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If you’re going to start an online business, you have to nail down a positive mindset about it. Cultivating a positive selling mindset comes from within. Your thoughts turn into beliefs that become the guiding force in the decisions you make in your life and business. Thoughts are often more powerful than we give them credit for and can work for us in our selling and marketing efforts. This is beneficial for us when we gain control of our thoughts and our outlook on our business. In contrast, it can get the best of us when we drive our minds by negative thinking habits.

If you feel like your negative thoughts have recently taken over the driver seat in your mind then make sure you head to the 1st part of this “How to Start an Online Business” series. There I covered how to release your negative thoughts and be on your way to practicing a positive selling mindset. Again, this is not about ignoring or not facing your negative thoughts in an unhealthy manner. This is simply about acknowledging and releasing the negative thoughts so you can take the jump from there into an abundant and positive thinking pattern.

In the 2nd part of this series here, I will be covering how to fully understand and own your value, how to set goals that feel authentic to you and your business, and how gratitude and celebration can be your business’s best friend. These tools will help you start an online business with the right mindset.

How to Start an Online Business: Knowing and owning your value

Once you’ve started practicing releasing your negative thinking and limiting beliefs you are on your way to cultivating an authentic positive selling mindset. Your secret weapon to practicing and sticking to this is learning how to shift your focus. Shifting from what is getting you down to what is working and even more importantly you and your product’s worth. Understanding the concept of your value and contribution will make the transition of your focus from negative to positive easier and easier as times goes on.

Most likely you plan to start an online business, and create your products and services with heart and purpose. You saw a need for your service or products and from that you created something brilliant. What you have created is valuable or is on its way to exploding with value if you are just starting out.

I know along the way we can sometimes lose sight of the real importance of the work we are doing. It’s essential to humbly and fully understand the power of the influence of the work, services, and products we are offering the world when we start an online business. These beliefs (whether they come easily to you or not) will allow you to keep creating with more conviction and be of more service to the customers and clients who need you the most.

The absolute most common way we can lose sight of our value is when we compare ourselves or our businesses to others. It has become easier to slip into the comparison trap now more than ever because we are in a time of constant social media feeds that overflow our space and time. If you feel yourself starting to drift into the dark hole of comparison, I encourage you to aware of this and stop before you get down too far. It’s not beneficial to anyone involved and it rarely can be used to move forward. Once you start accepting where you are at, it is easier to get to the next step.

For example, if you are on a journey to lose weight in a healthy manner – comparing yourself to models and fitness professionals will not change your body. It most likely will not put you in a good mindset to start making healthier choices either. Comparing yourself to others will throw you into feeling shame. That shame and negative thinking does not fuel change. Similar to this, looking at someone’s business that has been at it longer than you isn’t the right motive to get you to their level.

When I first got into the world of online business, I would often compare myself to others’ that were years beyond me. I would find myself often traveling deep down a comparison rabbit hole that would leave me feeling far from valuable or worthy. It happens to the best of us and don’t let it dictate how you view yourself and your business. Everyone starts somewhere when they start an online business so don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

How to Start an Online Business: Staying committed to going all in

Once your start your journey of owning your value you can begin to go full force in your marketing and sales efforts. When you believe in the power of your products and services you can sell to your customers genuinely and with even more intention. When you get down on yourself, you may feel hesitant about truly going all in selling your product or service.

Going all in is daily choice you can start making with your sales efforts today. It’s not something that is learned from a book, e-course, or webinar. It is literally about taking the jump from a mediocrity and fear to abundance and growth. This is a constant commitment you can make to yourself and your business and it can start now.

Show up every single day with intention and self-compassion because this is what will get you to the next level. Some days you may write a whole sales funnel email sequence, design a sales page, edit 10 videos, and write 3 new blogs posts. Another day you may get back to only a few emails that have been collecting dust in your inbox for ages. Either way, commit to work and complete the task in front of you with the best you have that day.

You may have some down days and that’s more 100% ok. We all have days where we don’t feel like going all in, but don’t lose sight of or commitment to the bigger picture. Take your down day for what it’s worth – learn from it and move on. It’s not what you do in one day, but what you do day in and day out that makes a difference. Being an entrepreneur or online sales master is about showing up again and again and AGAIN.

Setting healthy, authentic sales and business goals

I often see fellow entrepreneurs (myself included) make hefty goals without actionable steps to get these accomplished. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we must shoot high and continue to do so. But when we don’t meet these large self-imposed goals we are often left feeling frustrated, defeated, and all together down.

I’m not here telling you to set small and only attainable goals but instead to have a plan of action in place alongside your big, beautiful goal. The steps inside are up to you, but make sure they provide a ladder to help you properly climb up to goal.

And let’s be real, usually things don’t always go as planned. For example, you may have set a goal for a launch and set a marketing plan in place, hired a team to support your efforts, invested in facebook ads and at the end of all of it – it didn’t work out. This is where you learn from your mistakes and take the information to learn, grow, and expand further next time.

The plan of action will be different for every person and every business. What works for one person may not be right for the next. Maybe having a less structured plan of action feels authentic to you and your business. Or possibly you thrive on a set structured plan. Either way, experiment with what feels authentic while getting the job done. It’s always a balance between these two.

Once you have set this plan into place to start an online business, don’t feel pressured to take score immediately. What I mean by “taking score” is don’t put something into place and act upon the results of it on the 1st day. Some things take time and patience in planning is key. Yes, some things can happen overnight but if you become obsessed with your immediate results you can be suffocating the brilliant plan you put in place initially.

I encourage you to set your awesome goal, have a plan of action, and take score when enough time has passed to see if it worked or not. If it didn’t work, take this data or information to guide you into a better plan. Some things may not work out in your plan, but when everything comes together you can look back and see how it was all worth it because now you can appreciate the outcome.

How to Start an Online Business: Celebration is your sales best friend

When everything does come into place in your business or project – it is now time for an epic celebration! Celebrating your success – no matter how small or large is the key to inviting more and more in. Celebration and gratitude can truly be your sales best friend.

It’s near to impossible to practice gratitude and frustration at the same time. This is why gratitude is the best tool for shifting your mindset from negative to positive. Gratitude invites more inspiration and growth for your business. Once you start practicing gratitude you will start seeing more opportunities come your way, you will feel lighter, and you will be able to jump quickly out of a problem mindset into solution thinking.

Like I mentioned in part 1 of this series, try to stay clear of covering up your negative feelings in a false way. Feeling gratitude can help your mind not ignore the bad but shift focus to the good. Honestly, there is always something to a be grateful for. Gratitude is the quickest medicine to get out of any funk, setback, or so-called failure.

If practicing gratitude doesn’t come natural to you, start thinking in more general terms. For example, start feeling grateful for the opportunity to sell your product or service online. Feel grateful for the 1st customer who bought your product or feel grateful for whatever led you down this journey to create this business, product, or service. Once you become better and better at this, you can start practicing gratitude in more specific terms.

Every time a sale comes in, have a way you can outwardly express your gratitude. This can either be a simple “thank you” to yourself or even do a little dance to express and celebrate your success. By doing this, you will start to see more and more amazing things enter your business because you are excitedly and willingingly inviting them in.

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