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We love getting to know our sellers, and thought you might like it too, so we’ve decided to kick off our Seller Series! First up, we got chatting with Julieann Wallace, a children’s author who’s not only writing for the love of it, but also for a good cause.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Julieann Wallace, and I was a teacher for twenty-five years. I have a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Education, and was nominated for the National Excellence in Teaching Awards twice by the community. In 2012 I released my first children’s picture book named Darth, which was illustrated by my daughter Claire who was 13 years old at the time. In 2013, I retired from teaching to become a full time author and illustrator. I write New Adult and Young Adult novels besides children’s picture books.


What products are you selling? Tell us the story behind them.

My Funky Purple Selz Store is the hub of my sales centre for my picture books at this stage. Each of the books have their own story and are connected by the words Learn, Live & Hope. I donate a portion of each sale to Meniere’s Disease Organizations, to find a medication or device that will work for everyone to halt the debilitating symptoms, or even better, to find a cure.


Darth is about Using the Power of Kindness. It is also about bullying and how the bystander can change the dynamics of a group to stop bullying. Darth has a FREE 37 page PDF of educational activities to support the book. They are brilliant! Lilly’s Lollies is about the Power of Sharing. It is a feel good book that shows what you give out is what you get back. With All Of My Heart is about the unconditional Love a parent has for their child. I wrote this book for my own three children because I wanted them to have something to remind them how much I loved them. I have re-created this book for others to add their own photographs so that it is truly personalized for their own children. The Blessing is a Christmas Story about Compassion for others. I wanted a Christmas book that did not have Santa in it, and I didn’t want the focus on presents and me, me, me. So I created this story that is about compassion, caring, giving, understanding and acceptance of all races or people and all living things upon our beautiful earth. Vanilla Swirl is about Hope. This book was written purely to raise money to help find a cure for the terribly debilitating disease called Meniere’s Disease. It is a life destroying disease, and has one of the highest suicide rates for sufferers, such is its devastating consequences. Except, when I wrote the story, I didn’t want just Meniere’s disease cured, I wanted all illnesses and diseases cured so that nobody has to suffer anymore. The book is perfect for children who have a parent who is unwell, whether from physical symptoms, mental symptoms or psychological symptoms. It is a book of hope for the future.

How have you found using Selz to sell your books?

Selz has been amazing in helping me to sell my products, and I have recommended it to other authors. I spent an entire day researching and investigating the many stores that one can use to add to websites. In the end, Selz was the easiest to work with, saving me a bucket load of time, and the FAQ page answered all of the questions that I had about the Selz product.

I love Selz because of these things

  •  It is so easy to upload my products, add description details, book costs, postage costs for domestic and international destinations, and you can update any of those things at any time.
  • It is extremely quick, there are no codes you have to paste to your site, everything uploads the first time. I can also add the Funky Purple Selz Store to any of my Facebook pages – it is so easy to connect.
  • The store is visually pleasing to look at. Items that I am selling have great visibility, and it is easy for potential book buyers to check out my products, plus, I also get to see how many people have viewed my products, so from there I can then adjust or promote my products to help them sell more successfully.
  • Communication from Selz has been great. I receive an email as soon as a product sells, and they email ways to enhance sales of my products.


Where do you plan to go from here?

My plan is to continue in my writing journey, raising money to help others. I also donate my books to organizations, so that they can use them in raffles to raise money for their own charities. If you visit Julieann Wallace – writer, illustrator, author on Facebook, you will see my Funky Purple Selz Store growing with children’s picture books for kids to Learn, Live and Hope, to inspire them in kindness and compassion for others and the world that we all live in together…for richness lies not in monetary wealth, but what we do for others.

You can find out more about Julieann on her Facebook page – be sure to check our her Selz Store while you’re there!

Photo Credit: Salem (MA) Public Library via Compfight cc

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