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In this post, we take a look at Facebook Live, and how live streaming can be used to generate enthusiasm and engagement around your social selling.

Selling on Facebook Live to Generate Engagement

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Did you know that live video on Facebook has more organic reach than standard updates? And that users spend 3x more time watching live video than videos that are no longer live?

Those stats alone highlight the opportunities offered by live streaming when it comes to expanding your reach online. If you want to start successfully selling on Facebook Live, this might be a beneficial tactic for you to try.

For those not yet in the know, live streaming is the act of broadcasting video content in real time, rather than publishing a pre-recorded, edited video clip. Although replays of your broadcasts will be available afterwards, the emphasis is on spontaneous, slightly less formal content.

Live streaming offers you a unique opportunity to share with your people in a more personal, connected way. You can see who turns up live, and they can chat with you in the text box beside your live video.

If your live stream is focused on a product or service you’re selling on Facebook, this conversational aspect gives you the chance to break through any objections, and make your offer seem like a no-brainer.

On Facebook, you have the option to live stream from your business page, from your personal profile, or from a group (either yours or someone else’s). Just remember that some groups ask that members do not share live video, so be respectful.

There are a number of tools out there designed to help you leverage your live streams and start selling on Facebook:


BeLive is a tool used to engage your audience on Facebook Live. It offers you the opportunity to showcase the audience questions that you’re going to answer on-screen, so your live participants will feel like part of the broadcast.

Through BeLive, you’re also able to host a live session with a remote guests which can be really impactful. If it’s a collaborative offer you’re selling, this is a great way to pitch your product. Alternatively, you could invite a happy customer to participate, and broadcast a live case study.

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Live Leap

Live Leap is a tool that notifies all your audiences whenever you jump on Facebook Live. That means that as soon as you start a live stream, your broadcast will be automatically shared to the pages and groups of your choice. You can also set it up so that your Twitter, Linkedin and email following will receive a notification too.

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Hacks for repurposing your live streams:

  • Send your saved recordings to for a transcription, which can be turned into blog post and email content.
  • Use Canva quote and infographic templates to create visual content, fast.
  • Upload your replays to Edgar, and keep sharing across social media.
  • Use the Online Video Converter to turn your live stream into an audio file (which can then become a podcast).

Experiment with live streaming as a way to start selling on Facebook in a more organic way, and keep that sales story going, by repurposing your content across each of your favorite platforms.

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