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Now that you have narrowed down who your targeted customer is and the type of jewelry you want to sell, along with a good budget, it is time to focus on your jewelry marketing plan. A marketing plan is the outline of your business efforts to advertise to your consumer with profit goals in mind. These are goals you want to have accomplished within a certain time frame. Let’s begin with ways on how to sell your jewelry online and attract customers to your business.


There are so many different ways to advertise your business online as well as offline, in the physical world. In this series we will cover all the ways that advertising can help promote your online jewelry business. We will start with email.

Selling Jewelry Online


When advertising by email it is very important to ask for email addresses and not just solicit potential customers. Most people are more than happy to receive communications from you because they are interested in the product that you are selling.

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A quick, easy way to get these email addresses is when someone visits your website you can have a field set up where potential customers can choose to enter their names and email addresses. You are probably thinking, I don’t even know how to set up my own website yet. There will be more about building your own website for your jewelry store covered in the next series. Stay tuned.


The next thing you will want to do after you have the email addresses is to decide on how often you want to send out the emails. The average email from a business gets sent out once a week or once every two weeks, unless you have a special or promotion going on than an additional email can be sent. You will want to make a simple but direct message that is a template for all of the emails that you will be sending. This template will save you time, since you can change the title and items that you may be promoting on different weeks.

It is always a good idea to proofread your email, read it out loud and make sure it makes sense. You want all of your customers to comeback and errors will make their opinion of you go down. Potential customers may decide to shop elsewhere if they see grammatical and spelling errors in your advertising. Once you have looked over your message send the first email to your recipients.

Social Media

Sell Jewelry Online

Almost everyone is on some type of social media platform these days. This helps you to be able to advertise your business and sell your jewelry online to a much broader audience. When people like a business or product they will share their love of the product on their social media. We are going to cover the main 3 social media platforms and what you can do to market your business on them.

  • Facebook
Sell Jewelry Online

Facebook is the perfect platform to sell your jewelry online. It is very accommodating to visual merchandise such as your jewelry. More than likely you have a Facebook account and you have friends that will share your posts with their friends and you will be reaching customers that you do not even know. What you post on Facebook stays in user’s feed longer, especially if someone comments on your post.

Some people want to combine their personal and professional pages and others like to keep them separate. Both ways work and it is up to you to decide which will work best for you. Either way you can get to know your customers and get to know what they like. If you decide to combine your personal and professional page there isn’t much that you will need to do besides be yourself and continue to post and advertise your jewelry.

If you would like to keep them separate you can set up a Facebook page that is only for your business. On this page you can set up links that will go directly to your website if you have one and you can also set up links that will go to your other social media accounts or other places that you may sell your jewelry on and a link to a blog if you have one. Customers like to have things simple and made easy for them to find and these links on the page help you to get people looking at your items. Another option is to create a Facebook group that is solely for your business purpose. If neither of these are something you would like to do or have time to do, then you can just adjust your privacy settings. When you post you can only post to certain people or you can make lists of friends that you would like your posts to reach.

Facebook allows photos to be uploaded for free. The photos can be separate, in a gallery or you can make albums for your following to see. Pictures are a great way to market your business and people stop and check out pictures more than words. Another thing to keep in mind is when users are searching on Facebook it is as simple as typing in the word jewelry and any post with the word jewelry in it will appear.

Another great way to utilize this social media platform is to join like-minded groups. There is a lot of information shared and this is a chance to see what your competitors are doing with their business. You can learn new methods and also this is a good way to see what is trending or selling and what is not. Facebook is a simple, free way to market your jewelry and make connections with potential buyers.

  • Pinterest
Sell Jewelry Online

This platform is another great way to market your jewelry for free and gain customers. Pinterest is a very simple to use, visual website where users share photos of their favorite items. These items can be pinned onto boards that the user creates. An example of this would be a Pinterest board named “Wedding Jewelry” or “Casual Jewelry”. Pinterest users can “follow” other user’s accounts or “follow” boards that other users have created. When a “pin” is clicked on it takes you to the site where it originated from. On the dashboard you can set up links that will go to your other social media sites and a blog or website if you have them. As with other social media platforms you control the privacy of what others see. Pinterest also keeps track of what you look at so they can send you suggestions to look at. This is really great for your business because if a person clicked on your link for jewelry, followed you or one of your boards Pinterest will show them new “pins” or “”boards” every time you make one. This is a very easy site to navigate and your pictures will sell themselves. Once you are set up it is free marketing for your jewelry business.

  • Twitter
Sell Jewelry Online

Twitter is a visual platform but tends to be a little different from Facebook and Pinterest because it is happening in real time. Once you post something it is sent out and unless your followers scroll through their feed they may miss your tweet. Timing is a key element when using this platform. Finding out when the most users are on their account or just tracking your followers in general will help to reach customers. A nice feature of Twitter is that it allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time and also track up to 10 links that you have tweeted.

If you are just starting out it is important to know that Twitter only allows 140 characters per post. This is much less than Facebook or Pinterest, where you can write as many words as you would like. Something else to keep in mind is to search for people in the same business or interests and start following them. This will build up your following and will allow you to see what other business owners are doing and if they follow you back you can get your jewelry out there for other people to see.

It is also important to use Twitter tags and hashtags. A hashtag is basically just putting the # symbol in front of the word and when anyone searches for that word Twitter pulls up the most recent tweets. This is an easy way for your tweets to be found. Twitter tags are just putting the @ symbol in front of a person’s name or profile. This tag will take users back to your profile and you are more likely to get retweeted by using this symbol. Retweeting is a quick way to help other users out and update your feed.

Using SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is crucial to getting your targeted customers to find you in the huge market on the web. What this basically means is the words you use flag the search engine to pull up what people are searching for. It is very important to choose the right keywords for your posts.

Sell Jewelry Online

You will want to pick a few keywords that describe your piece of jewelry and make sure they appear in the title and also in your tag or keyword descriptions or picture captions. An easy way to think of this is to put yourself in the role of the customer and think about what you would search for.

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You do not have to be tech savvy to pull this off but knowing the basics as we listed above will improve your odds of customers finding your business and becoming a potential customer.

Advertising in the Real World

This basically means wear the jewelry you made everywhere you go. It is important to take the time to make up some business cards with your information on them.

This way when someone compliments your jewelry you can let them know you made it and hand them a business card so they know that you sell jewelry online. By doing this you are marketing yourself and your jewelry business without being pushy. Even if they don’t want to check out your business it is very likely that they know someone who will.

Jewelry Marketing Tips

When marketing there are a few key points to keep in mind. We have covered the advertising aspect of marketing now we need to look at other important points that you will need to be doing to impress your customers and keep your business making a profit.

Consistency is important because your customers will want to know they can count on you and your products. Have a plan in place for selling your jewelry online that can be altered if needed. This plan will include the pieces of jewelry you want to sell, the photos and the descriptions of each piece. Always respond to questions or to customer feedback. They want to have a great experience or a rewarding journey when they are buying your jewelry. Customize your brand and make sure it is resonating you. You want your business to stand out from all of your competitors. You can do this by telling a story about your jewelry and let customers know how passionate you are about making all the different pieces. If consumers know the story behind each piece it will make a more emotional, stronger connection to each piece of jewelry they decide to buy.

Sell Jewelry Online

Pictures are going to sell your jewelry so high-quality images are a must. In this business, selling is very visual with an impactful description. If you are unsure of how to take the best pictures you can research this topic on YouTube or Pinterest. There is always room to improve your photography skills. It is important to keep in mind that the customer is not able to touch the jewelry or try it on so the photos you take need to really sell it. Your description also needs to be immaculate. It needs to be simple but still give all the knowledge that the customer’s needs, such as the materials and the size of each piece.

Another way to bring customers to your online store is by running specials or promotions.

Sell Jewelry online
(Photo/Belle Étoile)

This is especially a good idea when a holiday is near. You could run Christmas specials, Valentine’s Day specials, when seasons change you could discount certain types of jewelry. Another example is that more men’s jewelry sells around Father’s day. Consumers want to know they are getting a good deal and this is a great way to give them what they want. You could also run weekly promotions on different pieces. It is all about trial and error, do what works for you and your business.

Marketing your business is a huge part of being successful. Making smart marketing choices will help you to build your customer base online and cash in on a nice profit. In the final installment of the “Tips on How to Sell Jewelry Online” series, we will cover how to set up your own personal website, different sites that you can sell your jewelry on, making the most of your post and going live with your business.

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