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angelaTell us about who you are and what you do – what’s the background story on how you started your business?

My name’s Angela Booth. I’m a copywriter, author and writing teacher. My primary website is My writing journey started in the late 1970s, when I wrote romance novels for the British publisher Macdonald Futura. I walked on air for four days when my first book was accepted. All those years ago, I believed that “writing” meant writing novels on a golfball IBM Selectric typewriter. So when I drifted into copywriting, initially it was just for fun. Then my copywriting practice became busy, and publishers asked me to ghostwrite books too. Ultimately my own novels took a back seat to those activities. Novels  didn’t pay enough, and I parted company with my literary agent. Fast-forward to the mid-1990s, when I became enraptured with the online world. I got online in the 1980s, thanks to an academic at the University of Melbourne. Although I gave presentations on “The Internet and the Age of Creativity”, most businesses in the 1990s thought the Internet was just a fad. Allen & Unwin commissioned my book on making the Internet work for business, but it took another decade before the Internet became an essential business tool.

In 2000, I started putting some of my online courses for writers online.

kindle-publisherWhat kind of content do you create and who is it aimed at?

Most of my online content is blogging. I started blogging in 2000, because it was fun. The concept of instant publishing — writing, and hitting the Publish button — is still amazing to me. You can write, and your words are instantly available to the world. Blogging sold my ebooks and online courses in those early days, and continues to do that. I have several blogs for writers, and publish content on most days. Most of my content is aimed at writers and small business people.

What kind of products do you sell and how do you sell and promote them?

I sell ebooks, classes and courses for writers, promoting them via my blogs, and social media. My blogs include Fab Freelance Writing at and the Creativity Factory at

What’s a typical day for you? Do you juggle a job as well as your blog?

I’m a full-time writer. My day starts at 5AM, because I tend to be more creative early in the morning. So I work on book projects then, my own, and projects for ghostwriting clients. I check my email and have breakfast after 8.30. Then I take my Jack Russell terrier, Honey, for a walk. When we get back I work on copywriting projects and with my writing students until lunch. After lunch, I do business chores, and catch up on social media. Then I write the blog posts I have scheduled for that day. In the late afternoon, I catch up on reading, review what I’ve done that day, and plan my writing for the next day.

angela booth killer press releasesTell us about how social media and online selling has helped you grow your business and find customers. What platforms do you currently use to grow your business?

Blogging’s helped me grow my business, so my blogs are always paramount. I use Twitter and Google+ too, and wish I had more time to use them, but there are only so many hours in the day.

What struggles have you had or do you still have with your business? Any big lessons learned that you could share with us?

My biggest struggle is with time, as I’m sure it is for everyone who has a business. That struggle’s on-going. I’ve written about task triage on the Creativity Factory — It’s essential, otherwise you become overwhelmed. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to delegate; only do what only you can do. Delegating is hard for me because I love to tinker, and learn new things.

What resources do you love/recommend? Books, sites, videos that have inspired or helped you?

I love Amazon’s Kindle bookstore, and book stores – online and offline – in general. Google Books is wonderful too – It’s an amazing resource. Beyond books, I’m a news junkie. I love Flipboard because I can read news websites and RSS feeds on my phone and iPad.

If you want to see more Angela’s work, head over to

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