Everyone wants to feel fit and healthy, but with busy schedules and feelings of inadequacy next to the huge bodybuilders at the gym, many people are looking for extra direction when it comes to fitness. Getting started, staying motivated, and working toward more difficult fitness goals are all hard, which is where personal trainers come in. Good news: the internet has made it easier than ever to start a business and get the word out about your product. Ready to sell workout plans online? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for four steps to get you started today.

4 Steps to Sell Workout Plans Online

  • Build a Following
  • Create and Sell Workout Plans Online
  • Market Yourself
  • Continue To Grow

This article will help you find the best way to start an online personal training business; or if you already sell workout plans online, how to increase your sales and grow your business.

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how to sell workout plans online

1. Build a Following

Most people can’t just pop up on the fitness scene and expect customers to start buying from you. They don’t know you, especially if you are competing with a celebrity or a popular fitness guru, so let people get to know you through social media and blogging. Detail how you workout day to day, show what your motivations are, and show how easy it would be for people to incorporate your online workout plan into their daily lives.

Start with social media: use Instagram and another picture-dominated social media platform to promote yourself. Have a daily post or a few of them on each of these platforms. A great idea to get content out there each day is to have a theme for the day and a workout plan to go with it.

sell workout plans online
For example, have “Motivation Mondays, or Workout Wednesdays”. Include a segment of a workout that helps you (and your customer) towards that goal. Whatever makes a connection to your target-customer base can be used.

Another good theme for the day is a “Cheat Day” because everyone connects to slacking off a bit since working out is hard! Show how you beat your cheat day by doing a workout plan during a movie, or exercises that can be done from a couch.

A big part of working out is that it is usually difficult, sweaty and requires some personal discomfort to get to a fit body. Make your photos show the reality- yes, you will get sweaty, but also try to make it fun and slightly glamorous.
Make your fans want a better life through your fitness program. As your following growns, start pitching your personal training services in your posts. Be sure to direct people to your website where you sell workout plans online.

2. Create and Sell Workout Plans Online

Alright, now it’s time to build your website to sell workout plans online You will need your own website to showcase your workout plans and videos, to detail your healthy, fit lifestyle, and to sell your products of course!

Use an e-commerce platform, such as Selz, to showcase your healthy lifestyle and sell workout plans online at the same time. Make sure to add a blog to your online store so you can your credibility and authority to potential customers.

Here are some things to add to your website:

    • Teasers: Show snippets of your workout plans on your website to entice people to buy.


    • Before and after pictures: Ask customers to submit their progress in photos or videos to display one your site. If you’re going to sell workout plans online, you want to show potential buyers that they work!


    • The workout plans: Make sure to have a simple buying proccess for your customers. If you’re wondering what format to sell workout plans online, typically creating digital downloads (ebooks) is a great way to immediately deliver your products. Make sure your store has great product images and descriptions that entice people to buy. Ensure you test your checkout process so you know when someone hit’s the coveted “buy” button, they are getting their plan immediately.
  • What the plans include: By showing potential buyers what the whole program will look like for them, without giving away the entire thing, customers will be comforted by knowing exactly what they are purchasing. That way, no one is upset with the purchase, so your feedback is going to be positive and supportive, which will build your credibility and increase your customer base.
  • Equipment needed: Make sure to clearly state what equipment your clients will need to do their workouts! This is a great way to make sure you’re selling the right plans to the right clients.

Here’s a great example of a plan-list page from SuzieBFitness:

how to sell workout plans online

    • Reviews from happy clients: Show evidence of you supporting and training your customers into their successful fitness stories. Testimonials prove yourself to be a major part of their transformations and shows future customers how you were the essential part of helping these people.


sell workout plans online

    • Your personality: The first thing anyone looking to buy your workout plans online are going to want to see are your results but you need to show them the journey it took to get there. They will want to see how fit you personally are, in a practice what you preach sort of way, but they will also want to see how other people who already invested in your training are doing


    • Videos: Another aspect of your website should be videos. People can usually follow a workout plan that is pictographs of the exercises used in your workouts, but videos where they can actually see the motions are much easier to follow. Use YouTube to video yourself showcasing your workout plans, showing how supportive your personal training is to your customers, and how fast their fitness results are with your online workout plan.


  • Blog: I mentioned this before, but adding a blog to your online store is a great way to bring in new customers (and help your current clients). Your blog should have some information on healthy eating and general practices you do to stay fit. Have a list of motivational quotes, or a link to some great healthy eating recipes. If you are going to sell workout plans online, it’s great to include snippets of the lifestyle you follow.

Again, connections to your customers and to potential customers will really help sell workout plans online. Continue to grow and increase the number of workout plans you offer to keep your current customers growing with you!

3. Market Yourself

Wait, isn’t social media my marketing strategy here? Yes, to a large extent social media is really the best way to connect with people as you start to sell workout plans online. However, you do need to increase your coverage to get more customers, so having a marketing strategy never hurts!

Most people looking to purchase workout plans online are looking for professional help, without the cost of hiring an in-person trainer. These people also probably want to target something specific, such as overall weight loss, gaining muscle or simply feeling more confident. Finding a niche to sell your workout plans online is key to getting finding more customers.

Here are some good strategies to add to your marketing plan (click on each to read more):

A good way to increase personal training sales by offering season specific workout plans for these types of people, or you can target a specific area and work with that.Selling seasonal workout plans means you need to be very proactive in marketing yourself. By January, you should be working on selling swimsuit season workouts, by June selling outdoor workout plans and by September it’s getting into shape before the holidays.

sell workout plans online
You need to differentiate each workout plan by making sure you have different before and after pictures, and different targeting strategies for each. Once each plan is set up and ready to go, repeating the sequence each year after that with something slightly new or different workout plans or goals should be simple.. Starting is going to be the hardest part, but having a large database of workout plans will only keep customers coming back for more!

sell workout plans online
As you start promoting your workout plans and online personal training business, remember to keep your audience in mind. People looking for training help may be insecure, worried, or simply lost in the world of fitness. Don’t bully these people: offer a solution!

If people are feeling insecure about being out of shape, give them an easy startup and walk them through it gently. No one wants to feel insecure about his or her fitness level, so make sure you sell workout plans online that will fit their needs.

If you’re going to sell workout plans online, it’s important to offer additional assistance to your clients. Allow your clients to contact you personally with questions or concerns. Go above the plan and offer nutrition assistance to people who need it. People are more inclined to purchase your workout plans if they feel they are receiving something more than a PDF download!

4. Continue To Grow

If you’re going to sell workout plans online, increasing personal training sales can be done if you become an authority for a specific niche. Could you become the #1 virtual trainer for pregnant women? What about busy moms with no time to go to the gym? Use some of the marketing strategies listed above to get started, but don’t stop once you have one online workout plan completed.\

The key to continued success and increased online personal training sales is to keep evolving your products. Offer different levels of training, such as beginner to next level or tier so customers will have new and exciting levels of fitness to achieve, and will keep coming back for more.

sell workout plans online
The best part about this level or tiering system is that once you get each level completed, it becomes passive income. Beginner online fitness customers are going to start your program at the first level, which you already have set up and ready to go. Of course, you still have to be available for personal assistance, but the workout plan is set and passively generating income for you.

Continuing to grow also gives you credibility to attract new customers and grows your online business even further. All it takes for a personal trainer to start an online business is to begin with social media, create a website with your workout plans and start collecting a profit!