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Ask any girl what her go-to is for fitness inspiration and the name Lorna Jane Clarkson is sure to be top of the list. Starting from her garage (as so many founders do) with a small fitness apparel range, the brand has since massively expanded across Australia and now to the US.

Unsurprisingly, the growth of the Lorna Jane brand is heavily tied to a strong social media presence with engaged and likeminded followers. It’s allowed the brand to speak across oceans and understand what women the world over want. What they’ve found is that along with fashion forward fitness clothing, women want a deeper connection.

That’s where Move Nourish Believe comes in.

An online resource for all things health and wellness, they’ve gone even further by introducing their first eBook on Selz – and it’s all about CHOCOLATE. We caught up with the MNB team to find out more.

Tell us, what is Lorna Jane and MNB all about?

MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE, is the home of the Lorna Jane Active Living Philosophy. A place to get your daily dose of inspiration and motivation. A space where you will always be encouraged to live your best, most beautiful life.

Our ‘why’ is simple: to inspire women worldwide to live their best life through Active Living.

What started as just three-little-words is now so much more and has influenced a global movement of beautiful women who are moving together towards their healthiest and happiest lives. It also stands as a lifestyle for the fabulously fit and serves as a daily reminder to get more out of life, by giving more of yourself everyday.

How did MNB come about – was MNB always part of the Lorna Jane plan or was it something developed after time?

Move Nourish Believe was a way to give back. A way to educate women on all things Active Living. We believe a woman who is inspired is unstoppable. We also believe that this way of life has the ability to change your life (for the better). It’s such a beautiful philosophy that so many women resonate with, it has naturally developed over time into this worldwide community.

How do you reach out to your community and what kind of conversations and relationships do you have with your followers?

We reach out to our community on a daily basis. MNB posts articles every single day, from recipes, workouts to (active) fashion, we cover all things Active Living. We also have a highly engaged social media community.

Tell us about the LJ/MNB team – who are you and how do you all work together to bring everything to life?

The MNB team is made up of women who truly walk the talk. Take a look at any desk of our team members and you’ll see inspirational quotes, a green smoothie (in a lovely mason jar of-course) and a gym bag ready for a workout after the work day. We really do act as sisters of support on days when someone isn’t feeling it. We encourage each other to MNB everyday.

LJ is known for dominating the activewear world – what brought about the decision to introduce a digital product? Any tips for those embarking on a digital project?

We are a global brand/community and digital products are great way for us to reach even more women who are looking for inspiration – no matter where you are in the world we are literarily just a click away. It seemed like a natural progression. The creation process is full of ups and downs, but anything worth creating always is. Tips? Always consider your community and what will be of most value to them.

Favourite moment for LJ/MNB of far?

MNB has really grown up from a blog to now a digital publication. We recently celebrated this with a beautifully designed website.
We’re really proud of it and there are still so many things we want to create for our readers – most definitely watch this space!

Don’t forget to grab your own copy of Sweet Like Chocolate from Move Nourish Believe – looking super fab on their Selz Store.

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