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Have you been considering setting up your own WordPress Ecommerce?

We frequently get asked questions about adding Ecommerce to a WordPress site by people who want to monetize their content. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to set up Ecommerce on WordPress. You might be a blogger who’s looking to sell their own Ebooks, or an artist wanting to sell video tutorials on creating stunning 3D digital art.

This post will show you how you can set up Ecommerce on WordPress in a few minutes using Selz. In fact in just four simple steps.

For this post, we’ve made the assumption you’ll already have a WordPress site. If you’re just getting started and need to know how to set up a WordPress site from scratch, read more here.

Why using Selz for WordPress Ecommerce is a good idea

Selz is ideal for WordPress users who want to sell digital products like ebooks or videos, services like coaching or have a small number of physical products.

Selz plays nicely with WordPress:

  • An easy to use free Wordpress Ecommerce plugin is available
  • Quick and simple to set up and use with no coding – you’ll be finished in minutes
  • No SSL and no third party payment processor needed – Selz securely handles the payments for you
  • Works with any WordPress themes – no having to buy a special compatible Ecommerce theme
  • Powerful and simple to use features are built in – discounts, pay what you want, inventory management, analytics
  • You can easily customize your store using a range of free and low priced apps – add a shopping cart, buy with Paypal, tax invoices, and product reviews

You can use the free WordPress Ecommerce plugin, or copy and paste a few lines of code. Both will work and are quick and easy to do.

Easy to use free WordPress Ecommerce plugin

Watch this video if you want to see for yourself how simple it is to set up WordPress Ecommerce using the free plugin.

It’s now time to start turning our WordPress site into an Ecommerce website in just 4 steps.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – Installing Selz WordPress Ecommerce plugin

Login to your WordPress site and go to the Dashboard.

Click on to your Plugins menu button to access the plugins section. Click Add New.

wordpress ecommerceIn the search box type Selz and click Search Plugins. It might take a few seconds to do the search, it will then show the Selz plugin like this

wordpress ecommerce
You can now install or update Selz WordPress plugin. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Step 2 – open your free Selz account

We now need to create our products in Selz.

Creating an item in Selz is really simple and quick. It should only take a couple of minutes. New Selz users are always amazed at how easy it is to do.

Open another tab in your browser and go to Open a free account which takes a few seconds.

wordpress ecommerce

Step 3 – create your products

To create your new product click on Sell an item.

Now choose the type of product that you want to sell. Choose from digital products, physical products or services.

wordpress ecommerce

For this post we’ve chosen to sell a digital item, an Ebook.

You can upload and sell downloads up to a maximum size of 15GB, or stream MP4 videos which is great for selling video tutorials.

Now give your product a name, description, and choose the image or video preview for your product as shown below

wordpress ecommerce

Tips: You’ll notice that as it is a PDF ebook we are given the option of PDF stamping. This stamps the buyers name and Selz icon on the front cover when bought.

There are some more options available as shown below. Click on More options to select them.

wordpress ecommerce

Tip: You can set an original selling price, or you can choose Pay What You Want – this allows you to set a minimum and customers can choose to pay if they want. It’s a strategy that has worked really well for some sellers. You can learn more about Pay What You Want in this post by Tom Morkes.

Note: If selling physical products, you can set the quantity available

Click Next,

With one click you can sell your products on your Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest board. To set this up you first need to connect Selz to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts

wordpress ecommerce

The other tabs show the different options for promoting your product on your WordPress site.

You can choose from a link, a Buy Now button, a widget, and for the more technical WordPress user, you can use JQuery to create your own button.

Choose between using a link, a Buy Now button, or Widget

Share a link

wordpress ecommerce

Buy Now button

wordpress ecommerce

A widget

wordpress ecommerce

Step 4 – adding your product to your site

Having created your product in Selz your now ready to add it to your WordPress site.

Go to the page or post where you want your product to be shown.

You should see a Selz button in your visual editor.

wordpress ecommerce

Click on this and it will show the Selz Shortcode editor.

Click on the display type. You can now choose whether you want to show a Buy Now Button, Widget or embed your online store within your post

wordpress ecommerce

To add a Buy Now button

To add a buy now button Click on the Display Type and choose button

Copy and paste the link from the Share a link tab in your Selz account into the Item link. You then personalize the buy button by completing the other options in the editor.

Recommend: Ticking Add payment logos and How buyers interact as an overlay. The payments logos are reassuring, and the overlay keeps your customers on your site during the checkout process.

wordpress ecommerce

Click Add Shortcode.

The code has now been added to your post.

wordpress ecommerce

And the buy button looks like this on your site

wordpress ecommerce

To add a Widget

To add a widget that includes the product image, description and price Click on Display type and choose widget

wordpress ecommerce

The widget will looks like this when published

wordpress ecommerce

To add an online store

This is a great choice if you want to sell a few products from your WordPress site.

Embedding an online store on your WordPress site is just as easy as adding a buy button..

In Display type choose store

wordpress ecommerce

To get the link for your store, you need to now go to your Selz account.

Now Click on Store as below

wordpress ecommerce

Go to Share Store

wordpress ecommerce

And copy the link.

Go back to WordPress and paste the link into the editor. You’re done.

This is how your online store looks on your WordPress site when published.

wordpress ecommerce

Congratulations. You’re finsihed

In four simple steps you now have a WordPress Ecommerce website with a professional looking streamlined checkout.

The checkout has been optimized to make it easy for you customers to use (which means more sales for you). It also works well on different screen sizes and devices (which means customers can easily purchase using their tablet or smartphone). This is what the checkout will look like

wordpress ecommerce

It’s that easy!!!!

Now you can focus on promoting your products and tracking sales with the built-in analytics and inventory management in your Selz account.

Extend your new online store

You can extend the functionality of your WordPress store with one of the many free or low priced apps available.

Popular apps include adding a shopping cart or giving customers the option of buying using a credit card or PayPal. Other apps are available for custom receipts, sending tax invoices, or showing product reviews using Disqus or Yotpo.

For many WordPress users, one of the most important assets is their email list. Adding customers to your email list couldn’t be simpler if using our free apps for connecting Selz to your MailChimp, AWeber, or Campaign Monitor.

Happy selling!

Do you have a WordPress site and products that you want to sell? What questions do you have about adding Ecommerce to your WordPress site? Let’s discuss them below.

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