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Looking for the best products to sell online? Look no further than this list of 105 side business ideas. You never know when a side business can become your full-time gig. Choosing the best products to sell online will be essential to your success.

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Prepare for Your Competition

Competition shouldn’t scare you. But you should know everything about the market you’re trying to jump into.

There are a million factors that go into what makes the best products to sell online sell. It may be price, brand power, or a large marketing budget. It may be an email list with 10,000 subscribers and a strong following of thousands on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The best products to sell online will be part of a niche in the market you can crack. So you need to know what type of competition you’ll be facing.

Do a quick search of similar online sellers and check out the following:

  • Their prices
  • Upsell or cross-sale offers
  • Social media engagement (different than the number of followers)
  • Sign up for their email list and check out their offers and niches

And since you’re starting a side business, check out the ecommerce features they use including:

  • Abandoned checkout strategy (you’ll know if they have one if you leave something in their shopping cart and they send you a follow-up email)
  • What type of payment options do they offer? (Paypal or on-site options to process all major cards, etc.)
  • Do they have their own website, sell from a blog, or are they selling on a large marketplace?
  • Do they offer a “buy now” option?
  • Are they mobile ready?

At this point, you’re not trying to do a complete analysis but it’s a good idea to learn everything you can about the industry and target market of the best products to sell online, to determine what may change.

The Best Products to Sell Online are Niche Products

Like learning about the competition, considering what niche you will target isn’t set in stone. But after taking a look at the competition, you’ll be able to see if there are some niches you may be able to squeeze into.

Here’s a quick example. Let’s say you want to sell t-shirts and other printed items. But you can get a t-shirt anywhere. What are you going to do that will make your awesome t-shirts the best products to sell online? Who would proudly tell all her friends that she’s wearing your t-shirt? Who would share your t-shirts all over Instagram making you a viral sensation?

Every new business needs to start with a niche that would love your product. Sevenly is a t-shirt business that has a new charity campaign every week. Every seven days, Sevenly creates seven new t-shirt designs and 7% of the profits go to a specific charity. So far, they’ve raised over $4 million for charity!

I’m not saying you need to start a socially minded business (although that’s always a good choice). I am saying that the business model Sevenly uses creates new niches every week by focusing on that charity. They have an instant target market when they create t-shirts that support autism, veterans, animals, and foster kids.

As you look through this list of the best products to sell online, think about what your business is going to do better than anyone else.

Check out more of the best products to sell online:

54. Sell Protein Powders

Fitness is a billion-dollar industry, and with a little work, you can be part of it. Side business ideas in fitness include making your own supplement and getting it patented to sell, or you could partner up with some bigger name brands and sell their protein powders to earn a commission.

This product has really exploded onto the market over the last few years, and new kinds are coming out all the time. This is an item that is popular with a huge portion of the population. The branding you use will depend on whether you sell your own product or partner with a larger company.

55. Sell Handbags

Handbags are an important part of a woman’s attire, and they are something consumers are always looking to buy, making this side business a great idea. First, decide whether you will create your own unique designs or partner with a brand.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll want to make an appealing, professional Selz store. Images and descriptions really need to paint a picture for the customer, as they will not be able to touch the handbag or try it out. Remember to include the measurements in your description so the customer knows exactly what they are receiving and if it works for their specific needs.

56. Become a Professional Freelancer

Today many individuals and businesses are hiring freelancers to write articles, blog posts, and other important information for their brand or company. The more you write and the more extensive your portfolio gets the more clients will want to hire you. With time, you will be able to increase your asking price for pieces of your work.

Becoming a freelancer is a common side business and can ultimately turn into a full income. You will want to display your portfolio online to give potential clients a sense of your style and versatility. Your website should include clear rates for different kinds of work. It’s also important to get organized, and there are incredible tools and strategies to help you with this.

57. Sell Sewing Patterns

Patterns could be a perfect creative business idea for you if you love to sew. You can make your patterns and even have them screen printed to sell on your online store. You will want to choose a specific niche audience to sell to.

Sewing side business ideas are hot this year, and as you research the best products to sell online, keep sewing in mind.

Take good quality photos of both the blank patterns and the end product, as these two elements are really what will sell your product. There are so many excellent sewing side business ideas, and you could also consider putting together guides for different techniques, patterns, etc.

58. Sell Pet Supplies

You love your dog and cat and wish that you could shop at one awesome online store for all their needs without breaking the bank. That store could be yours! You can sell homemade collars, chew toys, blankets, pet clothing, leashes, and any other pet-related items that you think would appeal to animal owners.

Pets are often like children for their owners, and they want them to have the best supplies possible. Many pet owners also like to buy from smaller brands and support their local community.

Side business ideas in pet supplies with an online store give you a chance to run weekly specials, set up monthly or bi-monthly orders, and put together seasonal promotions. You will want to capture the attention of potential customers with your professionally built Selz store and clearly categorized inventory.

59. Sell Hats

Hats are another accessory that never goes out of style. There are a ton of different options here, so you will need to really narrow down your target audience to get a sense of what you will be selling.

Your store should be full of pictures, some photos of the hats alone and other photos of your hats being worn by various people. This will help your customer get a sense of exactly what they are purchasing, and what it looks like with a variety of face shapes.

60. Become a Ghost Writer

If you love writing and are looking for a little additional money but don’t want to fully commit to freelancing, then ghostwriting side business ideas could be for you. This is where you write articles, blog posts, or guides, and once you get paid, all of the rights to that piece of work go to the person or company paying you.

You can build your portfolio and show off your skills while detailing the specific rates you charge on your Selz store. Connect your store to your social media accounts and your blog, if you have one (which you definitely should). This way, clients and followers will have an easier time accessing your services and getting a sense of your style. Take it one step at a time as you grow your business.

61. Become a Spiritual Coach

Becoming a spiritual coach is another side business you can use to supplement your income and help people along the way. You can take courses to become certified in spiritual coaching or you can self-train informally.

Some people want spiritual coaches who have certifications or technical training, and others do not mind as long as you do what they are paying for. If you are going to informally train yourself, you can read books on the subject and attend group meetings online and in-person.

You can advertise your coaching abilities through other people, in online forums, and on your own social networks. When becoming a spiritual coach, you can offer different guides, videos, and words of encouragement for your clients. Display testimonials alongside your skillset for potential customers to see.

62. Become a Travel Consultant

If you love to travel and your friends and family trust you to get the most affordable hotels and airfare without skimping on quality, then travel side business ideas are for you!

If you love to travel (and who doesn't?!) selling your travel services is one of the best products to sell online.

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to bring potential customers to your Selz store and, once you have enough people interested in your services, let them know for every referral there will be a discount or a giveaway. This will ensure you build a customer base and each referral will boost your income. Reach out to past clients for reviews and post them for potential customers to view.

63. Sell Coloring Books

We all loved coloring books when we were children, but in recent years they have begun to resurface as a popular way for adults to relieve stress and improve their overall health. If you enjoy drawing and have a good eye for outlining, then this could be a great side business idea for you.

Starting out, you will want to pick themes for each of the coloring books you want to sell. These can range from animals to fantasy worlds, from abstract shapes to kaleidoscope styles. Regardless of the theme you choose, you will need at least 40 pages of designs to ensure the product is worth the price.

Good branding is key to catching the eye of potential customers. You will also want to create an enticing cover for your coloring book that resonates with the theme of the designs inside. Start off with 2-3 different themed coloring books, and if they sell well you can add more. Set reasonable prices and watch your profits grow.

Create a Website for Your Side Business

You’ve figured out what to sell online, now it’s time to create a website and add your products.

Using the straightforward tools of the Selz store builder, add your product to your online store with an image, write a description, set the price, and then add the product to your new store.

This video shows you how to add a theme to your online store using Selz:

Selz provides a lot of useful features for selling products from your website:

  • Quick set up with powerful features
  • The ability to embed an online store with customizable buy buttons and widgets
  • Secure credit card and PayPal payment processing without any changes to your site
  • A quick checkout for your customers to use without having to leave your site
  • An automated order confirmation for your customers
  • Makes building a customer email list easy with Active Campaign, MailChimp and AWeber integrations

Sign up for your free 14-day trial yourself to start selling from your website with Selz.

64. Sell Crochet Products

Crocheting is not as common a skill as it used to be, but there is still a demand for well-crafted crochet products. If you are good at crocheting or are willing to learn, then you can make a profit from this skill.

First, build up an inventory. Get busy crocheting potholders, dollies, centerpieces, washcloths, baby sweater sets, or whatever else you think potential customers would like to buy. Once you have a few items in stock from each category you choose to sell, you can start uploading images to your Selz store and writing descriptions for each unique item.

Be thoughtful about your pricing. You do not want to underprice your items and lose money, but, then again, you don’t want your products to be too expensive for potential customers.

Take into consideration the cost of materials and the time you put into each item, research the cost of similar items online, and determine a price from there.

65. Become an Online Researcher

Businesses are always looking for people to do online research for them. Being an online researcher could mean conducting polls and surveys or just researching a particular topic and passing along your findings. If you enjoy learning about new topics and find statistics and data sets intriguing, this is one of the best side business ideas.

66. Sell Photo-Editing Services

If you have a good eye for working with photos, then consider building your own digital full-service photo editing studio. Photo-editing services partner beautifully with other photography-oriented stores and side business ideas. Companies and individuals may not have the time to edit their own photos, and many don’t even know where to start. This is where you come in, making their lives easier by turning their rough materials into slick, finished products.

Digital editing is one of the best products to sell online if you're a digital whiz or Photoshop aficionado.

If you already sell Lightroom presets or photography, but want to expand your business, then this can be the next step.

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67. Sell Women’s Athletic Wear

This is a huge seller online today. A lot of women want to express their personal style when exercising or going to the gym, or even when running a race or competing in an event.

You can design your own women’s athletic wear. This can be practical and comfortable, with some solid aesthetic value as well. Alternately, consider partnering with a larger brand to sell their products through your online store.

68. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are good side business ideas because they offer multiple possible revenue streams. To make money from a podcast you will need an audience or followers in place, at which point you can partner with outside companies. These companies will advertise on your show, giving them exposure and getting you paid in the process.

With a podcast, you can connect with your followers and potentially get customers to buy a product you are promoting- be it from your own online store, or from the companies that advertise on your program.

69. Sell Paleo Bars

This product has become extremely popular in the fitness world, as well as in the everyday lives of people who often do not have time to sit down for a meal. They need to eat on the run and this bar provides the nutrients they need without processed ingredients.

You can make and sell your own paleo bars, or you can sell your recipes. Potential customers care deeply that they are getting the real thing when buying this product, so include all ingredients and a detailed description of the process you use to make your paleo bars.

70. Sell Designs for Nails/Press on Nails

There is a big market for press-on nail designs. Just trim and trust these designs to hold their place and color for days. A cheaper, simpler alternative to acrylic nails, this can be a creatively rich side business idea.

You can make your own designs and have them put onto the sticker portion. Alternately, you can purchase the press-on nails from a wholesaler and sell them on your online Selz store or blog.

Either option can be profitable, just be sure to include high-quality images of both the designs and the product in use on a nail so your customers can easily get a sense of what they are buying.

71. Sell Baby Gear

When looking into side business ideas in a booming industry like baby gear, keep in mind that you will have some stiff competition. All this really means is that you will need to show your customers exactly why they should choose your product over someone else’s.

An adorable baby shows off cute baby gear in this article about the best products to sell online from Selz, the Ecommerce platform for growing businesses.

You will want to research your ideal shopper and go in with a very clear sense of your target audience. Are you looking at hip, young parents or excited grandparents? Will your products be cute, funny, or simply stylish? Narrow down exactly what you want to sell, then market your online store hard. Getting shares and testimonials from happy customers will be huge.

72. Sell Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)

This is another huge growth market. Essential oils can help with minor ailments like headaches, but they also add a wonderful scent to your home or apartment.

There are thousands of unique online searches for essential oils at any given time. Just about everyone likes this product and wants to reap its easy benefits. You can make your own oils from scratch, or team up with a larger brand to sell their products on your store.

73. Sell Dry Shampoo

This product can be a life-saver on days when you don’t have the time (or desire) to wash or style your hair. Dry shampoo keeps your hair looking fresh and clean while eliminating any odor from the oils your hair produces.

There are so many different kinds of dry shampoo that picking one can get overwhelming. Many consumers enjoy purchasing hair care products from smaller brands who make their inventory at home. Nail down a secret recipe and start selling!

74. Sell Virtual Reality Headsets and Goggles

Virtual reality is a huge field of growth in the tech world, with potential applications in education, medicine, and, of course, entertainment. Everyone wants to explore new worlds, and VR headsets and goggles allow consumers to do exactly that. There are various types of these products available, so it helps to be knowledgeable about the different brands and how they work.

You can purchase these items and sell them at a discounted price in your store. This is still a relatively new niche, which can give you the upper hand in building your customer base.

75. Sell Leggings

This piece of clothing has become a necessity over the past few years, largely because of its versatility. Leggings can be paired with a dress or top for a daytime look, but they are also perfect workout clothing. Creative new designs come out all the time and you can be a part of it.

You can make your own designs and have them printed on the material, or you can partner with a wholesaler to sell your favorite legging designs on your website with buy buttons. Include details on the material and washing instructions in the description of each item. Clearly state your prices, and, of course, include clear images.

76. Sell Kid’s Craft Templates

Crafts are a great way for parents to entertain their children and encourage them to be creative, but it’s not always easy to come up with new projects in the moment. Selling templates of images that children can trace or attempt to draw on their own can be a fun side business and a popular product. You can put together themed template-books, along with guides that teach children how to make various types of crafts.

Coloring books are one of many great Side business ideas and one of the best products to sell online with Selz, the Ecommerce platform for growing business.

Parents love these because they ease the process of coming up with projects and are engaging for their children. Be sure to detail what you include in each template (or package, if you go that route), and include before and after photos of a craft in progress.

77. Sell Grilling Accessories

Many people enjoy cooking outside on the grill and love having up-to-date, modern tools to use while doing it. You can be a one-stop shop for any accessory your customer might need- spatulas, knives, meat thermometers, grill brushes, tongs, etc. You can purchase these items from a wholesaler and sell them on your store. You will need to market your new business, so make sure to connect your Selz store to your social media, at networking events, and anywhere else you have an online presence.

78. Sell Party Planning Services

People often want to have their cake and eat it too- i.e. enjoy their party without the hassle of planning it. You can sell your services for birthdays, holidays, graduations, retirement parties, work parties, concerts, or really any event.

You will need to have style and major organizational skills to pull together a party to the client’s specifications. On your Selz store, you can post different party packages and what they include.

This is one of the side business hustles where word-of-mouth and social media testimonials are vital. Instagram can be a particularly useful platform to use in this business, as you can highlight photos from past events.

79. Sell Spa Products

Who doesn’t want to live every day like they’ve just walked out of a spa? You can make this happen by selling spa products online. This could include scrubs and lotions for softer skin, deep-conditioning treatments for gorgeous hair, or a whole host of other products to leave your customers feeling fresh.

A great way to increase sales is to host an online spa party. This allows potential customers to join in from the comfort of their own homes with no obligation to buy. During this online party, you can set up giveaways and offer free shipping on any purchases made within a specific time frame. This business has the potential to grow rapidly, and also to be a lot of fun!

It’s About More than the Best Products to Sell Online

I know you’re so excited to get started. But the rollercoaster of emotions don’t stop there because you’re also nervous, scared, and overwhelmed all at the same time.

Don’t worry – that’s completely normal. And being a bit nervous will keep you on your toes. Starting a business is a huge step and not everyone has the courage to do what you’re going to do. So take a deep breath and remember that we’ve got your back.

For more practical ideas about the best products to sell online, check out our final installment of 105 Side Business Ideas.

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