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Ecommerce changed the way we sell and buy physical products, but it also created the market and demand for digital products. Selz is committed to providing our digital product merchants with the tools they need to succeed and scale their businesses. Selz has been supporting digital businesses since the beginning, with security and delivery options that anticipate our customer needs.

If you’re thinking about selling digital products, you’ll want to choose the ecommerce platform best suited for the job. Selz offers our merchants simple but powerful tools that enable them to reach customers, deliver above and beyond, and protect their valuable digital products from corruption.

Ready? Let’s get digital. 

What are digital products?

A digital product can be many different things. In fact, we define it as a pre-made product that is ready to be sold online. A digital product does not need to be physically delivered to a customer and it doesn’t require any further customization or serious intellectual effort on the part of the merchant.

This definition will also help you understand a little more about how Selz differentiates between physical products, services, and digital products.

In other words:

  • An ebook is a digital product. A paperback book is a physical product.
  • An MP3 is a digital product. An LP is a physical product.
  • A prerecorded instructional video is a digital product. An upcoming live online class is a service.
  • A downloadable design template is a digital product. A design consultation is a service.
  • A workout plan PDF is a digital product. A custom workout plan is a service. Workout gear is a physical product.

That should help clear things up! Low maintenance fulfillment enables you to focus on everything else that goes into running a business.

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Which digital products can I sell on Selz?

Selling digital products allows for a tremendous amount of creativity and flexibility.

If you’re a developer, you can sell apps, plugins, and other types of software.

If you’re a designer, you can sell design templates and themes.

Health coach? Go ahead and upload fitness and workout plans.

Writers and experts can sell ebooks through the platform.

Because digital products require no physical fulfillment, they’re a great choice for growing businesses looking to connect with their niche. That’s why so many small businesses choose to offer ebooks, pre-recorded educational videos and more. These products require no restocking or trips to the post office, so they are the perfect, low maintenance solution to increasing revenue.

They’re also a perfect complement to physical products and services. In fact, adding digital products to your product selection can help you grow your business.

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What delivery options are available?

The beauty of selling digital products is having a simple but powerful delivery system in place. Not only does Selz offer effective delivery options, we offer multiple ways for customers to receive and enjoy your digital products.


You can email customers directly with links and attachments to download their purchases. For some products, such as ebooks, we recommend offering multiple file types. That way, your customer can choose the right fit for their specific ereading device.


For some products, streaming might be a better delivery option that downloading. Streaming is ideal for video workout plans, podcasts, and more!


For most digital products, it’s deliver and done. But for merchants selling software products, chances are that you’ll want to continually improve your products. It’s easy to send updated product downloads to customers with Selz. Our intuitive management system enables you to reach out with your updated and improved app, plugin, or program.

How does Selz help me sell my digital products?

When you create a product in your Selz store, you can click the SEO tab to enter the necessary information and get more organic search attention directed to your products.

Selz also integrates with social media and independent websites and blogs. You can use buttons, widgets and embeds to share your digital products across the web and sell from virtually anywhere!

How does Selz keep my digital products secure?

While it is easier not to stash your products under lock and key, it can also be less secure. Unlike physical products, digital files are easy to reproduce. This means that anyone has the potential to share or even sell your intellectual property. That’s a small business’s worst nightmare, so we put strong protections in place to keep your digital products secure.

While security might not be the most thrilling topic, it’s crucial for selling digital products. Having a strong, preventative foundation in place will help to keep your business on track and protect your intellectual property.

For many digital entrepreneurs, PDFs are some of the first digital products they produce and sell. Nutrition plans, workout plans, calendars, recipe books and more fall into this simple, straightforward file type. PDFs are also easy to share. That’s why Selz enables watermarking and PDF stamping to ensure that these products cannot be co-opted from your growing business.

If you’ve created videos or sound files, you can take some serious control by setting download and streaming limits. This ensures that the same link sent to your customer isn’t used (or abused) on repeat, for their friends, family, coworkers and random folks across the hall. 

Perhaps the most lucrative digital product type is software. Developers put a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating apps, plugins and programs that make life easier for their customers. As we all know, pirated software is a huge issue. That’s why Selz enables merchants to use License Keys. This preventative measure makes it virtually impossible to access a software product unless the customer has purchased it directly from you.

With digital products, your only limit is your imagination

That’s why we’ve created a system that allows you to reach your customers effectively with (virtually) minimal upkeep.

As we continue to grow, we’re always thinking of our digital merchants. Be on the lookout for exciting new features that will support your growing digital product business.

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Tara lives in Portland, Oregon. She writes about the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship, after a decade of working in the food, tech, and wellness industries. Her work has been featured by American Artists Watercolor Magazine,, and others. Aside from writing content and copy, Tara is also a social media strategist.