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With so many online stores to look out for, it can be difficult for newcomers to carve out their piece of the market. Whether you sell your own products or operate a reseller ecommerce website, SEO is an important factor to consider. Great ecommerce SEO will attract and retain more customers.

Product description writing plays a big role in the success of an ecommerce platform, regardless of your product or niche. Let’s take a look at a simple guide to writing SEO friendly product descriptions for your ecommerce website.

The Ecommerce Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

1. SEO for Ecommerce

2. Benefits of SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

3. How to Write SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

4. Balance Substance with SEO

1. SEO for Ecommerce

Before we talk about how to optimize your product descriptions for SEO, it’s worth noting what SEO stands for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that helps the search engine algorithms that rank links and websites find your content. Factors like keywords, text formatting, and multimedia content play a huge role in whether or not your site will be visible to customers.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner, Hot Essay Service, and SEM Rush help you create keyword-rich content for your product descriptions.

Using these tools regularly will allow you to rank high in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. While SEO can go much deeper, this baseline will help you understand the steps in the next segments.

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2. Benefits of SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

The benefits of implementing SEO into your product descriptions far outweigh any cons you may be fearful of. Your online store is one of many on the market and it is important for you to stand out from the crowd. The improvements that come with SEO friendly product descriptions include but are not limited to:

A person holding a digital device shows the range of products you can sell online with SEO friendly product descriptions

3. How to Write SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

Outline a Target Audience

The first order of business for writing SEO friendly product descriptions is to consider your target audience. Depending on the type of products you sell, you may target different demographics and audience profiles.

For example, millennials will react in a different way than older business professionals. Take the following questions into consideration to pinpoint your perfect customer:

  • What categories of products do you sell?
  • How varied is your selection in each category?
  • Do you sell products which cater to both men and women?
  • Do your products need niche knowledge?
  • Do you work as a reseller or sell original products?
  • Do you ship internationally or focus on select few countries?
  • Do you collaborate with other ecommerce sites?

Short-Form Works Wonders

A great product description should always be short-form to maximize SEO potential. Shorter product descriptions are effective since they allow customers to skim through content. Short descriptions also let your site visitors browse more items in succession.

When your description is less than a paragraph your customer can quickly learn important information about a product. Short-form content will boost your mobile SEO as well. This allows more smartphone and tablet users to use your ecommerce store effectively.

Segment your Descriptions

Once you write your product descriptions, segment them into separate paragraphs. Segments titled “Features”, “Benefits” and “Specifications” are a must for SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Customers love to skim through written content in search of relevant keywords. Make that search easier by outlining each segment of the description for their convenience. This will add to your ecommerce user experience (UX), which can speed up the conversion process.

A plate of delicious cookies and milk shows the importance of great product photos and SEO friendly product descriptions when you are selling food online

Rely on Writing Tools

Small mistakes such as spelling errors or missing letters can seriously dampen your SEO ranking. To avoid errors, always keep several writing tools handy for proofreading and formatting.

Grab My Essay

You might not be savvy in terms of writing sales pitches and product descriptions. Delegate important description writing to reliable copywriters and editors.


Managing a plethora of product descriptions across multiple categories and store pages can be difficult. Cloud-based text editing platforms like Evernote are a great alternative to desktop apps and local file management.

Supreme Dissertations

Once you write your product descriptions, do another SEO check before publishing the content. Sites like this one will help you edit and format product descriptions for higher ranking.

Hemingway App

The flow of your product description writing, and how easy it is to read, will often affect your standing with potential customers. Run your text through Hemingway before you publish. This will ensure that your descriptions are legible and appealing to as many customers as possible.

An antique table full of makeup shows the way that a good product description and photo tells a story for your customer in this article about SEO friendly product descriptions

Create Original Visuals

Visuals should always be a complementary part of your product descriptions. Customers will often base their purchase decisions on your visuals, whether they are images, videos or other forms of content.

It is important for your multimedia content to be completely original. This will add a sense of trust and professionalism to your ecommerce store. Using copyrighted, plagiarized or stock multimedia isn’t your best option when you’re making SEO friendly product descriptions.

Integrate Social Proof

Social proof is a great way to add another layer of legitimacy to your ecommerce store. Content with customer reviews, testimonials, and demonstrations all play an important role in how your customers see your store.

According to Much Needed, 67% of customers stated they would not return to an online store after bad customer experience. 85% of them state that they would also warn others of that particular website going forward.

The more multimedia, data and genuine value your product descriptions contain, the better your SEO ranking will be as a result. You can repurpose user-generated content into product descriptions. This will make your product descriptions more SEO friendly and convert more leads.

A lotion on a beach is included in an article about SEO friendly product descriptions to show the story of the product

4. Balance Substance with SEO

You should never rely on SEO too heavily in your product description writing. Original content should always come before SEO optimization, not the other way around. Focus on creating informative and professional product descriptions with real value and substance.

Relying on SEO too much can lead to practices that are bad for your ranking. Balance your best writing with what SEO has to offer and the right audience will always find their way to your ecommerce store.

Summary: SEO Friendly Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Use the same optimization system for all your pages and product descriptions. Put a universal system in place that will allow search engines to scan your site quickly and easily for better ranking. Update your keywords and formatting based on market trends.

Follow these tips as your business grows and you will undoubtedly keep your spot on the global ecommerce market.

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