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You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an eCommerce solution. And with new platforms, innovative features and apps to consider, deciding on the right one for your business can be overwhelming. To help with this decision, we are comparing Selz vs. BigCommerce.

Here’s the bottom line:

You need an eCommerce solution that increases sales at an affordable price.

That’s an incredibly simplistic view of complex business technology. Yet, the only thing that really matters is finding the technology that helps you make more money. That means finding an eCommerce solution that helps you recapture any customer that abandoned their cart, offers discount and sale options and helps you find new ways to connect with customers.

And the only way to increase your overall profit is to keep your eCommerce technology affordable. To figure out the best option for your business, we’ll compare two popular eCommerce solutions: Selz and BigCommerce.

selz vs. bigcommerce

Selz vs. BigCommerce: The Basics

What is Selz?

Selz offers a simple selling solution for online stores, blogs, existing websites and social channels. You don’t need any special skills to use Selz, and everything is managed through an easy to use dashboard. Selz gives you a one-stop eCommerce option that works for any sized business.

Musician Sunny Choi calls Selz an “Incredibly simple platform that contains everything you need to sell any product in minutes…”

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform for online and offline businesses. It offers a comprehensive eCommerce solution, and has partnered with Square to offer a mobile point-of-sale (POS) options. BigCommerce gives businesses who operate both online and offline a seamless process to handle all eCommerce activity.

Kirsten Dickerson, from Raven + Lily, wanted someone that “could grow with us and BigCommerce had that to offer and that it is was also user-friendly”

Selz vs. BigCommerce: How Much Do They Cost?

When determining any new technology services for your business, the number one questions is always:

How much is this going to cost my business?

It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles the technology has, you never want to pay for more innovations (even if they are super cool) if you don’t need them. If the tech takes away from your overall profits, it’s not the right solution for you.

When comparing Selz vs. BigCommerce based on pricing and plans, both Selz and BigCommerce have multiple plans. Here’s a quick comparison:

selz vs. bigcommerce
On the surface, Selz is clearly the more affordable option. But to truly understand the comparison, we have to analyze what options come with each service. Here’s a side-by-side basic comparison of Selz’s Pro plan versus BigCommerce’s Plus plan.

Note: I’m comparing these two since they both have a 0% transaction fee, which would obviously impact your overall profit margin.

selz vs. bigcommerce
There are two main difference between Selz’s Pro plan and BigCommerce’s Plus Plan. First, Selz has a much lower monthly price, while still charging 0% transaction fees. Secondly, Selz doesn’t offer POS services and BigCommerce does.

If you have an online and offline store, BigCommerce is the better choice. If you only have an online eStore, Selz is more affordable and still offers the same important features.

Selz vs. BigCommerce: What Basic Features Do I Need to Succeed?

Again, it all comes down to having the right features that will help your business grow and succeed. For example, everyone knows that all eStores need to be mobile responsive. And all the major eCommerce solutions have been responsive for years. But what are the features that Selz and BigCommerce have that could help your business grow?

To understand exactly what your eStore needs, it’s important to understand something called abandoned cart rates. This is the percentage of people who are interested in buying your product/service, and they add the item to your shopping cart. But they ultimately leave your site without completing the sale.

In fact, almost 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned! Here’re the biggest reasons:

  • 61% left because they were surprised by an extra fee (shipping, taxes, etc.)
  • 35% left because the retailer wanted them to create an account
  • 27% left because the checkout process was too long or complicated

With these statistics in mind, let’s look at how Selz and BigCommerce handles these issues.

Avoiding Unexpected Fees

Since the number one reason customers abandon shopping carts is due to unexpected fees, it’s important to explain everything upfront so there are no surprises at the last minute.

Selz’s Pro plan offers Real Time Shipping. During checkout customers simply select the service that they would like with the selected shipping rate added to the order total. BigCommerce also a has Real Time Shipping feature that offers the same service that helps convert more shoppers into buyers.

Forcing Customers to Create an Account

Consumers are smart. They know if they sign up for an account, that you’ll send them emails and promotions. Sometimes they don’t mind, and sometimes they do. Both Selz and BigCommerce offer Guest Checkouts where customers do not have to sign up for accounts.

However, some retailers want the option of building their email lists during the checkout process. Both Selz and BigCommerce offer email list building options, however it’s optional and customizable and completely up to each seller.

Complicated Checkout Process

With Amazon’s One-Click option as an example of the ultimate in convenience shopping, eCommerce solutions are now streamlining their process.

Selz has a Buy It Now button that offers customers a complete checkout one one page. They don’t have to sign up during the checkout process, and everything can be completed without leaving the site.

Here’s an example from Tara Gentile, who uses Selz to sell a wide range of digital products:

selz vs. bigcommerce
After clicking Buy It Now, customers are shown a very simple and fast checkout process.

selz vs. bigcommerce
On the other hand, BigCommerce’s version of Buy It Now is currently in Beta. However, their regular checkout process isn’t overly complicated and offers customers a variety of payment options as seen in this example by Raven + Lily.

selz vs. bigcommerce
Each business is unique and has specific needs. So when deciding what features your business eCommerce solution should have, never pay for more than you need.

What Innovations Will Help Me Increase Profits?

When deciding on an eCommerce solution, go with the provider that best matches your current business model and goals. Here’re a few innovations that are leading the way to increase profitability.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

The idea that 70% of customers may leave your shopping cart without ever buying anything can seem overwhelming. However, all is not lost – yet!

Abandoned Cart Recovery can still save an estimated 63% yof those sales because three out of four consumers plan on returning at some point to buy something. This strategy generally includes sending a gentle reminder email and possibly offering a time-sensitive coupon, discount or other incentive.

Selz has an Abandoned Cart App with the following features:

  • Recover lost sales and generate more revenue
  • Automatically contact customers to complete their purchase
  • Fully customizable email templates
  • Include a discount code to entice buyers to come back

selz vs. bigcommerce
Similarly, BigCommerce also offers an Abandoned Cart Recovery option where sellers can:

  • Customize abandoned cart emails
  • Add a coupon code to help increase conversion
  • Change the timing or amount of emails
  • Customize subject lines

selz vs. bigcommerce

Finding New Sales Opportunities

One key area to consider when choosing an eCommerce provider is to see what kinds of new and innovative opportunities they offer to make more sales.

YouTube has over a billion users and reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the US! Selz offers sellers the opportunity to embed sales options directly into videos. It’s a simple process and you don’t need any special skills to sell directly from your YouTube channel.

Conversely, BigCommerce offers sellers the opportunity to sell from social media sites like Pinterest. Since Pinterest is one of the top social media channels, this is a great way to increase sales through a Buyable Pin.

selz vs. bigcommerce

Selz vs. BigCommerce The Bottom Line: Which One Will Help My Business Increase Sales?

The choice between Selz and BigCommerce is very straightforward. And it’s not as easy as saying:

“And the winner is…”

BigCommerce is the clear winner if you have both an online and offline eStore and want a seamless eCommerce solution. Selz doesn’t offer an online integrated solution for both online and offline sales. BigCommerce also wins if you have a very large business and need a customized eCommerce solution (pricing varies and is tailored to your business).

However, Selz is the clear winner if you have an online eStore and need a simple and affordable eCommerce solution. Not only is Selz more affordable ($636 or more in savings per year), it offers the same features that can help you increase sales. Their Buy It Now button is superior to BigCommerce’s beta version (although that may change in the future).

Overall when you compare Selz vs. Bigcommerce, for most small online businesses, Selz’s plans are more affordable and offer the same (or better) services that will help your business grow.

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