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Artist Anthony Flake’s richly colored paintings are the result of a life filled with passion for art. Here he tells us about how he has built his career as an artist from literally the ground up, and his hopes for exhibiting in New York and Paris.

Artist Anthony Flake at 9
Artist Anthony Flake as a child

Who are you? Where are you from?

My name is Artist Anthony R. Flake, I was born in and am from Memphis, Tennessee, and I have been professionally painting for 20 years. I am a Christian Pastor Artist.

What’s your story and how did you come to be an artist?

Well my story is a long story. To be brief, I’ve been making drawing and painting since I was a kid. I was self taught. As 9 year old child, I drew on cardboard or anything I could, even the ground. I grew up in poverty and my family could not afford art supplies, so I spent hours upon hours in the public library reading hundred of art history books, learning about artists, especially the renaissance artists. In high school, I won a national art contest and was awarded best in the nation. Later I took up Graphic Art in college, but then ended up pursuing a career in Computer Repairs. I started back making art again in about 1982, and it suddenly seemed I couldn’t stop. I’ve been making art full time since then. I have recently been honored as an international artist in books and exhibitions and I opened my first art studio last year in Arlington, Tennessee. I have been commissioned by collectors around the world.

barber girl
Black Hair Salon

What inspires you to paint?

The Bible and the old renaissance artist of the past. I remember as a child, as I read the Bible, it seem to come alive and I wanted to capture the people and the scenes – they jumped out at me.

Where do you paint and what kind of materials do you use?

I paint mostly in my art studio. I paint in many mediums, oils, watercolor, airbrush, acrylics, pastels, pencils, and also do mural art on walls.

How have you found using Selz so far, and what about the impact of the internet on your work?

It been great! It is another outlet for me to sell my art locally, national, and international. The internet has open up a whole new world for  artists to make a living, and for artists to get their name out there. Sites such as which allows me to sell on Facebook, and IFreelance are just a few of which I am a part of.

What’s coming up for you and what are your next steps in progressing with your art?

I am trying to get support for an upcoming exhibition in Paris /New York. I am still learning and it is a life long goal just to keep painting, just for the love of it.

To find out more about Artist Anthony Flake’s work or make a purchase, visit his Facebook page.

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  1. Laura

    I am a huge fan of Anthony Flake’s art. He is one of the best and versatile artist I have come to enjoy.

    1. Melissa

      Isn’t he just the best Laura? It’s been great to hear his story.

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