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Learning how to start a blog on Facebook doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know to start and run a successful blog on the most popular social media platform.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

Blogging on Facebook

When starting a blog, making a wise platform choice at the beginning can save you countless hours of work later on.

Free blogging platforms include WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s a good rule of thumb to remember you get what you pay for. Free platforms don’t provide the same level of accessibility, control, flexibility, or personalization you get from paid platforms.

If you are starting a blog to support your ecommerce store, some platforms come with a built-in blog specifically for your business.

Once you’ve established your blog, switching platforms isn’t always an easy process.

So, if you’re serious about starting a blog, and in it for the long haul, you may be wondering how to start a blog on Facebook, because it’s where your customers already are.

How to Start a Blog on Facebook in 3 Steps

It’s simple to write your blog directly from your Facebook business page.

  1. From your Facebook business page, head to Settings
  2. Click on Edit page and add the Notes tab
  3. To create a post, click on the Write a Note tab, and start typing your content

The notes text editor in Facebook has basic formatting features for blogging including:

  • Highlight text
  • Create hyperlinks
  • Adding bullet points

You can also upload a cover photo for your blog post.

You don’t need to think about a unique brand for your blog, because your Facebook business page already includes all of those details. For more on how to create a great Facebook business page, read here.

Now that you have put the building blocks in place for how to start a blog on Facebook, you can start thinking about content.

How to Start a Blog on Facebook: Content Development

Publish or Perish

Not too long ago, scientists were the only group who lived (or died) by the phrase ‘publish or perish.’

But in today’s blogosphere, regularly publishing compelling content is vital to running a successful blog. A successful rule of thumb is the 70/30 blogging ratio.

70% of the time you spend working on your blog should be creating and posting compelling content. Devote 30% of the time to administrative and site maintenance.

This is especially critical during the early days of your blog going live.

After a long day at work, sitting down to write a blog can feel like a lot of work. But your blog will see dramatic growth from your content commitment.

Blogging content calendar

Creating a content calendar is a wonderful way to keep on top of your writing commitment when starting a blog. Here’s how to master your blog:

  • Pick one day each week to upload a new post. Let’s choose Tuesday.
  • Next, create a spreadsheet of Tuesdays from now to the end of the calendar year.
  • For each date, choose a topic you want to write about.
  • Try to avoid writing about topics that are very similar week after week, instead try spacing them out.
  • Once you’ve filled in all the Tuesdays on your list, check it over to make sure you haven’t duplicated anything.

Now, when the time comes to sit down and write, check your content calendar. You won’t be struggling to decide what you should write about.

You might find that your later posts are better than your early ones, but don’t worry about it.

Like other forms of writing, blogging is a learned skill. And just like other skills, it will take some time to master. The more you write, the faster you’ll grow as a writer.

Creating A Great Blog Post for Facebook

What makes a great blog post? It’s really not as hard as you might imagine:

Answer Questions

You’re writing a blog because you know your market better than anyone. And one way to generate a great blog post is to answer market-specific questions. When you solve problems from within your niche market, you are establishing yourself as a go-to resource for your readers.

Catchy Headlines

If you’re starting a blog, never underestimate the power of a catchy headline. Readers make their initial decision whether to click – or not to click – on your site based on your headline. Always aim to create interesting headlines that are informative.

Post Length

A quick 400-word post is fine to publish every now and then, but for strong ranking and repeat visitors you’ll need to give your readers something worthwhile and detailed.

Avoid fluff at all costs, but don’t shy away from taking some time to make your point. If your post legitimately requires 2000 words or longer to be complete, go for it! But if it only needs 750, don’t stuff your post with padding.

By making your content worthwhile you’ll keep your readers engaged – and coming back for more.

High-Quality Images

If you want traction on social media, you need high-quality images. Posts that include great pictures get more shares and attract greater audiences.

How to Start a Blog on Facebook: Promotion

When starting a blog, one of the things you may be wondering is “Okay, but how am I going to get the word out?” One of the most effective ways to promote your blog is to establish relationships with other bloggers.

Who do you enjoy reading? Compile a list of 5 or 6 bloggers who are more established than you are.

Put aside time to read their blogs. And don’t forget to leave meaningful comments on their posts. Leaving a well-written thoughtful comment will have other bloggers noticing you.

Other bloggers aren’t the competition, they’re colleagues. And often they’re wonderful resources for guest posts or other cross-promotions.

Find a Facebook Group, Join a Facebook Group

Another easy way to promote your blog is to join an online group. Look for similarly-minded gatherings on Facebook. You’ll quickly build relationships and those relationships help your blog get noticed.

But remember, it’s not about joining a community and just spamming links to your site. It’s about being a contributing, helpful community member, interested in helping the community grow.

Facebook Blogging Cheat Sheet

Blogging might seem like a lot of work, but it can be a very rewarding undertaking if you follow these startup tips:

  • Take your time at the start
  • Don’t rush, trying to do it all at one time
  • Expect a ramp-up period while you learn new skills
  • Soft launch as you go, while building your blog and its readership

After you’ve been adding compelling content on a regular basis, you can think about hosting a full-on launch event offering prizes, or discounts on products.

Blogging isn’t about reaching the destination, it’s about your blogging journey. Enjoy it. Share it with the people reading your content.

Maybe you could even write a blog about it.

Happy Blogging!

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