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Welcome back to the Selz FAQ series! We get a lot of questions day-to-day about using Selz to its maximum capacity, so we’re collecting some of the most common ones here. 

This week we’re going to focus on what you can do with your Selz account, upselling, Selz dropshipping, and integrating with print-on-demand companies.  

Can I create more than one Selz store or more than one website with my Selz Account?

With your Selz account, you get one online store and one site to build that store. 

If you have different products or niches that you want to target with multiple sites, there are many ways to optimize your Selz account. 

For instance, you can use our embedding tools – buttons, widgets, even embed entire categories, to add your product listings to different websites. Another option – add a Facebook store to a new Facebook page. These options give you multiple channels for selling your products online.

An image of the selz dashboard for an article comparing selz

Is there a way to do a Selz upsell before a purchase is made and not post purchase?

Feature-wise, there’s not a specific tool for pre-purchase upsells. That said, there are a lot of ways to approach upselling in your online store. 

Free or reduced shipping can be a valuable tool for upselling physical products. You can offer a shipping discount on select higher-priced items, or set the threshold for discounted shipping slightly higher than the cost of most items.

For example, if the majority of items in your store cost $15, offering discounted shipping to customers that spend over $20 can move shoppers toward buying multiple (or more expensive) products. 

In the same vein, you can offer discounts if customers spend over a specific price threshold- i.e. 10% off for customers that spend over $50. Not sure how to get the best returns on your discount? Check out our guide to using discounts for maximum impact.

Finally, bundling products can be a powerful way to encourage customers to buy more. Simply create a new product in your online store for Selz upsells that include multiple items at a discounted cost.

For more on upselling and cross-selling with Selz, check out this article.

I am looking to add a t-shirt print on demand store. Does Selz integrate with any companies that do that?

As of right now, there is no Selz print-on-demand integration. We’re working on this and hope to have an integration along these lines soon!

Can I start a Selz dropshipping store?

Yes! You can connect Selz to AliExpress to drop ship products. The process is fairly manual, though you can automate some elements via Zapier. We’ve put together a guide to Selz dropshipping with AliExpress here.

If you already work with a set of suppliers, you can connect with them directly. Essentially, you’ll list their products on your store, pass orders along as they come through, and track inventory together. 

We’d love to know what other questions you have about using Selz and optimizing your digital business! Connect with us in the comments and we’ll try to include yours in a future FAQ.

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  1. Jana Rumberger

    We’re glad that we can help Nancy! In response to your question, yes, Selz offers staff accounts with all of our plans. You can read more about our plans here, and details on adding a staff member to your shop here.

  2. Nancy

    Thank you for such a detailed answer! I am also wondering, is it possible to add a staff member to my shop?

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