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In this article, we will show you everything you need to know as you learn how to sell on YouTube.

One. Billion. Users. Yes, “billion” with a capital “B.” Whether you’re breaking into the food industry with your dream cupcake shop, finally sharing your beloved homemade candles with the world, or simply KNOW people will line up for your hand-stitched dog leashes…YouTube is the place for you.

But where do you begin? What seems like second nature to some might be completely foreign and scary for you. Don’t run away screaming! Selz is here to help you sell online. And we mean really sell. Dolla dolla bills y’all.

How To Sell On YouTube: Get Set Up

If you want to start filming YouTube videos, you’re obviously going to need something to shoot with. You have a smartphone, right? Good. That’s all you need! However, if you want to get a little more serious, buy a little tripod like this one so you won’t have to employ your poor friend with shaky hands to film you.

Next, you seriously need a media calendar. If you’re thinking: “What the *bleep* is a media calendar?” Don’t fret. It sounds sort of fancy but it’s not. It’s just a great way to keep you organized! Get a big calendar and write out week by week what your videos will cover. Then, plan a loose outline of the content at least three weeks out so when it’s time to post you don’t have to freak out. Because you already have a plan, man.

How To Sell On YouTube: Utilize FREE Tools

Alright, now that you have your equipment and a killer media calendar all planned out, you’re ready to start posting those videos and thus, start selling a ton of your product! Here are some free features to help in your marketing quest:

Canva Thumbnails
This is a sneaky one, especially if you’re new to the YouTube arena. Don’t get so caught up in the video itself that you forget about making an awesomely eye-catching thumbnail so that people actually WATCH it! The design company Canva has you covered. With tons of templates to choose from, you can make professional thumbnails in a snap.

sell on youtube

Merch Annotations

These little guys are game changers when it comes to selling. Why just talk about your product when you can have little boxes pop up while you’re talking that link out directly to it?! Amazing. And like everything we do at Selz, it’s super user-friendly…because we love you. Follow the easy setup instructions and don’t post your first video without them!

Call To Action

This can be the easiest thing to forget when trying to sell, yet it’s one of the most important. While we don’t want to call your customers daft…you seriously need to tell them what to do. Imagine watching a great YouTube video about a product you’re really interested in, but then not being guided anywhere! Do you want your fans to visit your website? Follow a link to a free trial? Sign up for your email list? Tell them! They will listen…and it will convert to cash.

How To Sell On YouTube: Market Away

You’ve now got an amazing plan for your videos and some free tools to make them serious sellers but finally…you have to market like crazy. While the above tools will help you sell, negating marketing as an important tool for selling on YouTube will be the death of your channel. You need to be marketing with the best of them, so…

Follow Influencers
This is a great non-invasive and non-annoying way to market. If they are newer on the scene, they might even reach out to YOU about a partnership. Lots of these personalities will post videos about your product, in exchange for free stuff, a small fee, exposure on your channel, or whatever else you can dream up. Take them up on it!

Engage Commenters
You will receive glowing comments on your videos and you will receive scathing comments on your videos. It’s like an unwritten law of the internet. Rather than fight it, embrace it. Respond to everyone. The good and the bad. Treat them all with respect, and address their comments or concerns. Other viewers will notice you’re engaged and that goes a long way when faced with buying from you or a competing brand whose radio silent in their comment section.

Cross-Promote (…duh)
If you’re on YouTube, you must be on Facebook, Instagram, etc. too, right? Right? So every time you post a video, share away on your other channels. It’s a no-brainer.

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Congratulations! YOU’RE A YOUTUBE ROCKSTAR! Ok, maybe not quite yet…but you’re now well on your way.

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