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If you’re selling products through Facebook or Instagram, you already know you only have a few seconds to make an impression on your buyers if they click through to your website. It’s difficult enough to get those initial clicks, so don’t lose potential buyers by sending them to a confusing website without a clear Call To Action (CTA). If you want your potential customers to not get lost, read more about why you should use a single page website.

The best format to send your Facebook and Instagram followers to is a simple, concise single-page website with a specific CTA that focuses on one goal: making the sale.

Here’s why:

Instagram only gives you one shot
Instagram is tricky in that it only gives you one opportunity to place a link, and that is the link you put in your bio. You can’t link on individual photo posts to let your followers click through. Their only option is to click to your bio and go to your website from there.

Because you only have this one shot, you need to make sure your link is leading to a relevant website that has a clear goal: to sell your products. This is when a single page website comes in handy. Your followers will most likely be on their phone, so a mobile-optimized site is the most important feature here. They will not want to click around your site to get to the meat of your sale – they want it right there in front of them on the first click.

You may be wondering “If I am only sending them to a single page website, are my potential buyers missing out on important information I may have to give?” No need to fret. When done correctly, a single page website will thoroughly give your followers the information they need to make a decision to purchase your product. Don’t make them fish around through pages of information to make that call, or you’ll lose them. You can follow our one-page format suggestions to get an idea of the content that converts.

Facebook followers are fickle
We hate to admit it, but Facebook followers are fickle. They’re being fed ads on their newsfeed all day. It’s no wonder they want to spend as little time as possible reading advertisements.

If you do get that all-so-important click through from a follower, then you better be prepared to go all out to make the sale. This means not only providing relevant information that fits your original Facebook post but also engaging the user visually and mentally. If your post is about a specific ebook that you’re selling, then make sure that the website they click through to is all about that specific ebook. Again, don’t make your user search for the relevant content, give it to them straight up.

Calls to action are the bread and butter of digital sales
We love the CTA. These tiny buttons couldn’t be more powerful. They can make or break your site. If you only have one, at the bottom of your page, it could mean losing out on a sale. If you have too many, you’ll just annoy and overwhelm your customer.

If you use a single page website, you can sprinkle relevant CTAs throughout the page, all requesting the same action: Buy. When you are leading traffic to this site, there’s absolutely no doubt in the customer’s mind what the next step is: They’re going to buy.

Make sure you’re making the right impression on your followers in the small amount of time you have to sell to them. Once you have hooked them with an attention-grabbing post, it’s time to make sure you keep that attention. Giving your fans a clear one-page website will increase conversions, meaning more sales for you!

As always, happy selling!

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Molly Corless

Molly has been marketing for small startups for over 5 years. From marketing automation to Facebook ads to copywriting, Molly has figured out the key to growing a business from the ground up. She lives in rainy Portland, Oregon with her dog named Hamms.


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    This is great info! Thank you.

    Could you tell me where to find the one-page formatting suggestions for content that converts that you mentioned at the bottom of the Instagram section? Thanks again!

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