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In this article, we’ll be looking at ways to help you stand out from all the other sellers out there, and shape your brand into something much more recognizable, and much more magnetic.

The single most effective way to successfully sell online is to make sure your brand stands out in a creative way. That’s all there is to it.

But often, business owners struggle with this. It’s the age-old tale of imposter syndrome. We feel like we’re not qualified enough, special enough, creative enough to do a certain thing, in a certain way. I want to help you reframe that way of thinking.

How to Sell Online: Time to Stand Out

The first step to building a stand-out brand is to look at your personal power paradigm. That’s the collection of all the things that make you “you”. Your experience, your skills, and qualifications, your style, your personal tastes… all of these can be infused into your brand, making it more compelling, and more relatable for your target clientele.

I also want to encourage you to think more creatively about your business – both with regards to how it works internally, and how you present it to the world.

Creative thinking is a set of methodologies and tools to enable and uncover new perspectives, ideas, and approaches. It’s not about being an artist, or a designer, as many seem to assume when you start talking about this topic. It’s about using different techniques to stand apart from the competition, find your own signature style, and discover solutions to the problems in your small business. If you’re going to sell online.

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I talk about different strategies for creative thinking and business innovation over on my podcast, Blow up the Blueprint, but I wanted to provide you with two tips to get you started:

Fill your creative well by making different choices.

Challenge yourself to do something different every day – it doesn’t matter how small. It could mean listening to a new podcast (hint, hint!), working from a different coffee shop, or trying out a new recipe for dinner.

Use the things you love as inspiration.

Take a moment to think about a book, film, or documentary you loved recently. Make a note of everything that springs to mind as you think about it. This could be anything from the soundtrack and visual imagery, to comments on character relationships, and mood or emotions it inspired in you.

Review your notes for common themes or ideas, and think about how you can apply this to your business as you start to sell online.

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Once you start seeing your business in a new light, you can create something truly unique – whether that’s the way you work, your marketing strategy, or the products you sell. This point of difference is what will really help your brand stand out from everyone else in your field.

About the author

Jo Gifford

A widely read contributor to Huffington Post, Selz, Regus, Prowess, YFS Magazine and many more interwebz rabbit holes, Jo is a respected UK voice on life as a pocket-sized enterprise owner.

Jo’s background – a seasoned blogger, copywriter, podcaster, and graphic designer with an MA and research interest in creative thinking for small business – makes for an eclectic and colourful killer content approach.


  1. Business Cash Flow

    In this generation,I think it is very hard to stand out against a lot of great accounts on social media. I think your post will help me create a better account that will stand out and help my business.

  2. Cynthia

    Thanks for the article, Jo. I look forward to listening to your podcast!

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