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Like many entrepreneurs, Paul and Bartek we looking for a solution to a problem that they faced themselves. A bunch of ideas, some good old fashioned hard work and some nicely executed design became ‘Improve Presentation’- a supplier of stylish digital presentation templates. With customers ranging from corporate to entrepreneurs pitching to investors, and even keynote speakers for TED, it’s easy to see that these guys are on to something. Here they tell us about their backgrounds and give us a few tips about how to grow your digital product business.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are a startup founded in 2014 based in Warsaw, Poland called Improve Presentation focused solely on designing great presentations for our customers. We create modern, professional-looking, easy to use presentation templates for PowerPoint and Keynote that can save you tons of time when creating your presentation from scratch. On top of that we design custom presentations for our clients around the world and help them stand out and connect with their audience.

Our clients include small startups trying to take their pitch decks to the next level as well as huge companies that need our support with communicating their complex ideas in a clear presentation-ready format.

We recently started working with and that is very exciting news for us in terms of raising the level of our experience but also an awesome journey together with most brilliant speakers on this planet.

Have you always been in this line of work or have you made a change from a previous career to a new one?

We all have a background in agencies or corporate jobs that had something to do with the internet, digital marketing and online communication. What’s funny is that the need for preparing a great presentation was always there inside our old organizations, but nobody could fulfill it right. We decided to change it and made it happen.

Today our skillset focuses mainly on design, project management, user experience, technology and of course storytelling to help our customers stand out with their presentation and story.

Where does your inspiration for blog and products come from? Any particular favourite places online that you can share with us?

We believe that a great design is everywhere, but you have to learn how to see it around you. For example, a good billboard on the road might be an excellent case study on how to built a good slide. We follow design news, startup news and presentation related resources. We have also built our list of best presentation resources which you can find on our blog.

How have you built up your fan base and online presence? Any particular tools that you’ve come across that have really helped?

We are trying to focus on the needs of our customers first, and that means we closely listen to their feedback and update our presentation templates accordingly. We put a lot of efforts in the quality of our product, and this is our priority. As for tools, our blog is one of the best magnet that works great in terms of building our online presence.

How do you use social media and have you found that it has helped grow your business?

We use social media as one of the channels to communicate with our customers. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and PinterestWe use social media as one of the channels to communicate with our customers. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. We try to share information that can be valuable for our followers.

Are there any particular challenges that you’ve faced along the way that you could share with us?

The biggest challenge was to make a bold decision to set up our website and start selling on our own, not with stock platforms that usually, take most of the profits for themselves.

If there was one piece of advice you could give to people looking to really get things moving in their online business, what would it be?

First of all, try to scratch your own itch. If there is something on the market that you need, and it doesn’t exist or you think it could be done better just do it. Remember to focus on your product/service first and deliver minimal viable product as soon as possible to test it. Build, measure, learn and repeat.

Have you had any stand out moments?

One of our breaking through moments was when we made a free product for startups: Free Pitch Deck Template. It has been downloaded multiple times and it’s still downloaded every single day. We’ve got featured on Hacker News and from that moment we knew that we have the right skillset to make well-designed presentation template and a product that people actually need and use.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

There is nothing more compelling than working with great speakers that have excellent ideas and breakthrough visions and helping them share it with the rest of the world in a beautiful manner. Every time our template is downloaded we feel that what we do actually matters and it just proves the point that our work is worth it.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Our typical day consists of designing, prototyping and talking with our clients. We try to stick to the plan and our calendar that reminds us what needs to be done today.

What’s next for you?

We will continue to develop awesome presentation templates and hopefully gain even more experience from working with our speakers. We want to become a top of mind brand that you think about when thinking about doing a great presentation.

Where can we find you?

You can find us on our site or Twitter and Facebook

We have also prepared a surprise for all the people reading this blog post

Just enter the code: 10FORSELZ when buying one of our templates, and you’ll receive 10% off. Hurry up since this promotion will not last forever!

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