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Are you passionate about making some extra money online? Do you have a talent that you would like to share with others? If so, then we can help you get rolling on some good side business ideas that you can start today. Sometimes the things we love the most, our hobbies or favorite pastimes, can become a source of income. Who doesn’t want to make money from something they love to do?

105 Side Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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1. Sell Ebooks Online

Do you love to write? Are you an expert in a certain field? Is there a topic that you are particularly passionate about? People love the ability to carry knowledge around with them on their phones, tablets, laptops, and Kindles! Making Ebooks is an excellent way to get your work out into the world and make a buck on the side. In fact, writers sold almost 130,000 self-published Ebooks in 2018 (source). In time, writing Ebooks could even replace your 9-5, but you’ll need to find a place to market and sell your work where it will get maximum exposure.

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2. Sell Photos Online

Are you constantly taking pictures of family and friends? Have people told you that you are good at capturing the moment? If so, you could be making money from your passion! Selling photos online is one of the most popular DIY side business ideas out there.

Person holding a camera talking about photography as one of over a hundred side business ideas
Upload images of your work to catch the eye of potential customers and give them a sense of your personal style. Photography not your thing? Let’s look at more easy side business ideas!

3. Sell Crafts Online

Do you sell or gift your craft items to friends and family?

Are you the go-to person when a craft project needs to get done? You can turn this talent into extra money. Pick a type of craft to sell, build up your inventory, and start a side business with an online store!

Market yourself on social media, and when selling crafts online, remember that your customers will want to have a very clear sense of what the finished product looks like. It doesn’t take much to turn your hobby into one of the best side business ideas out there.

4. Sell Jewelry Online

Are you always giving handmade jewelry to friends and family for birthdays and holidays? Have you sold a few pieces of your jewelry to people you know? Consider expanding your hobby into a small side business idea that you can start today.

You will need to find a niche for the different types of jewelry that you will be selling. For example: if you mostly make wedding and event jewelry, start there and then branch out. If you want to sell everyday jewelry, or specific pieces like necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, you can divide these into separate categories in your store for ease of browsing. When selling jewelry online, you will need great pictures, and you will also want to include detailed descriptions.

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Potential customers want to know what material you used to make your jewelry, so paint them a clear picture in your description. Use your descriptions to create an emotional connection with customers- a vital part of selling jewelry online.

5. Sell Soaps & Lotions Online

Do you enjoy making your own soaps and lotions? Are you passionate about creating custom scents or making high-quality organic products? If this sounds like you, then you could make some extra money on the side with an online store. You will want to pick out a few of your favorites and bulk up your inventory with these to start.

A picture of lotion bottles in a garden basket shows the materials you can use in this article about side business ideas

6. Sell Candles Online

Who doesn’t love the smell of a good candle? If you enjoy making candles and you’re looking for easy side business ideas, candles can be a great way to make a side income. Start today! I smell success on the horizon.

Pick themes for the different types of candles that you make. You can run promotions for weddings, specific holidays, or just different seasons of the year. Make sure your customers have instant access to your candles. Again, if you have the nose for it you can turn your hobby into extra cash.

7. Selling Workout Plans Online

Do you have a passion for fitness? Have you helped other people in your life come up with their own workout plan? This is a great side business for you! You can upload and sell digital workout plans in your online store. Be sure to showcase your credentials and see if any past clients are willing to leave reviews to entice potential customers.

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8. Start an Online Clothing Store

An online clothing store is a great way to earn some extra income. You may already have design and sewing skills to sell your original clothing. You might be into reselling. A clothing reselling side business comes with a bonus: the chance to declutter your closet. DIY makers are also welcome to the online clothing store party, and you can use your creativity to repurpose or redesign your old clothes.

side business ideas
If you already have a blog or website set up, Selz lets you add widgets so existing customers and followers are only a click away from your merchandise. If you are brand new to selling online and want to start selling your clothing, Selz can help you start an online clothing store and customize it to your needs.

9. Sell Online Writing Courses

Do you have a successful writing business? Consider putting together a course to help other writers emulate your accomplishments. You will need to establish a problem that other writers have, then build a course with the solution.

For example: How to Write an Interview. Not everyone knows how to do this, and they may be missing key elements when they try. This is where you come in. If other writers see that you are consistently successful in your professional writing work, they will likely pay to learn your personal tricks of the trade, and this can be a lucrative side business for you.

10. Sell Your Web Design Skills

Do you enjoy playing around with widgets and code or building websites and apps from scratch? Your digital skill set is in high demand right now! Web design is a great skill for a range of highly profitable side business ideas and could become a full-time job as you build your client base.

A picture of a laptop on a desk with supplies for an article that talks about over a hundred side business ideas
New websites are constantly popping up, and their owners are looking for help to make them stylish and enticing to potential customers. Many companies also hire freelance web designers.

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11. Sell Wedding Packages

These days, many couples are looking to purchase online as much as possible when planning for their big day. Why not set up a store offering wedding packages? This can be a one-stop-shop for the main items that the happy couple needs. Start off with just a handful of packages, maybe 3 or 4, and be sure to give them catchy names. You do not want to overwhelm yourself or your customers.

Display all of your packages and prices in clear detail. No wedding is the same, so make sure to include great pictures of past packages to give customers a sense of what they’re getting and improve their overall experience. Selz has great options for showcasing photos in gallery form, making it easier for customers to shop.

12. Start a T-Shirt Business

Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt? This is one of our favorite online side business ideas because you have the opportunity to be as wildly creative or tactfully simple as you want. Start out with a specific niche and build your business from there. When you have a sense of your personal niche, sketch out some designs (if you already have them, great!), decide the type of material you want to use for your t-shirts, and have your branding implemented.

You can upload different designs for customers to choose from to your Selz store, arranging the information so it is easy to process for the customer. Make sure to include a chart that shows the measurements for different sizes, and clearly mark the prices for each item. You want your t-shirts to be something you would want to purchase and wear. Then, sit back and watch your income grow.

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13. Sell Fitness Trackers

With so many people wearing some type of fitness tracker these days, demand is high and it’s a great time to get in on the profits. Good news: Experts think this industry will grow at a rapid pace over the next few years.

Fitness trackers can help to monitor steps, heart rate, calories burned, sleep, and much more. You don’t have to actually design your own fitness tracker- you can display the types of trackers you want to sell, then find a drop shipper. Basically, this means that your customer orders from your store, then the drop shipper ships the products directly to your customer from the drop shipper (or company).

Fitness trackers are one of over a hundred side business ideas in this blog by Selz, the best Ecommerce platform for growing businesses
If this seems like too much overhead, you can buy in bulk and sell them from your store. Another great way to earn extra money is to sell different types and colors of bands for the fitness trackers.

Side business ideas in fitness trackers let you really customize. Learn to create your own accessories and start selling! There’s not a wrong way to sell this product- it comes down to whatever is most convenient for you and your store.

14. Sell Nutrition Plans

If you’re looking for good side business ideas in the health and wellness industry, selling nutrition plans online is a great way to earn a passive income. As with anything you sell online, you want to make this process as simple as possible for your customers.

If people are looking for nutrition plans, they want you to solve a problem for them. This could be a weight-loss plan or a plan to save them time with quick, healthy meals. Whatever the need, you have to show them how your nutrition plan can help them.

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This is where you decide on your target audience. Do you want to come up with plans for people with cholesterol concerns, people who follow a certain type of diet (vegan, etc.), or do you want to go in the direction of weight loss? Eventually, you can cover a range, but when you are first building your business you want to focus on one particular niche. Once you’ve established yourself in one niche, you can build your business to include other niches as well.

15. Sell Wedding Supplies

Unlike wedding packages (#11), which includes services, side business ideas like a wedding supplies store focus exclusively on the nuts-and-bolts materials needed to put together a wedding.

These could include candles, tablecloths, centerpieces, napkins, balloons- really anything you can come up with to make the perfect wedding day. Think of it as all of the last-minute supplies that the happy couple dreads having to get after all their planning. That’s where you come in as a one-stop-shop. You can combine shipping or offer specials on certain products at various times of the year.

16. Sell Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are back, and they are popular! Selling enamel pins online is one of the side business ideas we are most excited about. The first step will be figuring out your audience- who are you going to sell these pins to? Next, you will need to come up with a unique design. Think long term here. You want a design that will still be popular six months down the road, or your hard work will have been for nothing

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Next, you will want to create and display your pins. The Selz store builder is perfect for showing off your work, while the stylish web design options will help your store to stand out from the competition. You can choose to sell hard enamel pins or soft enamel pins, or both if you desire. In the beginning, though, it’s generally best to choose one or the other to avoid getting overwhelmed.

17. Sell Bath Bombs

This product is fun and popular with both adults and children. Bath bombs are basically a colored ball containing dry ingredients which dissolve when they contact water, releasing scents and essential oils.

For custom colors, you can add food coloring. Bath bombs are great for beginning stores because they are relatively easy to make and have a low overhead cost, meaning you can build up inventory quickly and get selling!

18. Become a Part-Time Social Media Manager

Not all side business ideas need to be handmade projects, especially with so many entrepreneurs and established companies looking for help building their following on social media. If you’re not the crafty type, consider providing a service online.

If you are creative and have a way with words, this could be the perfect option for you. Clients can contact you to discuss their needs and, with the right networking and store presentation, this could eventually become your full-time job.

19. Sell Editing Services

Are you looking for a new gig for your skill set? Do co-workers and friends constantly ask you to look over their work?  Do you have an unshakeable understanding of comma-usage and sentence structure? These skills could earn you a side income.

Editing skills are in high demand, and there are plenty of clients that will pay a nice wage for this service. For side business ideas in editing, you do not need to sell any products, just your skills.

You will want to display examples from your portfolio and testimonials from previous clients that can attest to your editing ability. When potential customers are shopping around, they want to have a clear sense that your skill set will benefit them and that they will be getting quality work.

20. Sell Sweet Treats

When selling your delicious confectionaries, you will want to narrow down your product and your audience to get the best results. As with most side business ideas, you can always build on your product base in the future. You will need to decide what type of treats you want to sell, and how to package your confections.

side business ideas
The packaging of your product should be eye-catching and include your branding. You can reinforce your brand by linking your Selz store to your social media accounts and blog, making it easier for your followers to share your store with other potential customers.

21. Sell Cosmetics

The beauty industry is a huge marketplace and it shows no signs of shrinking anytime soon. If you know a lot about makeup and beauty products and have tried a range of them, and if you regularly follow beauty blogs or makeup trends, then side business ideas in cosmetics are for you!

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First, decide the composition of your target audience. Are you going to focus on aging skin-care products or cosmetics for teens and tweens? Do you want to hit the burgeoning natural product market? Once you have a sense of who you are selling to, you will need to decide if you want to make your own products, or work and receive a commission from a larger company.

Mary Kay, Younique, and Rodan and Fields are just a few of the companies that pay out commission for selling their products. The decision of making your own products vs. selling for a company will depend on how involved you want to get in the process. One thing is for sure: the beauty industry is not going anywhere.

22. Sell Coffee

Coffee is an incredibly popular staple, and high-quality solutions for making the best possible cup at home are currently enjoying something of a renaissance. More than likely you will not be making your own coffee, but you will need to research the most popular types of coffee and sell them at a reasonable price.

side business ideas
Show your customers what makes buying their coffee from you unique. Do you offer special promotions, free or two-day shipping, or some other incentive to purchase from you?

Use your Selz store to showcase your product and highlight reviews from previous customers. People want to know they can trust you for a high-quality product that arrives on time. Details are incredibly important here, so make sure to include excellent product descriptions and clear directions for the entire purchasing process.

23. Become a Business Coach

For coaching side business ideas, it’s vital to have a professional-looking website and online store. You want potential customers to connect with you just by glimpsing your website, and to do so you will need to explain exactly what you do and what you have to offer to a client. They need to know that you are there to help them succeed.

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Your product here is yourself, so prove that you are passionate about what you do and detail the ways you can help your customers. Displaying testimonials is a huge selling point for this growing business. Give potential customers an inside look at one of the programs you offer so they know precisely what they will receive. Clearly state the prices for each service. Make sure to include contact information and encourage any questions they may have.

24. Sell Sunglasses

Like many of these side business ideas, selling sunglasses is a business you can start by hand-making your own product or outsourcing production to a company. You will need to decide on your niche- do you want to sell a certain kind of glasses, a certain brand, or just a style that speaks to you? Once you’ve settled on this, you will need to market hard.

Use your social media platforms and your followers to bring business to your Selz store. As you are setting up your store, make sure to use a lot of detail and clear, vivid photographs. This will help you to stand out from your competitors.

25. Sell Flowers

This can be a tricky niche to fill, but with the right knowledge selling flowers can be a great side business. First, determine whether you will be selling real or fake flowers. If you are selling fake flowers, then you just need to grab the supplies, come up with unique ideas, and make some bouquets.

Selling real flowers is where things can get toughMany people already have a green thumb, and often they already supply flowers to friends and family. You will need to figure out which flowers will survive the shipping process and decide how great of a distance you are willing to deliver across. Again, clear, attention-grabbing images will be key for successful selling.


26. Sell Music

Do you sing or play music as a hobby? If you do (or even if you know someone else that does), consider selling that music directly to your fans online. There are tons of good side business ideas in music because modern technology has made it easier than ever to sell your own music without the necessity of a middle-man organization like iTunes or a record label.

Make sure that your audio is high-quality (Bandcamp recommends .aiff, .wav, or .flac), and definitely include information like artist, song title, and album in the file that the customer will be downloading.

You will also want to make sure your branding is eye-catching, both for existing fans and for casual listeners surfing the web.

side business ideas
When you set up your Selz store, make sure to include the artist’s information. A brief bio and a blurb about upcoming releases are both helpful tools, as well as previews of tracks that your customers can’t already hear in another form online- i.e. on Spotify.

27. Sell Social Media Courses

Are you a qualified social media marketer? Do people come to you for tricks or tips on navigating the social web? If you answered yes, then you could create social media courses to sell online. Many people are looking to improve their social media skills, while others want to learn tips and tricks to help them save time.

Start by putting together 2 or 3 courses and detailing what each one involves, along with the pricing and what the client can gain from purchasing your courses. This is another niche where you need to convince your customer that they need your course to improve their business.

28. Making Youtube Videos

Obviously, YouTube is a booming platform. Influencers have popped up around the world covering an enormous range of topics and interest areas. Finding a niche where your skills and knowledge can stand out from the competition won’t be easy, but building a following and earning money on the side will definitely be worth the wait.

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29. Sell Artwork

If you love to create art of any kind, you could be making a little side income with your talent. Custom one-of-a-kind paintings are popular decorations, and many people are willing to pay for unique works. Side business ideas in art are great because they take something you love (and would probably be doing anyway) and turn it into a source of income.

As you set up your online store, keep in mind that your product images will need to tell your story and draw in customers. Great photos and precise descriptions are key to selling this type of item. For 3-D pieces, i.e. sculpture or woodwork, consider using multiple images taken from different angles.

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30. Become a Virtual Assistant

This position is in demand right now. If you are well-organized and a quick learner, then helping someone stay on top of their game could be the perfect side business for you.

You can set up a profile to showcase your skills, offer a rate, and work from anywhere, anytime for a nice profit. Ideally, once you’ve done stellar work for one client, they will pass your name and information on to friends and colleagues that could use similar assistance, gradually building up your client base.

31. Sell Tutoring Services

If you are good in a particular subject area and able to break down concepts for someone still in the learning process, tutoring could be a great way to cash in on your knowledge! Offer your tutoring skills and help a student achieve their goals while building yourself a side income.

Tutoring pays quite well, and many clients will refer you to others, especially if their son or daughter shows significant improvement or finishes a class with a good grade. People want to know what they are paying for, so advertise your skills by having previous clients give testimonials and providing information on your own educational background.

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32. Sell Hair Accessories

Hair accessories like scrunchies and headbands are great products to sell online and can be a fun way to put a personal, creative touch on your business.

Getting started, you will need to determine whether you want to sell for all hair types or a more specific niche. Do you want to sell to all age groups, or focus on just adults or children?  Are you making day-to-day products, or wedding and special occasion-wear?

No matter what you choose, you can always build your product line in the future. Pictures and vivid descriptions are key to getting customers interested in your hair accessories- remember that they can’t touch or try on your product, so you will need to speak to them with words and images. Selz makes this easy with great looking themes. Sign up for a free 14-day trial with Selz today!

33. Sell Cookbooks Online

If you like to cook and are always compiling different recipes to try, then putting together a cookbook could be a great idea for a side business for you! You can sort your different recipes into categories and collect them in Ebook form.

Consider different ways to categorize- breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas, snack recipes, drink recipes, etc. You can also include sections focused on vegan, vegetarian, and meat-oriented meals. There are tons of possibilities for this side business!

side business ideas
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34. Sell Phone Accessories Online

As smartphones become more advanced and ubiquitous, accessories to protect and personalize them are in high demand. People invest a lot of time with their phones and care about keeping them in prime working condition, so side business ideas for phone accessories are taking off.

You can provide cases, chargers (both wired and wireless), screen protectors, and more. Create a great storefront to bring your customers in, then watch your profits grow.

35. Sell Baby Bibs

Both new and seasoned parents love finding creative ways to dress their babies, and bibs are an important part of a good outfit. There is a growing marketplace for unique baby items that shows no signs of slowing down, so baby items lend themselves to great side business ideas.

You can design patterns for bibs, then either make them yourself or have your design screen printed on. Regardless of your production method, you will need a colorful, eye-catching storefront complete with great images.

36. Sell Watches

A popular accessory for anyone’s wardrobe, regardless of gender, selling watches is a popular side business idea. First, determine the kind of watch you want to sell and where you will get the product.

If you’re not making your own, you will want to contact different companies and learn how to become an official watch distributor. Once you have this figured out, you can create your Selz store and market the product.

Make sure to get clear close-up images of the watches from a variety of angles and provide detailed descriptions. Your prices need to be reasonable to make your store stand out from the competition, but you still need to make a profit.

37. Sell DIY Videos

If you have a talent for video and feel comfortable in front of the camera, then the sky is the limit as to what you can create and sell. Think of a particular niche, like home improvement, and build out a range of content.

In conjunction with your regular content, you can also accept customer requests for the types of videos they need. DIY side business ideas in video offer tons of freedom, so follow a range of ideas and look for the different needs you can fill.

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38. Sell Skin Care Products

This is another highly profitable industry that continues to boom. Side business ideas in skincare include making your own natural products to sell online or partnering with a larger company as a consultant to get paid a commission.

You will want to include a lot of detail on the products you sell and be sure to feature reviews. Photos and descriptions are vital for giving the customer a sense of what they’re buying. With a little elbow grease, this business idea has the potential to bring in a nice side income.

39. Sell Language Lessons

Do you fluently speak a language besides your birth tongue? Side business ideas from this skill include putting together language lessons and guides for customers to purchase.

Alternately, you can earn some money by making videos out of different words and lessons on a purchase-to-view basis. Your storefront should describe your educational background to let customers know that you are a legitimate source of information on the language(s) you choose.

40. Start a Blog (That Makes Money!)

If you enjoy writing and have a talent for words, then blogging side business ideas are right up your alley. Start by creating quality content and building up a subscriber base among your readers. Monetize your blog by featuring advertising, adding products to sell, and setting up affiliate marketing. Between these different revenue streams, you can earn a nice profit from something you already enjoy doing.

side business ideas
You will need to choose a niche that you know people will want to read about, and that serves a purpose or need for the reader. You can continue to build a community around your blog– the more people you attract, the more money you will earn.

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41. Sell Sports Memorabilia

To make this side business idea work you will have to acquire specific items that people will want to pay money for. This could be a signed jersey, ball, photo, etc. All of these items are very collectible, and people will put good money toward owning them.

You will have to invest money to make money. You may already have some items that you’ve collected over the years that you are willing to part with. Make sure to only invest in items that will continue to be profitable over time- ask yourself whether the things you buy will be valuable in five, ten, twenty years.

The items you are selling should have some type of certification or grade, so customers know that they are the real deal. You will want to have a professional storefront, which you can easily put together using the Selz store builder. Reviews are also very important in this line of business, so don’t hesitate to ask previous customers to drop you a line with their thoughts.

42. Become a Life Coach

Are you a positive person who is passionate about what they do? Becoming a life coach could be a great opportunity for you to help others and get paid to do what you do best.

Many of us have dreams of what we would really like to do but need some coaching and motivation to make those dreams a reality. You can guide your clients and motivate them to achieve their goals.

Having testimonials on your website is key to your credibility. You will want to have an upbeat web page that reflects you and the passion you bring to everything you do. Include a small video introducing yourself, as people will need to be able to relate to you to purchase your services. Make sure to break down the different pricing options that you have available in detail, so potential customers know exactly what they will receive for their money.

43. Sell Comic Books

Do you love everything to do with comics? Do you routinely use the phrase “graphic novel”? Comic books provide a bunch of great side business ideas for you to try!

You will first need to thoroughly understand your audience. What are they looking for, and how can you best communicate with them?

You can start by selling out of your own collection, then move on to purchasing collectible comics. Consider carrying hard-to-find indie picks as well as big names. You will need to have solid branding in place on your store, so spend time choosing between layouts and color palettes to attract buyers.

You may be creating your own original comics, and you can sell those too. Offer standalone comics, or Ebook editions, it’s up to you!

44. Sell Music Lessons

Are you an accomplished instrumentalist or vocalist? Have you played in a band or a symphony? Even if you just play as a hobby, selling music lessons online can be a great way to help people explore their passions and make yourself some money on the side. Parents often seek out professionals to help their children learn how to play a specific instrument, and virtual music coaches are becoming more and more popular.

You can choose to teach in-person or to provide lessons via video, and also share instructive guides. When setting up your online store you can offer different packages and even show clips of what you offer. Make sure to detail your packages and programs for your customers.

45. Sell Graphic Design Tutorials

These side business ideas are a great move for you if you have design experience and want to expand into teaching. Are you an expert in fonts? Great with motion graphics? When building your online store, make sure to include previous work from your portfolio, any information about your educational background that you think will be helpful, and reviews or testimonials.

Include a short clip from one of your tutorials, along with selections from the written guide that you will provide your students when they purchase one of your graphic design tutorials. Your work needs to speak for itself in this business.

46. Sell Pottery

If you enjoy making pottery, or just love using it for creative decor, and you’re looking for side business ideas, you could turn your pottery passion into a business for yourself. First, narrow down what type of pottery you will sell. Do you want to sell functional outdoor flower pots, or decorative indoor items? Remember, you can always expand your niche later when you are more established.

side business ideas
Once you know what you will be selling, you can start to create. Make sure to get good quality images and write detailed descriptions of your products. To add a fun visual touch to your website, consider photographing your creative process from beginning to end. This side business idea is great to promote on your social media accounts. You can also get friends, family, and followers to spread the word about your new business. Already have your own pottery blog? You can sell directly from Blogger or WordPress with Selz.

47. Become a Virtual Yoga Coach

You will obviously need to be into yoga and good at it to make yoga side business ideas successful. You may be a teacher or just a very experienced student who hasn’t taken the leap into teaching a class yet.

Regardless of your status, you can become a virtual yoga coach. Consider offering private lessons online via Google Hangouts or Skype; or even making and selling pre-recorded videos that your clients can follow at their own convenience. With so many people traveling for business or pleasure these days, this is a great way for them to stay connected with their practice, regardless of their physical location.

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48. Sell Tea

Side business ideas in tea are similar to selling coffee online. You will need to research the most popular teas and decide the types you want to sell. Target a niche audience and make sure that you offer tea at a better price (or with better benefits) than your competitors.

Your customers will need a reason to buy your tea, and not your competition’s. You will need an inviting storefront to catch their eye and make them stop and check out what you have to offer. Selz can help you create a unique store design that will stand out from the crowd. Consider offering packages of similar teas, or seasonal options- i.e. the best teas for a cold winter.

49. Sell Photography Lessons

Photography is one of the most popular side business ideas out there right now, and many photographers, both professional and amateur, are using their skills to earn an extra income.

If you are a skilled photographer or have taken classes on photography, then you can share your skills by selling virtual photography lessons. Consider offering different packages, such as one-on-one coaching, group coaching, video tutorials, and more. Create extra content like guides or Ebooks to use as a supplemental product to your main offerings.

50. Sell Lightroom Presets

This idea gives you the freedom to be as wildly creative or elegantly minimalist as you choose. People love to take photos and then add their own unique flair.

Many people see photo editing as an extremely tough, involved task, and are thus willing to purchase Lightroom presets to help them along the way. You will want to showcase your previous work and have galleries of Lightroom presets that your customers can view to get a sense of your skill level and the quality of your work.

You can choose themes or have customers request specific options for their needs. The most important factor here is your own creativity.

51. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate side business ideas are great if you’re looking for a source of passive income that accumulates even when you’re not directly working. You will need to have an established blog and find an affiliate that you connect to personally, something you are comfortable marketing. You can then add affiliate links within the content on your blog.

When your readers click on a link, your site will direct them to the company’s site, and you will earn a commission either from the traffic you direct or from a purchase they make on the site. Besides links, you can also put visual ads for the company in the sidebar of your page. Your job is just to continue producing original, relevant content, and you will be able to gradually establish a profitable side business while you’re working full-time.

52. Sell Dog-Training Guides

If you love dogs and have either trained your own or have trained dogs for others in the past, you can monetize this skill. Both Ebook guides and video tutorials are great tools for dog owners to use.

side business ideas
Offer these guides and videos online as a package, or on an individual basis. You will need to make your online storefront appealing to dog owners, which should not be hard when you are a dog lover yourself.

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53. Sell Socks

Believe it or not, side business ideas for socks are booming. There are tons of different socks you could sell- humorous themed socks, stylish dress socks, kid’s socks, and more. When starting out, as with other side business ideas, you’ll want to focus on just a few options and expand from there later on down the line.

It’s important to describe the materials you use to make your products and include high-quality pictures on your site. The opportunities are just about endless here, so get creative and try new things! It’s entirely free to try Selz, and all the features come free with your 14-day trial. You can create an account and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to start selling from your existing blog or new online store. So don’t wait, give it a go.

54. Sell Protein Powders

Fitness is a billion-dollar industry, and with a little work, you can be part of it. Side business ideas in fitness include making your own supplement and getting it patented to sell, or you could partner up with some bigger name brands and sell their protein powders to earn a commission.

This product has really exploded onto the market over the last few years, and new kinds are coming out all the time. This is an item that is popular with a huge portion of the population. The branding you use will depend on whether you sell your own product or partner with a larger company.

55. Sell Handbags

Handbags are an important part of a woman’s attire, and they are something consumers are always looking to buy, making this side business a great idea. First, decide whether you will create your own unique designs or partner with a brand.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll want to make an appealing, professional Selz store. Images and descriptions really need to paint a picture for the customer, as they will not be able to touch the handbag or try it out. Remember to include the measurements in your description so the customer knows exactly what they are receiving and if it works for their specific needs.

56. Become a Professional Freelancer

Today many individuals and businesses are hiring freelancers to write articles, blog posts, and other important information for their brand or company. The more you write and the more extensive your portfolio gets the more clients will want to hire you. With time, you will be able to increase your asking price for pieces of your work.

Becoming a freelancer is a common side business and can ultimately turn into a full income. You will want to display your portfolio online to give potential clients a sense of your style and versatility. Your website should include clear rates for different kinds of work. It’s also important to get organized, and there are incredible tools and strategies to help you with this.

57. Sell Sewing Patterns

Patterns could be a perfect creative business idea for you if you love to sew. You can make your patterns and even have them screen printed to sell on your online store. You will want to choose a specific niche audience to sell to.

side business ideas
Take good quality photos of both the blank patterns and the end product, as these two elements are really what will sell your product. There are so many excellent sewing side business ideas, and you could also consider putting together guides for different techniques, patterns, etc.

58. Sell Pet Supplies

You love your dog and cat and wish that you could shop at one awesome online store for all their needs without breaking the bank. That store could be yours! You can sell homemade collars, chew toys, blankets, pet clothing, leashes, and any other pet-related items that you think would appeal to animal owners.

Pets are often like children for their owners, and they want them to have the best supplies possible. Many pet owners also like to buy from smaller brands and support their local community.

Side business ideas in pet supplies with an online store give you a chance to run weekly specials, set up monthly or bi-monthly orders, and put together seasonal promotions. You will want to capture the attention of potential customers with your professionally built Selz store and clearly categorized inventory.

59. Sell Hats

Hats are another accessory that never goes out of style. There are a ton of different options here, so you will need to really narrow down your target audience to get a sense of what you will be selling.

Your store should be full of pictures, some photos of the hats alone and other photos of your hats being worn by various people. This will help your customer get a sense of exactly what they are purchasing, and what it looks like with a variety of face shapes.

60. Become a Ghost Writer

If you love writing and are looking for a little additional money but don’t want to fully commit to freelancing, then ghostwriting side business ideas could be for you. This is where you write articles, blog posts, or guides, and once you get paid, all of the rights to that piece of work go to the person or company paying you.

You can build your portfolio and show off your skills while detailing the specific rates you charge on your Selz store. Connect your store to your social media accounts and your blog, if you have one (which you definitely should). This way, clients and followers will have an easier time accessing your services and getting a sense of your style. Take it one step at a time as you grow your business.

61. Become a Spiritual Coach

Becoming a spiritual coach is another side business you can use to supplement your income and help people along the way. You can take courses to become certified in spiritual coaching or you can self-train informally.

Some people want spiritual coaches who have certifications or technical training, and others do not mind as long as you do what they are paying for. If you are going to informally train yourself, you can read books on the subject and attend group meetings online and in-person.

You can advertise your coaching abilities through other people, in online forums, and on your own social networks. When becoming a spiritual coach, you can offer different guides, videos, and words of encouragement for your clients. Display testimonials alongside your skill set for potential customers to see.

62. Become a Travel Consultant

If you love to travel and your friends and family trust you to get the most affordable hotels and airfare without skimping on quality, then travel side business ideas are for you!

side business ideas
Use search engine optimization (SEO) to bring potential customers to your Selz store and, once you have enough people interested in your services, let them know for every referral there will be a discount or a giveaway. This will ensure you build a customer base and each referral will boost your income. Reach out to past clients for reviews and post them for potential customers to view.

63. Sell Coloring Books

We all loved coloring books when we were children, but in recent years they have begun to resurface as a popular way for adults to relieve stress and improve their overall health. If you enjoy drawing and have a good eye for outlining, then this could be a great side business idea for you.

Starting out, you will want to pick themes for each of the coloring books you want to sell. These can range from animals to fantasy worlds, from abstract shapes to kaleidoscope styles. Regardless of the theme you choose, you will need at least 40 pages of designs to ensure the product is worth the price.

Good branding is key to catching the eye of potential customers. You will also want to create an enticing cover for your coloring book that resonates with the theme of the designs inside. Start off with 2-3 different themed coloring books, and if they sell well you can add more. Set reasonable prices and watch your profits grow.

64. Sell Crochet Products

Crocheting is not as common a skill as it used to be, but there is still a demand for well-crafted crochet products. If you are good at crocheting or are willing to learn, then you can make a profit from this skill.

First, build up an inventory. Get busy crocheting potholders, dollies, centerpieces, washcloths, baby sweater sets, or whatever else you think potential customers would like to buy. Once you have a few items in stock from each category you choose to sell, you can start uploading images to your Selz store and writing descriptions for each unique item.

Be thoughtful about your pricing. You do not want to underprice your items and lose money, but, then again, you don’t want your products to be too expensive for potential customers. Take into consideration the cost of materials and the time you put into each item, research the cost of similar items online, and determine a price from there.

65. Become an Online Researcher

Businesses are always looking for people to do online research for them. Being an online researcher could mean conducting polls and surveys or just researching a particular topic and passing along your findings. If you enjoy learning about new topics and find statistics and data sets intriguing, this is one of the best side business ideas.

66. Sell Photo-Editing Services

If you have a good eye for working with photos, then consider building your own digital full-service photo editing studio. Photo-editing services partner beautifully with other photography-oriented stores and side business ideas. Companies and individuals may not have the time to edit their own photos, and many don’t even know where to start. This is where you come in, making their lives easier by turning their rough materials into slick, finished products.

side business ideas
If you already sell Lightroom presets or photography, but want to expand your business, then this can be the next step.

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67. Sell Women’s Athletic Wear

This is a huge seller online today. A lot of women want to express their personal style when exercising or going to the gym, or even when running a race or competing in an event.

You can design your own women’s athletic wear. This can be practical and comfortable, with some solid aesthetic value as well. Alternately, consider partnering with a larger brand to sell their products through your online store.

68. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are good side business ideas because they offer multiple possible revenue streams. To make money from a podcast you will need an audience or followers in place, at which point you can partner with outside companies. These companies will advertise on your show, giving them exposure and getting you paid in the process.

With a podcast, you can connect with your followers and potentially get customers to buy a product you are promoting- be it from your own online store, or from the companies that advertise on your program.

69. Sell Paleo Bars

This product has become extremely popular in the fitness world, as well as in the everyday lives of people who often do not have time to sit down for a meal. They need to eat on the run and this bar provides the nutrients they need without processed ingredients.

You can make and sell your own paleo bars, or you can sell your recipes. Potential customers care deeply that they are getting the real thing when buying this product, so include all ingredients and a detailed description of the process you use to make your paleo bars.

70. Sell Designs for Nails/Press on Nails

There is a big market for press-on nail designs. Just trim and trust these designs to hold their place and color for days. A cheaper, simpler alternative to acrylic nails, this can be a creatively rich side business idea.

You can make your own designs and have them put onto the sticker portion. Alternately, you can purchase the press-on nails from a wholesaler and sell them on your online Selz store or blog.

Either option can be profitable, just be sure to include high-quality images of both the designs and the product in use on a nail so your customers can easily get a sense of what they are buying.

71. Sell Baby Gear

When looking into side business ideas in a booming industry like baby gear, keep in mind that you will have some stiff competition. All this really means is that you will need to show your customers exactly why they should choose your product over someone else’s.

You will want to research your ideal shopper and go in with a very clear sense of your target audience. Are you looking at hip, young parents or excited grandparents? Will your products be cute, funny, or simply stylish? Narrow down exactly what you want to sell, then market your online store hard. Getting shares and testimonials from happy customers will be huge.

72. Sell Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)

This is another huge growth market. Essential oils can help with minor ailments like headaches, but they also add a wonderful scent to your home or apartment.

There are thousands of unique online searches for essential oils at any given time. Just about everyone likes this product and wants to reap its easy benefits. You can make your own oils from scratch, or team up with a larger brand to sell their products on your store.

73. Sell Dry Shampoo

This product can be a life-saver on days when you don’t have the time (or desire) to wash or style your hair. Dry shampoo keeps your hair looking fresh and clean while eliminating any odor from the oils your hair produces.

There are so many different kinds of dry shampoo that picking one can get overwhelming. Many consumers enjoy purchasing hair care products from smaller brands who make their inventory at home. Nail down a secret recipe and start selling!

74. Sell Virtual Reality Headsets and Goggles

Virtual reality is a huge field of growth in the tech world, with potential applications in education, medicine, and, of course, entertainment. Everyone wants to explore new worlds, and VR headsets and goggles allow consumers to do exactly that. There are various types of these products available, so it helps to be knowledgeable about the different brands and how they work.

You can purchase these items and sell them at a discounted price in your store. This is still a relatively new niche, which can give you the upper hand in building your customer base.

75. Sell Leggings

This piece of clothing has become a necessity over the past few years, largely because of its versatility. Leggings can be paired with a dress or top for a daytime look, but they are also perfect workout clothing. Creative new designs come out all the time and you can be a part of it.

You can make your own designs and have them printed on the material, or you can partner with a wholesaler to sell your favorite legging designs on your website and in your online store. Include details on the material and washing instructions in the description of each item. Clearly state your prices, and, of course, include clear images.

76. Sell Kid’s Craft Templates

Crafts are a great way for parents to entertain their children and encourage them to be creative, but it’s not always easy to come up with new projects in the moment. Selling templates of images that children can trace or attempt to draw on their own can be a fun side business and a popular product. You can put together themed templatEbooks, along with guides that teach children how to make various types of crafts.

Side business ideas
Parents love these because they ease the process of coming up with projects and are engaging for their children. Be sure to detail what you include in each template (or package, if you go that route), and include before and after photos of a craft in progress.

77. Sell Grilling Accessories

Many people enjoy cooking outside on the grill and love having up-to-date, modern tools to use while doing it. You can be a one-stop shop for any accessory your customer might need- spatulas, knives, meat thermometers, grill brushes, tongs, etc. You can purchase these items from a wholesaler and sell them on your store. You will need to market your new business, so make sure to connect your Selz store to your social media, at networking events, and anywhere else you have an online presence.

78. Sell Party Planning Services

People often want to have their cake and eat it too- i.e. enjoy their party without the hassle of planning it. You can sell your services for birthdays, holidays, graduations, retirement parties, work parties, concerts, or really any event.

You will need to have style and major organizational skills to pull together a party to the client’s specifications. On your Selz store, you can post different party packages and what they include.

This is one of the side business hustles where word-of-mouth and social media testimonials are vital. Instagram can be a particularly useful platform to use in this business, as you can highlight photos from past events.

79. Sell Spa Products

Who doesn’t want to live every day like they’ve just walked out of a spa? You can make this happen by selling spa products online. This could include scrubs and lotions for softer skin, deep-conditioning treatments for gorgeous hair, or a whole host of other products to leave your customers feeling fresh.

A great way to increase sales is to host an online spa party. This allows potential customers to join in from the comfort of their own homes with no obligation to buy. During this online party, you can set up giveaways and offer free shipping on any purchases made within a specific time frame. This business has the potential to grow rapidly, and also to be a lot of fun!

80. Sell Refurbished Electronics

For many people, fixing electronic products is too expensive or time-consuming, so they get rid of their electronics and buy new ones. This is where you can come into the picture and make some money. If you have tech skills and are able to fix different electronic gadgets, then you could make a tidy profit from this idea for a side business.

81. Sell Gardening Supplies

Gardening is a popular pastime for many people, and a growing segment of the population is working to grow fruits and vegetables of their own. If you have a green thumb, this might be the perfect side business idea for you. First, decide what kinds of gardening supplies you will be selling. Do you want to stick with seeds, plants, plant food, and fertilizer; or are you interested in selling equipment such as shovels, rakes, and hoses?

Once you have determined what you want to sell, you will have to purchase the items- most likely from a wholesaler. Now you can focus on building your storefront to project the image and brand you want your customers to see.

82. Become a Dating Coach

Are you on speed-dial for friends looking for dating advice? Consider becoming an online dating coach! Side business ideas that include coaching are extremely popular because you can create guides and videos that allow you to make a more passive income on the side. Eventually, you may even choose to combine your content into an Ebook.

83. Sell Outdoor Gear

There’s nothing like a little time in nature to get you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Activities like camping and hiking require outdoor gear for safety and comfort, making this a great niche to explore. You will want to build a simple but very visual store design for this type of product.

side business ideas
Make sure your products and brand stand out from the competition. Offer a level of personalization that the big brands can’t. Design a store that will entice buyers to become loyal fans of your brand and use their support to bring in new sales, or sell directly from a blog that shares stories of your outdoor adventures.

84. Sell Christian Home Decor

Because home decor is more of a want than a need, you really need to drive the point home as to why potential customers should purchase their decor from you. If you have chosen to market to the Christian community, then you already have a niche; now you will need to make sure your presentation is sharp and on-point.

You will want to photograph each item individually with excellent lighting and backgrounds. Spend extra time focusing on the message of the product, keeping in mind popular Bible verses and inspirational quotes.

85. Sell Educational Games

Parents want their children to succeed, and educational games can be a great tool for helping them along. You can gear your games towards kids or adults, and you can build out categories for both within your Selz store.

You can sell games to download onto an electronic device or ship physical games to your customers. Most people don’t mind spending money on education, as they know they are getting a return, making this a great side business idea to get working on.

86. Sell Scrapbooking Supplies

Scrapbooking is a fun, popular pastime. Are you creative and knowledgeable about the materials and techniques necessary for putting together a great scrapbook? If so, this side business idea that you can do from home might spark your interest.

You can sell everything that goes along with scrapbooking including; designs for different albums, stickers for added detail, scissors with a range of blade shapes, theme pages, and more. Make sure to clearly label and display pictures of the different supplies that you are selling. For an extra income source, consider offering guides and themed books.

87. Sell Engraved Items

When you want to make a gift more personalized and special, you can always engrave a saying or name onto the item. If you have the skills and equipment to do this yourself, then you could have an easy source of additional income.

You will want to determine exactly what kinds of items you want to sell that you know you will be able to engrave. Consider bracelets, glasses, plates, coasters, candles, and wallets, but definitely, don’t limit yourself. You can engrave just about any item with a personalized message for the recipient.

88. Become a Public Speaking Coach

Public speaking consistently ranks among the top fears of a huge number of people, despite being extremely important in a range of jobs and situations. This is where your services can come in.

If you are an experienced public speaker yourself and know the tricks to keep calm and deliver a strong presentation, you can provide guidance for someone else who hopes to do the same. Outside of one-on-one coaching; you can create general guides and make short video presentations on body language skills that your clients can use to become better public speakers.

89. Sell Personalized Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a fun product you can make and sell with relative ease. If you have calligraphy, graphic design, or creative writing skills, you can channel those talents into more fun side business ideas.

Create a brand for your greeting cards that people will relate to, and draw in more customers with bulk orders, custom orders, and customer referrals.

90. Sell Shapewear

Shapewear is an important part of many women’s daily outfits. There are several different kinds available and you can purchase all of them from a large retailer or wholesaler. Your job will then be to market the product and sell it on your store.

Potential customers will want to know specific measurements and sizes for each item along with a detailed description of the materials used to manufacture it. Pictures are always important, but in this idea for a side business, details are the key to making a sale.

91. Create & Sell Website Themes

Are you a master coder? Do you have a skilled eye for determining color palettes? This could be the perfect side business for you.

In a web saturated by re-used themes, many people are looking for unique ways to enhance the look of their websites and stores. They may not have the time or skill set to create (or even set up) their own theme. Showcase your work in a portfolio and consider including any relevant educational background you may have.

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92. Sell Invitations

If you enjoy graphic design and love creating unique pieces of art, then this side business idea could be perfect for you. You will need to work with a range of color palettes and use different fonts to your advantage. Look into providing your services for weddings, business events, parties, and really anything that needs professional, eye-catching invitations.

93. Sell Bedding

It’s always great to get new sheets, blankets, pillow cases, and comforters, but going to the store and picking through options can be tough, especially for consumers with limited time. This is where your online store can come in, providing customers with quality products and the convenience of purchasing online. This is a win-win situation for the customer, and for you.

side business idea

94. Sell Subscription Boxes

There is a subscription box for just about anything you can imagine these days. As an entrepreneur getting started, this means you will have some stiff competition. Think about a unique niche that consumers want and need in their lives, and consider ways to make your product stand out from the competition. Are your prices lower? Is your shipping quicker? Do you include goodies and bonuses that other businesses don’t?

95. Become a Virtual Tour Guide

This is a fun, exciting job to add to your work week! Giving real-time online tours of cities and historical landmarks lets you make money while sharing your knowledge with people looking to explore new locations. You need to be upbeat, well-informed, and passionate about what you are doing.

Your job here is to create an amazing online experience and convince someone who is on the fence about visiting a certain location to book their ticket right away. If you already have a travel blog, you can get started today by selling your services directly from your blog.

96. Sell Hair Tutorials

If you are always trying out new hairstyles and enjoy working with hair, then this could be the perfect side business idea for you. Start with a specific tutorial, such as a how-to on making stylish braids. You can upload videos to your website or store demonstrating each type of braid and produce a guide that gives step-by-step instructions for each.

Once you’ve built out videos and guides for one hairstyle, move on to your next tutorial with a new theme. There are tons of options- working with different styles, lengths, and other factors, so you will always have fresh ideas to share with your customers.

97. Sell Gift Baskets

We’ve all struggled at one point with buying a present for someone, and often a gift basket has come up as an option. These can be ideal gifts for loved ones, colleagues, and friends, and your store can be the perfect one-stop-shop.

You can choose to do custom gift baskets or have a few themed options for customers to pick from. Make sure your baskets are aesthetically pleasing and build your store to include high-quality photos and clear descriptions of each product. Consider offering promotions for holidays and giving discounts to repeat customers. Most importantly, get creative and have fun.

98. Sell Dinner Party Supplies

Stylish new plates and silverware can really elevate a dinner party to the next level, but most people don’t want to spend a fortune on them. Your store can carry quality dinner supplies at a great price and can also include napkins and other decor that fits the theme. Photos and excellent descriptions are vital here. You want to make sure that your items are superb, and that guests compliment the host on their taste. When this happens, you will not only bring your initial customer back to your store, you will acquire more customers in the process.

99. Sell Headphones

Custom headphones or earbuds are a popular product right now. There are tons of different options on the market, so you will want to narrow down your niche to a few types and brands.

side business ideas
You can buy your stock from a wholesaler and list them on your online Selz store for customers to purchase. You will need to describe the features of each product in detail, and, since headphones are something of a fashion statement, include photos. Because this product is in high demand, with the right prices and marketing, it should sell fairly easily.

100. Become a Makeup Artist

If you love playing around with makeup, coming up with new techniques, and helping others find their own unique look, you can rock this side business idea! You’ll probably want to make both videos and written guides to walk customers through different makeup techniques.

101. Sell Cookware

Cookware is always in demand. Many people enjoy cooking, and most like to upgrade their cookware every so often- plus, this is a popular wedding present. You will need to find a vendor to sell you the specific items you want to purchase at a wholesale price. Once you have built up your inventory you will need to set up your online store.

The Selz store builder will help you create an amazing digital storefront to stand out in a crowded online market. You can upload your logo and pictures, organize them to your preference, and add product descriptions. For cookware products, be sure to include information on the materials used in making each product.

102. Become an Instagram Marketer

If you are comfortable with Instagram and have a decent following, you could become an Instagram Marketer and make money in your free time doing something you enjoy.

Many large companies look for popular Instagram accounts to feature their products in their feed. If you are good at what you do, your audience will bite and bring in a paycheck for you. All you have to do is build a following, so get down to business.

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103. Create an App

If you are tech savvy and you have a great idea for an app, this is the perfect time to create and sell it! You will want to ensure your app is validated (i.e. it meets its specifications and fulfills its purpose) before spending a large amount of time on it. Once it is validated, you can build the app and throw it on your store to sell.

104. Sell Magnets

A fun little way to personalize things around the home and office, magnets are also practical tools for attaching notes to the fridge and highlighting your to-do list at work. You can create your own magnets from scratch, or you can purchase magnets from a wholesale vendor online. It just depends on how much time and money you want to put into this side business idea.

As always, include high-quality images. You will likely want to consider selling packs of magnets to offset the cost of shipping, so be sure to write strong descriptions of each set that will connect with your audience.

105. Sell Water Bottles

Whether you are going to the gym or just to work, a trusty water bottle is important to have around. As a big part of our everyday lives, water bottles are a great product to sell online for a profit. You can purchase your inventory online from a major retailer or a wholesaler then add any custom designs or branding you want.

Once you have a back stock built up, you can organize your inventory into categories and add images and descriptions in your online store. This will help to make your store user-friendly and visually enticing.

Ready to jump on one of these side business ideas?

These are just some side business ideas to get you started selling online today. No matter what your skill or talent you can turn it into a money-making business. You just need passion and drive combined with powerful tools from Selz and you will be making money on the side in no time!

Let’s get started! Taking the first step can be the biggest challenge in starting a side business. Even if you don’t have your products finalized, you can start designing your brand and store and start attracting people to your business. Try Selz for a free 14-day trial and start building your store today.

This post was originally published in November 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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