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In the fifth and final part of this Snapchat marketing series on using Snapchat for your business, we’re going to look at how you can use Snapchat marketing with other social media platforms for greater leverage.

Snapchat Marketing: Making the most of social media

The average person has 5 social media accounts (via the Telegraph) and spends just under 2 hours a day browsing social media (via Statista).

With signs that social media usage is only set to increase, there are new social media platforms popping up all the time. But aside from Snapchat, other popular social media platforms that you need to know about include:

Snapchat Marketing: Promoting your snapchat username

You can use these social media platforms to share your Snapchat username and try to build your Snapchat following.

For instance, you could put your username in your bio on Instagram or Twitter. To make it even easier for your Instagram and Twitter followers to find you on Snapchat, you can also include a URL link to your Snapchat account in your bio.


An occasional tweet promoting your Snapchat account can also help, particularly if you give a compelling reason why someone should follow you on Snapchat.

Follow us on Snapchat to see what we’re up to in South Africa Follow: Lipsy_London

— Lipsy London (@LipsyLondon) June 16, 2016

Another snapchat marketing tactic is to include your Snapchat username in your video descriptions on YouTube. You could even take this a step further and feature your username somewhere in all your YouTube videos and Instagram photos.

At the same time, social media is a place that people go to be entertained and informed. Not to be sold to. If your followers feel like your main purpose of using a platform is to promote your products, services or your other social media accounts then they could unfollow you. So it’s important to strike a good balance.

Snapchat Marketing: Re-purposing stories

When you take a snap or record a video on Snapchat, there’s an option to save it to your camera roll using Memories. You can then re-purpose your content for use on other social media platforms. Some suggestions for doing this snapchat marketing tactic include:

Sharing the snap on Instagram
Putting the story on Youtube
Tweeting with the snap or story attached
Posting the snap or story on Facebook

There are a number of benefits to re-purposing your content. Firstly, it’s a great way to keep all your social media platforms active without to doubling your workload by having to create new content for each channel.

Re-purposing content on different social media platforms also means it will achieve maximum exposure and get in front of as large an audience as possible. You’ve invested time creating the content in the first place, so you want to make sure it’s seen by as many people as possible.

Content re-purposing also means that you can link your social media platforms to each other and use one platform to increase your followers on another. For example, you could post a photo on Instagram that you originally shared on Snapchat and in the caption, say something along the lines of: “Here’s what happened earlier today when we announced the winner of our Valentine’s Day competition… For real-time updates like these, follow us on snapchat: (insert username).”

Snapchat Marketing: Teasing stories

Another way to build your Snapchat followers by re-purposing content on other social media platforms is to tease your content.

For example, instead of posting the whole story on Instagram or Facebook, you could share just a snippet. If you do this, make sure to include your Snapchat username in the caption so your followers know where they can go to see the rest of the video.

Another way to tease your content on another social media platform is to notify your followers before you plan to post a snap or story on Snapchat. Some businesses run ‘takeovers’ with bloggers and celebrities on Snapchat and use their other social media accounts to let the world know when these takeovers will happen.

Hopefully now you’ll feel confident getting started with Snapchat marketing and this series has sparked some ideas about how you can use the platform for your business. Time to put them into practice!

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