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Ready to get started with Snapchat marketing for your biz?

Back in Part 1 we looked at why Snapchat marketing is important, so let’s dig into your first steps with the app.

Snapchat Marketing: Getting Set Up
Step 1:

The very first step is to download the app, which is free.
Go to the App Store (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for the Android version), and download.

Step 2:

Create your account by opening the Snapchat app and tapping “Sign up”; enter your details and create a password.

Step 3:

Choose and create your username. Think of something easy to remember that fits with your name, brand, or business. Snapchat will automatically show you usernames that are available as you type in what you want. Be warned: choose wisely now, as there is currently no way to change your user name without creating a new account.

Step 4:

After verifying that you are human, Snapchat will scan your contact list for people already on Snapchat who have made their Snapcode searchable. Select any who you would like to add to your list of friends. Once they add you back you can exchange snaps.

Step 5:

Add your selfie and make your mark; tap on your Snapcode, and your selfie screen will appear. Tap on the camera and it will snap 5 photos in a row, which appear in sequence for your profile image. You can also use a photo of your logo as your snapchat marketing profile picture.

Snapchat Marketing: Talking the Lingo

Ok, so now you are all set-up, let’s take a dive into the Snapchat marketing terminology and get to grips with what it all means.

A “Snap” is a picture or video you send through the app to your friends. You can send to a group of friends or to one at a time, and you can also add you your “Story”. Snaps disappear – you can set the time limit, but it’s a maximum of 10 seconds – and you can replay a Snap once.

Snapcode selfie: You can personalize your Snapcode by adding a selfie. This will be seen by all your friends and any other Snap-chatters that find you on the app.

Stories: A Story is a selection of photos and videos that you choose to be shared publicly with all your friends on Snapchat. To view stories from your friends, , swipe left from the camera screen on the app.

Snapchat score: Your Snapchat score is the number under your profile name, and is calculated on the number of Snaps and Stories you’ve sent and received .

See where you rank among your friends with your Snap Score! Learn more here:

— Snapchat Support (@snapchatsupport) December 10, 2015

Filter: The Snapchat filters are a brilliant way to get creative with your Snapchat marketing pics by adding an overlay, special effect, or voice changer. Filters can change automatically, and are based on promotions, special global events, holidays, location, or even time of day.

Snap lenses: Snap lenses allow you to add animated special effects to your photos or videos. Unlike Snap filters, you use lenses while you are taking a Snap.

Geofilters are unique to your location; to enable Geofilters, turn on your location in Snapchat. When you get more confident, you can also create your own custom Geofilter for as little as $5 – this can be super useful as you build your personal brand and business on Selz.

Show us how you #ShakeBullyingOff with our snapchat filter – just like Frankie and Paul! @AntiBullyingPro

— Diana Award (@DianaAward) November 14, 2016

Your Snapcode is your Snapchat profile’s QR code that is unique to you. Each user has a bespoke code assigned to them, and it’s a quick and easy way to find friends and add them on Snapchat. (Ever wonder why people have those yellow square things on their Twitter and Facebook profiles?! Now you know!)

Chat is Snapchat’s version of an instant messaging platform. As with Snaps, messages also disappear after they are viewed, but you CAN take a screenshot (although if you do, the other user will be notified).

Memories is a feature of camera roll that backs up your Snaps to your smartphone. You can choose to make your Memories public or private, and you can also post older Snaps to your Story right from within Memories.

Ok, so now you are all set up and ready to roll! In Part 3 of our Snapchat Marketing series, we will look at some great accounts to follow, and how to start creating your own stories.

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