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We started this series getting to know the personality of Passive Income. In this addition to the series we will talk more about gaining your customers trust with affiliate marketing.

The mood of your sales, has a lot to do with the mood you put your customers in.

We, society, are bombarded by messages from “advertisers” and “sponsors”. Our eyes, ears, and motivation to buy, have become immune.

People are in a rush. There is no time or money to waste.

When wandering through the web, especially when it’s time to buy something, your customers want to sniff out the B.S. as soon as possible.

You have limited time to gain their click (trust).

When someone comes across your product review, blog, article, or social media post, they are looking for a human aspect they can trust.

affiliate marketing

If you are blatantly selling, or your words seem generic, or repetitive just for SEO-sake, the more likely your customer is likely to pass up your suggested links.

A successful Affiliate Marketer is a mix of computer nerd and modern blogger(think food or fashion).

Still flex those tech muscles and spend your time researching:

  1. Brand name of products or services
  2. Know the variation of product offers/deals/promotion codes
  3. Familiarize yourself with exact word match for most popular variation of the product.

THEN, add the human touch to your work and avoid your customers B.S. sensor from going off. Put your special touch on it by:

  1. Use more images to break up your text on product reviews. Every product or service, has a correlating image. Get creative here, don’t be so literal.
  2. Real product comparisons, include most popular, and the cheapest deals. Sometimes these will be referrals you may not be making a commission from. On another hand, it may introduce you to more affiliate opportunities.
  3. Product or service tutorials. Tell your reader the real deal, write naturally, in first-person. Write up to 2,500 words and you increase your possibilities of keyword variations that come natural to potential customers.

affiliate marketing

Here is the beauty of keeping focus on your niche – you become to go-to resource in that area.

We live in an era where even news can be faked.
Be honest with your readers by offering them well-rounded information.

People on the web are weary – to be a successful Affiliate Marketer – you need to gain their trust. Period.

Their trust equals loyalty. This equals an increase in your customer’s lifetime value. From there you grow your relationship with your customer, and begin to enter other areas of their life.

affiliate marketing

Moust Camara is a perfect example of this successful transition.

His first affiliate website, T-Shirt Magazine, blossomed from his own experience of selling T-shirts and comic books on the web in 2008.

Now, he has established T-Shirt Magazine as the go-to resource when it comes top trends in Indie Casual Fashion.

affiliate marketing
He has gained his reader’s trust, and began to focus on the entrepreneurs in his existing audience. This trust carried from T-shirt Magazine to Theme Fiend, where he helps his customers create and sell their own t-shirt line.

It’s no surprise that Moust is one of Selz most successful affiliate partners.

Don’t grow impatient if your audience is not finding you through your SEO and story. You have to put in the work to gain your customer’s trust.

There will be constant tweaking on your end to understand your customer’s clicks.

As you analyze keywords and new visitor numbers, remember to bring the human aspect back. Embrace the foodie or fashion blogger in you. Make your content more personal, descriptive, and visual. With the growing of these three factors, you are planting the seed for future affiliate links.

Next in this series you are going to make love to your Affiliate Marketing Strategy. It’s time to start thinking Affiliate Marketing spin-off websites that will grow using your existing customer base.

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Sahar Paz

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