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Selz is a great alternative to PayPal for artists, software creators, or writers like you, who want to sell online direct to your fans. Selz’s mission is to make it simple for you and your growing business to sell what you create and get paid. Using Selz requires no programming skills. It handles all aspects of selling and getting paid and it takes only moments to set-up.

We’ve created the following comparison between Selz and PayPal’s buy now buttons in response to many requests. We’ve heard from people asking us about the differences between them, and from people looking for an alternative to PayPal.

Signing up


To add a PayPal buy now button to your website and start selling you will need a Premier or Business Account. A Premier PayPal account is for individuals who want to sell online. A PayPal Business account is for businesses selling including sole traders.

For a Premier account, you will need to provide the following information: Login and Password, DOB, Phone, Address, plus you will need to link your PayPal account to either a bank account or credit card. The credit card cannot already be linked to an existing PayPal account.


Selz is quicker to get started as you can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or a Google account. You can also sign up with just your name, email and a password.

Selz Sign Up


Both are easy and don’t require a merchant account. Selz is a more convenient PayPal alternative, as you have the option of using existing social logins like Facebook, Twitter or Google to sign up. Good if you don’t want yet another login to remember.

Adding a buy button to your blog or website

Step 1 set up


Setting up the PayPal buy button is fairly straightforward.

You can choose the type of button depending on whether you are selling, taking donations or subscriptions.

You can have either a large or small yellow PayPal Button.

Create a PayPal payment button

You are also able to set up product variations (e.g. colors or sizes), basic inventory management, and set a flat postage fee.


Set up is easy. First, choose between Physical Item or Digital Item depending on what you plan to sell.

Selling Digital Downloads like ebooks, audio tracks, or videos is very easy with Selz as it provides automated secure delivery to the customer.

Selz is a great alternative to PayPal Checkout because it automatically handles the delivery and payments for you. Many people using PayPal integrate it with another tool to handle the automated secure delivery of the download and only use PayPal to handle the online payments.

Selz Selling Physical or Digital Downloads

Set up if selling digital downloads

Upload an image for the digital download, upload the file (the files can be up to 4GB in size), set the price, quantity available. And you’re done.

Add Digital Download Selz

Set up if selling a physical item

This part of the process is straightforward. You upload an image of the product, set the price, the quantity, any color variations, and delivery charges.


If wanting to sell digital downloads, Selz handles the payments and the automated delivery. PayPal only handles the payment. You would need to integrate another tool to manage the digital downloads which can be time-consuming and a hassle.

Step 2 adding a button to your blog or website


Adding your PayPal Buy Now Button is easy. You simply copy and paste the few lines code into a blog or website.

The result looks like this:

PayPal Buy Button


Selz gives you two options: a button which you can customize the color to match your site or a widget which shows the product details.

The Selz Buy Button is an ideal PayPal alternative because it allows you to align your buy button with your company’s look and feel. It is easy to copy and paste the code into a blog or website.

Selz Buy Button

Selling online Example Kids Healthy Recipes selz buy button5x4v1

Selz Buy Widget

Selz Widget

Sharing with Social networks

Selz makes it easier to sell via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest using its integrated sharing or free Facebook store app that is easy to add to a Facebook Page.


Both PayPal and Selz Buy Buttons are easy with a simple cut and paste of code into your blog or website. Selz is a great alternative to PayPal because it offers the added benefits of giving the choice of a widget and social integration.

Comparing customer buying experience

One of the main differences between Selz and PayPal is the user experience for your customer.


Your customer will have to completely leave your site to complete their purchase. PayPal redirects your customers to PayPal’s website to submit their payment details. Once the purchase is complete, PayPal will ask them if they want to return to your site.

You don’t want your customer redirected away from your site given the amount of effort you have invested in getting that customer to your site in the first place.

The result is checkout confusion. PayPal will encourage your customer to log in and pay using PayPal or choose to pay with a credit card and to complete a very long form.

This is a true story and an example of my checkout confusion that happened to me recently.

I tried to purchase something from a website via a PayPal Buy Now button with a credit card. I completed the personal details and credit card information which took a few minutes. Then PayPal told me that the credit card was already linked to an existing PayPal account and I’d have to purchase using PayPal. Ten minutes later, having tried several times to remember my login details and going through the process of resetting my password, I finally managed to purchase what I wanted. A lot of people wouldn’t bother and would have given up.

It is not a good experience for your buyer and is a major criticism of the PayPal buy button. You can hear more stories about customer experiences with PayPal here and here.

Pay with a debit or credit card paypal25x4v1


Purchasing with Selz is quick for your customers.

It is especially good for digital downloads. The buyer only needs to provide name, email, and credit card details to purchase. Once the payment is complete the customer downloads the file. An additional benefit for a buyer of digital files using Selz is that they can directly download into a dropbox.

Buying a physical product is just as easy. The only additional information needed is the buyer’s delivery address.

The major benefit of using Selz as an alternative to PayPal or other payment buttons is that the customer is not sent away from your site to complete the purchase. Using many third-party payment solutions, it’s like you’re buying a soda at the movies and they send you next door to pay.

Selz Purchase on site


Selz has the major advantage of the customer staying on your site to purchase, an alternative to PayPal, who redirects them to the PayPal site to complete the transaction.

The benefits of the customer not leaving your site to purchase include less friction for your customer, lower cart abandonment rates, and simpler sales.


Both Selz and PayPal buttons are easy and quick to set up. Neither one requires a merchant account before you can start selling online.

However, as a PayPal alternative Selz has a couple of advantages over using the PayPal buy button, which are:

• Selz has the option of signing up with social logins using Facebook, Twitter or Google.

• Selz offers a buy now button (you can pick the color to match your site) or a widget showing an image of the product.

• Selz has built-in social integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Selz also offers a free Facebook Store app, making selling and buying via social networks easy.

• Automated digital download delivery with Selz. PayPal only handles the payment.

• The major benefit of Selz as an alternative to PayPal is for your customer. This feature means that they don’t have to leave your site to complete the purchase, which avoids a lot of checkout confusion.

This post was originally published in August 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Geoff Austin

I talk and write a lot. Some of it about eCommerce, selling online, startups, SEO, digital marketing. Chauffeur to twin daughters and a pizza chef master.


  1. Dan Phillips

    Do you offer the ability to key in credit card details via a smart phone? These would be orders received via phone or mail.

    1. Selz

      Melissa Whidjaya

      Hi Dan,

      Our site is optimized for mobile so it’s easy for the buyer type in the credit card details via their phone.

      1. Dan Phillips

        Hi Melissa,

        Does this also mean that the seller can type in the buyer’s credit card details on their (the seller’s) smart phone when the buyer has supplied cc details?

  2. Earle

    Its hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what youre talking about! Thanks

    1. Selz

      Bryce Patterson

      Glad to hear you enjoyed this blog! Thanks for checking us out!

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