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This week I took a journey to the far reaches of the ‘Tooniverse’ and caught up with illustrator, cartoonist, and crimson haired maiden of the high seas, Sarah Steenland. From her boat in Australia’s tropical north, Sarah takes on freelance illustration work for other online entrepreneurs, fulfills orders for her custom made e-cards as well as creating content for her own blog. Her point of difference? A super cheeky sense of humor. As you’ll see, the written word didn’t seem quite the right way for her to tell us her story!

Who are you and what do you do?

Tell us about your journey to living on a boat and becoming an illustrator and cartoonist.

What else do you juggle with your cartooning and illustration work?

What kind of tools and resources have you found particularly useful for managing and growing your business?

Tell us about life on the high seas!

What does the future hold for you, Sarah?

Want to see more?

Don’t forget to head over to Sarah’s site to sign up for your own Fortune Cookie or to purchase Sarah’s custom made cards. You can also connect with her on Twitter @sarahsteenland or see more of her work on her Youtube channel.

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