 13, and has been an entrepreneur ever since. During her years in New York City she worked in Banking and Fashion while running her own non-profit. Sahar now resides in Houston, Texas as a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Coach to entrepreneurs, adults and teens. When she is not inspiring others, Sahar loves to salsa dance!


  1. Jessica Jacobs

    Wow, I am so glad I found this article! I have been thinking about moving my personal training business online, but didn’t know where to start. I am so excited to follow the rest of this series.

    1. Sahar Paz

      I’m so glad this has found you in the right time. To stay relevant as a business today you have to claim a piece of your digital real estate! More to come!

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