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Choosing the right technology to fuel your growth is essential to the success of your small business. So this week, we are comparing Selz vs. WooCommerce to help you choose which ecommerce platform is best for you.

Choose correctly and managing ecommerce technology is fast and simple. Choose wrong and you’re constantly stressed out trying to use a system that is either too little or too much for your business.

In this comparison, we’ll take a look at two very different ecommerce solutions, Selz and WooCommerce, to see which one would work best for your small business.

Selz vs. WooCommerce: Two Different Approaches to Ecommerce

Comparing Selz vs. WooCommerce is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Sure, they’re both fruits. But that’s where the comparison ends.

They are two entirely different approaches to an ecommerce platform and it’s essential to understand the key differences when deciding on a provider.

About Selz, the Ecommerce Platform for Growing Businesses

An image of the Selz home page for this article comparing Selz to other ecommerce platforms

Selz offers a powerful selling solution for online stores, blogs, existing websites and social channels. You can sell digital products (eBooks, videos, online courses, apps, etc.), services (like coaching) and physical products using Selz technology.

Merchant Maverick calls Selz the “magic wand of online sales platforms”.

Selz can be used on multiple website platforms, including WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and many more. You can set up a Facebook store and use the Selz platform to create a free store.

Overall, Selz is dedicated to creating an ecommerce solution that saves time for small businesses.

About WooCommerce and WordPress

Woocommerce home page for an article comparing selz vs. woocommerce from Selz ecomerce for business growth

Unlike Selz, WooCommerce was built to be an ecommerce plugin for WordPress only. In its quest to be the “ultimate WordPress toolkit provider” it also has themes, plugins, and extensions all designed specifically for WordPress.

Like Selz, you can sell digital and physical products, plus services. Unlike Selz, it only works on WordPress. WooCommerce now powers over 30% of all online stores using WordPress, making it one of the most popular ecommerce solutions available.

Overall, WooCommerce can be an outstanding choice if you’re using WordPress as everything is designed to work exclusively on that platform.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t use WordPress for your website Selz is the obvious choice. WooCommerce doesn’t offer a free, hosted online store option.

With Selz, you can create your own online store, add buy buttons to your existing website, or sell on your social pages. And yes, Selz does have a WordPress plugin, too. So even if you are using WordPress, you’re not limited to only using WooCommerce!

So, if you have a WordPress website or blog, you need more information to see whether Selz or WooCommerce would be a better ecommerce choice.

Next, we’ll compare plans and features, which should help you make a smarter decision for your business.

WooCommerce Extensions vs. Selz Basic Plan

Selz pricing is a set monthly fee (or a reduced annual fee) for each plan.

Selz pricing for details about Selz the ecommerce platform for growing business

WooCommerce is free and doesn’t have any monthly fee. Instead, you pay for extensions. Think of WooCommerce as a buffet where you pick and choose what extensions you want, while Selz offers the majority of features within their plans.

Selz pricing vs. WooCommerce

Here’s where we can see some major differences when we compare Selz vs.WooCommerce. In addition to the time and resources it takes to research each extension, these extensions come with added costs. These are just a few extensions that any ecommerce store needs and how much it would cost per year:

  • Hosting: $3.95 – $5,000 per month
  • Domain: $120 per year
  • Themes: $20 – $100 per year
  • SEO: $49 per year
  • Site security: $100 and up per year
  • Abandoned Cart: $29 and up per month

It could cost anywhere from $660 to thousands of dollars a year for these extensions alone.

These are the basic features that come with any Selz plan:

  • Staff accounts
  • Google Shopping
  • Unlimited storage, bandwidth & customers
  • Buy buttons and widgets
  • Fully customizable online store
  • Advanced analytics
  • Customer management
  • Facebook store
  • Discounts codes
  • Secure digital file delivery
  • Global tax settings
  • Real-time fraud protection
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited products
  • Themes
  • Pages & Blog
  • Apps & Integrations
  • Custom Domain
  • PayPal
  • Shopping Cart
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Abandoned Cart

For $29 per month or $312 annually, Selz Basic Plan customers have access to all of the valuable features above. It’s basically whether or not you want to pay for each extra extension or pay for a plan that has everything you need and not worry about it.

Read more: Advanced Ecommerce Features: Choose the Right Selz Plan for You

Selz vs. WooCommerce: The Digital Differences

If you’re selling digital downloads, you want an ecommerce solution that reliable, affordable, and easy to use.

First up, Kyle from Command Creativity explains why he uses Selz to sell digital downloads.

Although not quite an exact comparison, here’s a little about the process WooCommerce uses to sell digital downloads.

Abandoned cart recovery

Over 27% of online shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart because it was too long or had a complicated checkout process.

Selz has abandoned cart recovery built into the platform.

Selz abandoned cart recovery is one important feature to consider when comparing selz vs woocommerce

On the other hand, WooCommerce’s free plan offers a PayPal Digital Goods extension for $79 (single site, per year). Here’s what this looks like in action:

Paypal checkout screen for selz vs. woocommerce

Easy Digital Sales Process

The process of setting up your online store should be simple. It shouldn’t be frustrating or complicated. However, some ecommerce solutions are geared more towards tech-savvy businesses and some are designed to be used by anyone, regardless of skill level.

Selz’s entire platform supports selling digital downloads and has an extremely user-friendly dashboard. This video will show you how simple it is to use Selz.

Conversely, WooCommerce is a bit more complicated. As it’s a WordPress plugin, it’s designed for users who already comfortable using WordPress.

The process of uploading and setting up a digital item isn’t as easy as it is with Selz, but it isn’t overly complicated if you’re familiar with uploading files to a hosting service. WooCommerce does give a step-by-step guide on how to do this: Digital/Downloadable Product Handling.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to digital downloads, Selz is a simple and powerful ecommerce solution. It doesn’t need any additional extensions or features to sell downloads of any kind.

When it comes to comparing Selz vs. WooCommerce for digital downloads, Selz is the clear winner.

Selz vs. WooCommerce: Selling Physical Products

So what if you’re not selling digital products? If you’re selling physical products, you’ll need an entirely different feature set. Selling physical products also means more risk and investment upfront.

That’s why it’s essential to have a multichannel strategy for selling online. You can learn more about the Selz options that are built into the platform in these articles:

Create and customize embeddable buttons and widgets
Fully customizable online store
Facebook store
Google Shopping

When you’re using WooCommerce, you have to choose which features you need and pay for them, which totals up very quickly.

Shipping Rates

Selz offers real-time shipping rates from almost every single major shipping provider. UPS, FedEx, USPS, even Deutsche and Aussie Post. You can hook up your Selz account to get the unique rates for your online store, or you can use the standard rates if you don’t have your own account.

Sure, WooCommerce offers real-time shipping rates, for an additional $79 a year, for each shipping provider.

Product Management

If you’re selling physical products, you probably have a great mind for details. Between managing shipping, inventory, variants, and sizes, there’s a lot going on.

With Selz, you can add variants to your products (like small t-shirts in red vs. large tank tops in blue) and different pricing and images based on the variants. You also have SKUs and built-in inventory management. You simply put in the total, and your store won’t sell something that isn’t available. It’s all pretty straightforward.

WooCommerce has some really sweet features when it comes to physical product management. They have extensions that let you bulk manage stock levels and even print out inventory. But again, this is an additional paid feature for $49 a year.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to managing and shipping digital products, Selz and WooCommerce have pretty similar options. The major difference, however, is the research required and the cost of these services. Selz plans include these essential features for simple and cost-effective small businesses.

With WooCommerce, it’s easy to spend $49 here, and $79 there, until you’ve suddenly spent over $300 just to get your store set up.

A businessman using his tablet to present information and the value of digital for your small business Expand your product offer and sell digital downloads with Selz

Selz vs. WooCommerce: Making The Right Choice for Your Business

Selz and WooCommerce are two entirely different types of ecommerce solutions. Here’s a quick rundown of who comes out on top depending on your small business needs:

You don’t have an existing website

Selz offers a fully customizable online store

You have an existing non-WordPress website

WooCommerce is made for WordPress. Selz lets you create and customize embeddable buttons and widgets for any site.

You have a WordPress website or blog

It depends. Selz is the less expensive and time-saving choice if you want features that help grow your business.

WooCommerce may be your best fit if you just need the most basic ecommerce features.

Check out what features are important for your business and choose the option that’s right for you, as both Selz and WooCommerce are good choices for any WordPress site.

You sell digital downloads

Selz is an incredible platform for selling digital downloads and has advanced options to keep your files secure. WooCommerce does work for digital downloads, it just doesn’t compare to the Selz ecommerce platform.

It’s challenging to choose an ecommerce solution when there are so many great choices available. But if you focus on your unique business needs, you will easily find the right technology, at the right price, to grow your business.

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