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The top-ranked result on Google gets 33% of all clicks, and only 5.7% of all newly published pages will get to Google Top 10 within a year. Clearly, affordable search engine optimization is essential if you’re running a business online.

SEO is also really complicated. If the “black magic” of SEO intimidates you, you’re not alone. But what if there were some simple, cost-effective steps you can take to improve your SEO today? Can you master a little of the SEO magic that it will take to improve your traffic and sales?

The answer is yes. It can seem overwhelming to start optimizing your ecommerce site for SEO. It doesn’t have to be. It’s entirely possible for you to add search engine optimization to your plans and to reach your site traffic and sales goals.

It’s not SEO Magic: 3 Options for Affordable Search Engine Optimization 

1. Start a blog
2. Update your product descriptions
3. Get help from SEO experts

SEO magic = Simple strategy to help customers find your site

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you are already selling online. By keeping things simple and streamlined you can affordably make it easier to find your website and products online.

Before I dig into how to do it, let’s look at some of the building blocks of SEO. These include:

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one SEO strategy. Learning the best keywords for your niche is a great way to both improve traffic and scale your sales. In the same way, adding backlinks through your network can help you tap into a more niche market that will appreciate your products. 

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A man searches on his phone and laptop at the same time, showing how essential affordable search engine optimization is for your online store

Here are 3 simple options for affordable SEO magic with Selz:

1. Start a blog

One of the simplest ways you can improve search for your site is to use the built-in blog that comes with your Selz store.

First, you’ll need to log in to your Selz account. From your dashboard go to Store > Customize. Click on Pages, then check the box to activate your blog.

Now that your blog is active, it’s easy to add a blog post. From your dashboard, go to Store > Blog. Write your blog post and save it. You’ll see all your blog posts sitting under Blog on your Selz store.

This example of a blog on Selz shows  how easy it is to use the blog to drive traffic with affordable search engine optimization tactics.

When you write your blog posts, be sure to add images and links to your products. This will make it easy for the customers reading your blog to see the high quality products you sell. It also makes it simple for them to make a purchase. 

You can also add keywords in the alt text for the images on your blog. This article is helpful if you want to know the best way to write alt text for blog images.

2. Update your product descriptions

Another simple way to add a little SEO magic is to update the product descriptions you’ve added to the platform. With Selz, this is as easy as logging in!

First, make sure all of your products are added into your Selz store by using the Items option in your menu. Next, navigate to the product description you want to update. Here, you will be able to customize your product description with the keywords your audience uses most. 

If you’re not sure what keywords to use, take a look at the way you describe your product. Pick out the most important words you use in your description. 

Check out this product description example:

Product description for a phone holder is a simple example of a product description

It looks like the most important words that describe this product are phone holder, gravity linkage and air vents. Now let’s check out Google trends. 

Phone holder data in Google trends shows that keyword volume is one part of SEO magic
SEEO magic is picking the right keyword, and long tail keywords like cell phone car cup holder is a great example

It looks like car phone holder and charger is getting more searches while phone holder is getting fewer online searches. So, what if you replaced that phrase in the product description with the more popular term? 

It’s a good idea to test this out with a less popular product first, then be sure to use your analytics to monitor how it’s affecting conversions. If your updates improve traffic but decrease sales, that SEO update isn’t helping the way you want it to.

Once you have an idea of what works in your niche, you can make these updates for all of your product descriptions. Easy, right?

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3. Get help from SEO experts

Another effortless way to add some SEO magic is to work with a Selz expert. Selz offers affordable, pay-as-you-go search engine optimization for users who want to improve traffic and sales to their online store.

To set this up, book a free SEO audit. Here you can schedule a 30-minute conversation with an expert. They’ll take a look at how your site is currently performing and share what you can do to optimize SEO for your store.

Once you’ve got an understanding of what options you have, you can select a plan that works for you. Then you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will review your results with you each month!

With some SEO magic, you can send more traffic to the high LTV products in your store. With the right search engine optimization, every dollar you invest can bring up to 6X in returns.

And you don’t need to let go of everything. Maybe you’re just looking for some technical SEO know-how and link building while you create quality content for your blog. Maybe you’re just looking for some help finding the right keywords.

This is a personalized service that works for you. Just a quick conversation and you’re done! An SEO expert will focus on results for your store. Whether you’re tweaking your homepage and or trying to get more buyers to shop within your store this service is a game changer.

The benefits of using Selz Ecommerce SEO

There are many benefits to adding a little SEO magic with Selz. Here are a few of the advantages that will directly affect you as a seller:

  • Selz Ecommerce SEO is quick and easy to understand – you can be improving your site for search in minutes.
  • You can get affordable help and if you don’t see real results you can cancel at any time.
  • You get a professional who can help drive customers to your blog and store to make a purchase.
  • Everything can be taken care of by Selz. 

Selz Ecommerce SEO options include:

  • A dedicated SEO manager
  • Complete site analysis
  • On-Page optimization
  • Content creation for link building
  • High authority blog posts
  • Video creation and distribution
  • Press release writing and distribution

Start improving your SEO today

It’s entirely free to have a quick conversation with Selz, and you can get a better understanding of the magic of SEO in just one call. You can improve your store’s visibility and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to improve your site for search engines. So don’t hesitate, give it a go.

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