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By now you’re all set up with a Snapchat account, you’re up-to-date with the lingo and you’ve taken some inspiration from some of the big guns. Ready to dive into using Snapchat marketing for your business? I thought so! Let’s learn how to create a story on Snapchat for your business!

How to Create a Story on Snapchat

Step 1:
Open your Snapchat app and take a photo or video. For a photo, simply press the circle on the screen. For a video, hold that circle down.

Step 2:
When you’re happy with your snap, click the blue arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3:
On this screen, choose the “My Story” option. To give Snapchat permission to use your story publicly and feature it in a collection of other stories posted around your location, you can also select the “Our Story” option.

Another way to make sure your story reaches as many people as possible is to go to Settings in the Stories part of the app and select “Everyone” under the “Who can view My Story?” option. This means that everyone in your geographical location will see your Snapchat story, regardless of whether they’re following you or not. This is a great trick for your Snapchat marketing. It allows your profile to get more exposure and coverage.

How to Create a Story on Snapchat: Adding more than one snap or video

You can keep adding to your story, but you can only add one snap or one video at a time. This means that your Snapchat story is effectively made up of different snippets. What’s good about this is that you can keep adding to your story throughout the day.

Snapchat will also only let you record a video that’s up to 10 seconds long. If you want your video to be longer than this, you’ll have to stop the recording, add it to your story and then repeat the process.

What’s handy is that there’s no limit to how many snaps or videos you can add to your story. So although it will play in chunks with a short switchover after each snap or video, your story can go on for as long as you like!

How to Create a Story on Snapchat: The shelf life of a story

Keep in mind that Snapchat stories only last 24 hours. So while your social media marketing initiatives should be to make sure that any content you share online is consistent with your brand, it’s not a great use of time to spend hours creating mind-blowingly perfect content for Snapchat. Particularly if you’re not planning to re-purpose this content anywhere else.

Like other social media platforms, content shared on Snapchat is transient and as the clock ticks, Snapchat requires fresh material.

How to Create a Story on Snapchat: Using stories to promote products and services

If your story features your products or services, you can include text to give your followers more detail. For example, sharing the date the product or service will be available from, the code of the item or the URL where it can be purchased.

via @clc_17 on Snapchat
Using stories to increase engagement

Stories are a great way to encourage conversations with your follows as Snapchat features a quick and simple to use “Chat” option.

This makes it easy for your followers to ask you questions about your stories that may be beneficial for your business. For example, if your story promotes a new product or service that you’ve launched, your followers can use Chat to ask you when the product or service will be available or where exactly they can purchase it.

How to Create a Story on Snapchat: Feature your business in other people’s stories

Snapchat users are creating stories all the time. Luckily, Snapchat has made it easy for you to make sure your business is a part of this.

Visit to create an “On-Demand” geofilter. This means that anyone within 20,000 and 5 million square feet of your location (your choice) who creates a story then swipes right to see which filters are available to them will see the filter you’ve created.

Your filter must include your business name and can last for any length of time up to a maximum of 30 days.

When someone uses your filter, everyone who watches their story will see your business name. So this is a great way of using Snapchat marketing to increase awareness of your business.

Now it’s time for you to have a go at creating a story for your business. Have a play around with the filters that are available in your location and see if any inspire you to create your own.

Next time, we’ll be looking at how you can use Snapchat marketing with other social media platforms for greater leverage.

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