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It’s the final countdown! Can you believe we’re in the next to last installment of our YouTube series? Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say. And we know how much fun you’ve been having! For these last two posts, we’re really going to focus on summarizing everything we’ve learned in 1-5, so that when you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to sell on YouTube. And what better way to summarize than a closer look at some YouTube sensations? AKA your heroes.

These guys embody all the sweet stuff we’ve been going over. From being seriously high on search rank to going viral like it ain’t no thang, these YouTubers are ones that have perfected how to sell and how to do it with style.

How to Sell on YouTube: Successful People Who Sell on YouTube
Jenna Marbles

Ok, we simply can’t do this study without talking about Jenna Marbles. Real name: Mourey (who knew?). She is the original YouTube queen of viral content. Tell me you haven’t watched “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking,” one of her earlier YouTube episodes that took OFF and catapulted her into stardom on YouTube. It’s raw! It’s real! It’s hilarious!

Now, she didn’t start off as someone looking to “sell on YouTube,” other than her personal brand of comedy, but now she’s banking more than a reported $350k thanks to her YouTube videos every year. And we are partially responsible! While researching for this section, a quick “I’ll just watch one of her episodes, for research, obviously” turned into two hours gone and this handy case study unwritten. Welp. We really get it now, Marbles.

In all seriousness though, her videos are hilarious and unique. She’s unapologetically herself and that’s what keeps her subscribers coming back for more. Take a note from her virality and don’t try to be anything you’re not when you sell on YouTube. Your potential subscribers will see right through any gimmicks. Then once you have a few videos take off, you’ll start hauling in advertising dollars just like she has.

Kayla Itsines

A more recent hit than Jenna Marbles is Kayla Itsines, the 25-year-old Australian personal trainer that has millions of women all over the world sweating hard. She was out to sell from the beginning, unlike Marbles, and has probably been surpassing all of her original sales goals.

With a tiny frame that still has muscle definition, she’s the definition of many women’s ideal body. That fact alone might be the biggest reason of all that she’s so successful. She looks like what she’s selling…the picture perfect version of health IRL. Women see her doing these workouts on YouTube and associate their dream body, Itsine’s body, with her $52 BBG (bikini body guide) and $20/month app that she’s selling.

So, what’s the biggest takeaway from Itsines? 1. You should probably be doing more pushups. 2. If you’re selling kool aid, you better be drinking that kool aid yourself…and look hella good doing it. If you are, people will follow.


The previous two successes we’ve looked at were both women, and both “solopreneurs,” or someone who’s focused on developing a personal brand. Playstation is clearly a multi-million dollar brand that is nothing like our previous two case studies. But the thing they all have in common? They’re making sales on YouTube.

If you’re working for a bigger corporation and looking to take a company YouTube to greater heights, PlayStation is killing the YouTube game. They were even named one of the 10 Best Brand Channels by Adweek. With over 5,000 videos and over 5 million subscribers, it’s easy to see why.

What are they doing that you should be? Well, everything. All their videos are branded with the PlayStation logo. That builds brand consistency for the channel and also, um, reminds the viewer that they aren’t watching the XBOX channel. It separates them from the competition, which is definitely something your channel needs to be aware of, too.

Ramit Sethi

Finally, it wouldn’t be fair to not mention a man that’s running the show on YouTube along with these ladies and corporations, right? Right. Ramit Sethi is in the personal finance realm and he’s definitely drinking the kool aide he’s selling. We don’t know exactly how much he’s pulling in from YouTube, but based on his New York Times bestselling book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich,” we’re guessing it’s a lot.

He’s got tons of videos on his page, but he keeps them super organized into sections like we’ve talked about. The importance of organization can’t be understated. In Sethi’s case, it keeps his subscribers from getting choice paralysis (read: overwhelmed by too many choices, in this case, videos…go figure) and entertained and engaged. Take it from the guy who wants to teach you how to be rich.

Now, go forth and prosper! You’ve got the tips and now you’ve seen the people that are most successful on YouTube actually using them on their page and in their videos. What a great example! And what a great way to get sucked down the rabbit hole and watch a bunch of great content for your “research!” Next, and in conclusion, we’ll wrap up everything we’ve gone over in this series with a handy cheat sheet to sell on YouTube and reference it all.

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