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In this second installment of our How to Sell on YouTube series, we’re jumping into different types of video content. Since you’ve read my first “How To Sell On YouTube” post, you should understand the basics, so it’s time to jump in already (…the water’s great!). Read on to discover what kinds of video content will work best for you and how to get creating NOW.

    1. How To Sell on YouTube: The Unboxing Video

      This is a relatively new phenomenon on YouTube but one that viewers are seriously responding to. It’s like watching a kid open a present on Christmas morning and seeing the best reaction EVER. You can’t look away! Essentially, the YouTuber makes a video opening up a cool box with secret contents inside and goes over what each one is and what it’s all about for the viewer. Think BirchBox for makeup and BarkBox for dogs.

      However, don’t stray away if you’re selling other, more obscure, products! The key behind this type of video’s success is that people really love getting a closer look at the product they’re potentially purchasing, and they like to see genuine reactions from customers and employees alike (they don’t have to know you already knew what was in the box…shhhh). Think of the “unboxing video” as an unveiling video. Whatever angle you choose to take with this format, the goal is to show the customers how exciting your business is. Whether that means the excitement of a customer or the excitement of your employees. Excitement is excitement, viewers will eat it up.

      If you want to do an unboxing of your own product, then enlist someone you know to unbox your product, or better yet, send to a well-known YouTuber to unbox themselves. This is another great way to showcase your product.

    2. How To Sell on YouTube: The Vlog

      If you’re thinking, “What the *bleep* is a vlog?” you’re not alone! We were all wondering the same thing at one point. Put simply, and it really is simple, it’s a video blog. Get it? Whoever coined the term is definitely patting themselves on the back right now.

      Basically, this is an unscripted, “day in the life” sort of video. It can be a catch-all for when you have a lot of different ideas, or for when you don’t have any! Because it’s off the cuff, it’s always believable and might even come out comedic. These are some of the easiest videos to edit because they’re truly so real. Don’t stress about editing out a blooper, leave it! Your fans will appreciate seeing that it’s not always perfect behind the scenes.

      Ask your employees to shoot 15 second videos of their day and make a compilation. Ask one of your biggest customers to give a “behind the scenes” look on how they use your product. Do a full “in the life of” with the CEO (which is most likely you!). These videos are another great way to show your audience the humanity behind the brand. Show your audience what it took to become successful and how you maintain that success. Use this video format to connect to the people you are selling to, on a deeper more meaningful level.

  1. How To Sell on YouTube: The How-To Video

    Ok, be careful not to give away your Grandma’s secret cookie recipe here, but DO jump on this train. Carefully! People seriously lean on YouTube to learn rather than going to an expensive class or buying an expensive product when they can just as easily learn how to DIY it right from YouTube.

    Check out this great example from Mia Connor:

    Now, if you’re in the “making” business, whether that’s artwork, pottery, or those delicious cookies from grandma, you can simplify the how-to so you don’t give away all your creative methods. If you’re known for your beautiful glazed bowls, take the viewer into the studio with you. Show them the type of clay you use, and talk about how you choose your colors. It definitely makes them feel like they understand your process, without giving everything away.

    If you are selling digital products or coaching, don’t shy away from the how-to video! Think about blog topics. You have probably already written a how-to blog or at least have thought about it. Maybe it’s something like “how to create your first ebook” or even “how to find 10 new clients without leaving your computer”. Content like this is easily converted into a how-to video. Whether it is a simple video of you talking through the steps or a screencast of your computer walking through Photoshop tutorials, the how-to video is a great template for everyone, regardless of your product.

  2. How To Sell on YouTube: The Product Review Video

    While it doesn’t make much sense to review your OWN product…hello, you know how great it is, it definitely pays to make sure other people are doing product reviews for you. To start, reach out to some influencers in your network. Even if your company or service is pretty obscure, don’t get discouraged! It’s the internet after all…a little digging and you’re sure to be surprised by how many people you find doing just what you’re after.

    Once you find a few people, send them your product for free in exchange for their review. Tell them you want their honest opinion when they receive it and if they love it, you would love to have them do a product review on YouTube. If they aren’t a highly sought after influencer yet, they might just take the free product in exchange for their review. But remember, the bigger the YouTube personality, the bigger their deal will probably be. However, a bigger deal upfront comes with a bigger audience and could mean a much bigger return for you!

  3. How To Sell on YouTube: The Q & A Video

    Question and answer videos should be your bread-and-butter. Especially starting out, customers want to know who you are and what you’re all about. Shout it out on your social channels ahead of time so that your fans can send you all their questions.

    Not only do these videos give the viewer real information they want to know, it shows that you’re really listening. And all the questions might not be easy! Address even the tough or uncomfortable ones straight on though and you’ll build some serious respect in your community.

And that’s it! Woo! You now officially know how to sell on YouTube AND what types of videos you should be creating! If you’re thinking, “What else is there to know?” Trust us, the list goes to infinity and beyond! In the next installment we’ll dive into specific YouTube features that will make your videos even cooler.

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