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Selling physical products online can be demanding, but that doesn’t mean your team needs to feel overwhelmed.

Selz offers simple, powerful ecommerce, and the platform has a huge range of functionality. That said, just about any small business requires that team members wear a lot of hats. Your team will likely find that using a range of tools is a great way to take the load off of individual members and streamline your selling process.

This week, we’d like to break down four powerful tools to help you sell physical products online, covering everything from advertising to fulfillment.


First up, let’s talk about shipping your products. 

Ecommerce fulfillment can be frustrating and stressful. It takes time, and it’s a process that happens largely outside of your business’s control. 

Many businesses struggle with a lack of visibility once a product has shipped. This can make customer interactions difficult for everyone involved- after all, you don’t want to be in the dark when a customer checks in on the progress of their delivery. 

Enter Shippo. Integrating Shippo with Selz streamlines every aspect of the fulfillment process.  You can generate, buy, and print shipping labels, send email notifications to customers and sync new orders automatically. 

It can be tough to know that part of your customer experience when selling physical products online relies on things you can't control like shipping

Great shipping is essential for selling physical products online

Using Shippo with Selz is a great way to improve the customer experience at a vital junction in your relationship. You can insure your packages, making sure that the customer gets exactly what they ordered in the condition they expect. Shippo also lets you create return shipping labels, so customers can easily send a product back if there’s an issue. 

So how can you utilize the Shippo integration for maximum impact? 

For one thing, a great shipping experience is useful for building up your base of repeat business. Consider offering free or reduced shipping for returning customers as an incentive to keep them coming back again and again. 

We’ve put together a helpful guide to leveraging the shipping experience for repeat business, which you can read here.

Girl looking at her phone demonstrates how much time people spend reading customer reviews online before they make a purchase


As consumers, we rely heavily on the opinions of others. Social proof is a vital part of any growing business, and it works on a simple principle: no one wants to eat in an empty restaurant. Showcasing your positive reviews and press is a huge way to increase conversions.

Disqus is a great tool for showing off your glowing testimonials and encouraging discussion in the comments section. Don’t worry- you have complete control over what gets displayed. 

At heart, it’s about building a community around your brand. You can add an entirely new dimension to your content and drive discussion. Disqus helps you bring out the personal touch that makes shopping with a small business such a valuable experience. 

Disqus is also a useful tool for improving the About Us page for your online store. It highlights your successes from the point of view of your customers. 

Remember- when a customer orders a physical product from your ecommerce business, they’re trusting that they’ll receive the product on time and in good condition. Help them to rest easy by showing off the great customer experiences you’ve already created. 

Shopping online is a way of life for many people, to keep up with your competition when selling physical products online it's essential to use tools like Smart Shopping ads

Google Shopping

One of the keys to succeeding in ecommerce business is spreading your products out across the web so potential customers can find them wherever they hang out online.

Google Shopping is a premium feature we’ve added with our new Selz plans, and it’s a fantastic way to drive targeted traffic to your store. 

Essentially, this new integration means that you can add products to your Selz store and to the Google Merchant Center at the same time. From here, you can bid for ad space that will place your product (with an image, price, and description) at the top of search results. Even better, you only pay when a customer clicks from the search results to your site. 

Content is key for shopping ads that drive conversions

Google Shopping offers a targeted ad experience, showcasing your products to the right customers with enough information to drive them all the way to the checkout. So how do you craft your ads for maximum payoff? Check out our guides to writing product descriptions that sell and getting great product imagery

Merchants are already seeing higher conversions and great returns from this powerful ecommerce business toolset. Getting started is a bit of a process, so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with everything you need to start selling with Google Shopping

Older gentleman looking at his phone during a meeting shows the time you can save with zapier integrations


These tools are all great starting points, but the opportunities to connect and expand your business are near-endless. Selz integrates with a huge range of online applications via Zapier. Zapier is impressively user-friendly and makes it easy to connect your Selz store to a ton of time-saving apps. 

Zapier works by setting a trigger and an action. For example, when Selz reports a new sale, Zapier can automatically log that sale in Google Sheets. Whether you need help managing inventory, tracking fulfillment, or analyzing data, these time-saving “Zaps” vastly simplify the process of selling physical products online. 

There are far too many options to cover here, so it’s worth exploring the range of apps out there.  Take a look and see how your business can benefit from some simple integrations. Then, learn more about using Selz with Zapier here.

What integrations do you use for selling physical products online?

What are your favorite apps and integrations for your ecommerce business? What processes do you wish you could streamline with another service? 

We’d love to hear about your successes and struggles! Let us know how it’s going in the comments. 

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