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There are a lot of common questions that our users have when they get started with Selz, and we thought it would be helpful to dig into them in detail here on the Selz blog. I hope that by exploring them, we can give you insight into how to increase your sales, use the platform in new ways, and continue to grow your business.

Today, I’ll be addressing one of the most common questions we receive from Selz users.

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Question: What do I need to get started?

Chances are that you know that you don’t need a credit card to start your free Selz trial.

It’s easy to sign up and get free access to all the features we provide for two whole weeks. That’s plenty of time to get a feel for the platform, build your online store, and even start making sales.

However, two weeks isn’t that much time in the life of an extraordinarily busy person. That’s why I recommend the following to get the most out of your trial:

1. Carve Out Some Quality Time

I’m a multitasker by habit, so I understand what it’s like to jump into several new endeavors at the same time. However, as rewarding as a packed schedule can be, it’s important to give yourself enough time to really get into the platform.

While you can create a stylish online store relatively quickly using Selz, launching a new Ecommerce business is a much bigger undertaking.

Don’t start your new workout regimen this week, or sign up for the trial if you have a massive project to undertake at your day job. Allow yourself the necessary time and energy to focus on building exactly what you want with this toolset.

Give yourself an hour a day to work on your store, if you can.

Honestly, it will not take that much time. However, the process of building an online store raises so many questions and issues that you’ll want time to reflect. Take a look at other articles on the Selz blog.

Give yourself time to dig into research and follow your curiosity. This will not only help you build the best online store possible but it will strengthen your business as a whole.

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2. Prepare to Build Your Site

Gather Your Materials

There are plenty of materials you can compose before your trial begins to save yourself time. If you’re a motivated entrepreneur, you can quickly whip up copy, snap some product photos, and throw together your product listings in no time. However, that time crunch might not produce your best work, and it’s likely to be incredibly stressful.

Have these elements ready to go before you start building, and your trial will be a breeze:

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Explore the Professional Selz Themes

We offer a range of state-of-the-art Selz themes to help your store look its very best right from the beginning. Take a look at the available options before starting your trial, and test drive a couple once you get going.
Not sure where to start? We recently wrote about the different themes and how each can be optimized for the unique needs of your business. Learn more here.

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3. Get Help When You Need It

One thing that sets Selz apart from other platforms is our exceptional customer service. We’re not just there when things go wrong, we’re here to make things go right, 24 hours a day.

Your Customer Success Manager

During your trial, a customer success manager will reach out to you to help you use the platform, troubleshoot setup issues, and more. Take advantage of this invaluable resource, even if you haven’t run into any issues. We are here for you.

Email From Selz

After you sign up you’ll also receive a series of emails that will guide you through different aspects of building your store. You don’t need to follow along with them if you don’t want to, but they provide a truly manageable, helpful structure for developing your online store and business.

Help Center

Our Help Center is packed with useful information for any questions you might have.

You can always reach out to [email protected] to receive expert guidance from our wonderful customer support crew as well.

We put all of these resources in place to ensure that you can make the most not just of your trial, but of your Selz experience over the long haul. Your success is our success, and we want to help your business flourish.

There you have it! You can get started today, or plan ahead to give yourself extra time to make the most of your trial. We’re here to help you grow your business, and hope you have an amazing Selz experience!

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Tara Storozynsky

Tara lives in Portland, Oregon. She writes about the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship, after a decade of working in the food, tech, and wellness industries. Her work has been featured by American Artists Watercolor Magazine,, and others. Aside from writing content and copy, Tara is also a social media strategist.

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