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kira avatarThis week we catch up with Kira Hug, the swashbuckling leader of the Bridal Rebellion.

Kira herself is a recent bride and through her experience identified a problem that many brides to be encounter – overwhelm, creative paralysis and putting your life on hold to plan your wedding. Not satisfied with the advice available, Kira set to create a space for brides that encourages them to unleash their creativity and create a wedding that reflects their own unique relationship.

Most importantly she shows you how to have fun along the way and get organised without drowning in a sea of cookie-cutter choices and bad polyester frills.

Bridal Rebellion is a great example of why going niche can be the smartest thing you can do for your business, and here Kira explains how she found herself leading a new wave of pirate brides to wedding day bliss.

Who are you and what do you do?

Kira Hug here. I’m Host of the Bridal Rebellion Podcast – the only podcast dedicated to helping rebellious brides – and I’m a marketing + branding strategist for In my spare time, I’m an apprentice beekeeper and I recently moved from NYC to a lil’ mountain in the country, surrounded by bears, with my entertaining toddler and partner.

Tell us about your journey and how you got started. Why do you do what you do?

Like many brides, while I was planning my own wedding, I was frustrated with many aspects of the planning process and the wedding industry, as a whole. I felt like I was thrown into this wild wedding world without a guide or any weducation.

I desperately wanted the wisdom and expertise from leaders in the wedding space, along with brides whom had already been there and done that, and I definitely didn’t want to be sold to constantly.

I hated bridal shows and I knew there must be another way to connect the most disruptive wedding leaders with the brides who needed their insight the most.

So I planned my own Bridal Rebellion LIVE event in April 2013 in NYC – it was a TED Talks-style event (but not affiliated with TED Talks) with 12+ ah-mazing speakers, a never-ending mimosa bar, games, and a dance party for all the brides. It was in one word – AWESOME. Yet, unsustainable for me, a one-woman show.

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I knew I wanted to scale, and live in-person events were beyond my bandwidth. At the same time, I was addicted to listening to podcasts and I was shocked to find there were no podcasts for brides. I decided to bring the energy and wisdom from the live Bridal Rebellion event to the air. Thus, the Bridal Rebellion Podcast was born.

Tell us about the courses that you’ve taken as part of your journey.

I’m currently participating in the Actionable Books’ Business Builder Bootcamp – it’s an 8-week online course focused on jumpstarting your business. It’s perfect for new business owners, coaches, and consultants.

I have also participated in Marie Forleo’s B-School online course, which is a massive program and provides relevant marketing tools and tricks. The best part of Marie’s course is that I have lifetime access to this huge, global network of like-minded entrepreneurs. I highly recommend joining online communities that match your values and personality.

How have you built up your fan base and online presence? 

Slow and steady. Since I juggle multiple roles and jobs in my life, I am focused on long-term growth for Bridal Rebellion. I don’t believe in overnight success but I do believe in slowly growing your “tribe”. Twitter has been the best way for me to connect with other wedding entrepreneurs. Instagram and Pinterest are the best ways for me to connect with brides. And the podcast – to me – is the best vehicle to make my voice heard and share my message on a global scale. And I continue to grow my mail list which is the most effective communication tool available to all of us.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.11.51 PM

What does a typical Kira day look like?

On a typical workday, I’ll wake up around 6:00am (ish) and head down to my home office to focus on promotions and marketing for the Bridal Rebellion podcast.

I’ll wake up my daughter around 7:30am and prep her for school. By 9:00am, I’m jumping into meetings with my team at and focused on growing our community and promoting programs like the Actionable Consultant Program which is launching in Australia this August – exciting!

During lunch, I head over to the yoga studio a few times a week. If I go a week without yoga, I go nuts! It’s a critical part of my work week.

Around 4:30pm, I pick up my daughter, and on a good day, we swing by the pool for a few hours of cool fun with the fam. We’ll wrap up and head home around 7:30pm and I’ll either interview a guest for the show or work on more podcast editing. On a free night, my partner and I will catch an episode of Veep…which we have been obsessed with recently.

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What would you say to others who are thinking about taking a similar path?

I’m on the no-path PATH. There are no set rules to follow…which I totally dig. I don’t have an HR department guiding me along the typical promotions and corporate milestones. I am feeling my way through it and savoring every second of it because the truth is, I love every aspect of my day: my time with my family, my work on the podcast, the bridal community, my team at It all challenges me and inspires me.

If you are interested in starting a podcast, I highly recommend you check out Entrepreneur On Fire for a lesson or two in podcasting. The founder hosts several helpful webinars focused on how to start your podcast. I will also say, you should only host a podcast if you love your subject matter and you enjoy every aspect of podcasting from the mundane (editing) to the more exciting (interviewing). If you don’t have a blast doing it, it isn’t worth it.


What’s next for you?

I will continue to interview the most disruptive leaders in the bridal industry and the most rebellious (and lovable!) brides for the Bridal Rebellion Podcast. I also plan to launch a few new and disruptive bridal projects in the upcoming year. Stay tuned.

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