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In the third addition to the “How to Sell on YouTube” series we will show you a few trick that are needed for your channel.

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Yes, you read that correctly. Not Bing, not Yahoo, YouTube! In. The. World. So, it’s not enough to simply have a YouTube channel. Not even one that’s all set-up for success with your perfect thumbnails that we talked about before, or the unboxing video that we covered.

You need to demand attention in the space. You need to gain lots of subscribers. You need to convert those subscribers into purchasers. Essentially, you need to unlock all the secrets of the YouTube UNIVERSE! Lucky for you, we’re here with the keys to some of the more discreet YouTube features that have been at your fingertips all along.

How to Sell on YouTube: Transcripts

When you think of YouTube, you probably aren’t thinking about writing…but hear us out. Every single YouTube video automatically has a transcript provided (unless the user chooses to hide it manually). YouTube does a voice translation and provides the entire transcription at your fingertips in a link below the video! Careful though, these transcripts are never perfect. It will probably need a bit of editing, but it’s still an awesome tool! While your fans might use the feature to remember something specific you said, you can utilize it too.

Just think about all the useful information you’re putting into your YouTube videos. Do you not have a company website with a blog as well? Hello, multi-purpose content! Simply copy and paste the transcript to a new post on your website and you’ve got a blog draft. Change it around as needed, you probably don’t want it word for word, but take advantage of this feature to save some valuable time! As you know…time is money.

Bonus points for the transcripts feature? Since Google bought YouTube in 2006, updating the transcript yourself actually helps it rank higher in search. Say hello to the top spot!

How to Sell on YouTube: Playlists

Create a playlist of your videos, your viewers will love it. Organize your videos into playlists that pertain to user interests, it’s a serious courtesy to viewers. Creating a playlists that flows nicely will not only attract your viewers, but keep them hooked. Think about it this way, the more bait you bring, the more fish you’ll catch. What I mean here is you wanna make your YouTube page as enjoyable as possible to your fans so they fall in love with you all over again! Creating hyper-organized sections of content is a great way to do this!

Bark & Co. does a great job of creating playlists and organizing all of their videos on YouTube. Just take a look at how many they have:

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You can make public or private playlists, and choose to make collaborative playlists as well. Maybe you want to set up a specific one for your loyal subscribers? Remember, they always want to know you’re listening…in this case, literally. So take care of them! An organized and user-friendly YouTube channel is a happy and successful YouTube channel.

How to Sell on YouTube: Custom URLs

Want to know something everyone hates that you should never, ever, do? Have an extremely long, hard to spell, hard to read, complicated, web address.

For example: That isn’t fun to type! It makes no sense! It’s annoying! Please, please, for the sake of your potential subscribers, take advantage of YouTube’s custom URL feature.

You can make it anything you want…as long as it hasn’t already been snatched up, so, get creative but not TOO out there. You want a URL that’s easily identifiable. The ideal name would be your business name, but it could also be a product you’re well-known for, or your personal name if you’re a blogger or “personality” in your prospective field.

WARNING: You can’t change the URL once you set it up, or re-route it to another account. So sleep on it, write it down 100 times, say it aloud a million times…do whatever you need to do to be sure this is where you want your channel to live. Like, forever. It’ll also be connected to your Google+ identity.

Final thing: Sorry to burst your bubble, but you must have at least 100 subscribers, have been on YouTube for at least 30 days, have uploaded a photo for your icon, and have uploaded channel art. If you aren’t there yet, let this be your motivation!

How to Sell on YouTube: Sound Library

Ok, this is the holy grail. Know what’s better than a great video? A great video with awesome, well-timed, non-cheesy, legal sound. We know that, you know that, and YouTube knows that…which is why they’ve got an entire library of royalty-free music for you to download whenever you feel like it.

sell on youtube

How did you not know about this already, you ask? Well… now you do! You can access sounds to your heart’s desire right here. Just don’t get carried away. Well-timed, remember? This should alleviate some time suckage, not become a new way to procrastinate! Ahem, you have Pinterest for that anyway.

So, that’s all she wrote! Or, recorded…in this case. We might be a little biased, but they say the third time’s the charm and this was the third post in this series and we’re feeling good! And hopefully your YouTube videos are feeling even better. But don’t go away! We’ve got some serious new YouTube material headed your way next.

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