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We’ve partnered with YouTube so now you can sell your products and services direct from within YouTube videos. Like everything we do, it’s super-easy to sell on YouTube and it can be incredibly powerful.

Linking direct to your product or service from directly within a YouTube video is a really effective way to showcase your product. It works using something called Merch Annotations. Selz is an approved Merch Annotation provider for YouTube.

How to sell on YouTube using Selz

First up, to unlock the power of selling direct from within your YouTube videos, you YouTube account needs to be verified. This is a very straightforward process. If you’re not already verified here’s how to verify your YouTube account.

Once you’re verified, follow these steps:

1. Sign into your YouTube account

2. Go to Video Manager and the Videos option to display a list of your videos

3. Click Edit on one of your videos and you’ll be taken to the editing page for that video.

4. From the top menu choose Annotations. Annotations is how you add clickable links to your YouTube video.

NOTE: If this is the first time you’re using external annotations, at the top of the menu you’ll see a banner that says “Enable your account for external annotation links.” Click Enable and accept the Terms & Conditions.

5.  Select the + Add annotation option and choose the type of annotation you want. For this example we’re using a Note because we think they work well.

6. There is a Link tick-box at the bottom. Tick it and a dropdown list will appear. Choose Merch. Then paste the full link for your Selz Item into the link box.

IMPORTANT: Don’t use a short link (like or you need to use the full link to your Selz item, like this one:-

7. The text you want to show for the link goes in the Note box.

8. Move the annotation around in the video to where you want it.  The timeline at the bottom will help you find the place where you want to put your annotated link, as well as the Start and End boxes.

9. Play back the video to make sure the link is where and when you want it, double-check your link, and you’re ready to start selling from within your YouTube videos!
Pro tips
You can add more than one annotation to a video and sequence them to engage the viewer in the text. Here’s an example:-

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About the author

Martin Rushe

Martin Rushe is the CEO and founder of Selz.


  1. Gloria Winchell Callahan

    YouTube has a stipulation you cannot sell through them until you get 1000 subscribers. So How can I sell my videos I have produced that are not on youtube? Also I have 2 emails at this time through gmail. I am also looking into rebuilding another website, because the one I had through Godaddy I was having functioning and hacking issues with I believe certain admins and the email I got through there service. I then tried bluehost and my site was messed up by a plug in and bluehost said there was not a backup to backup the site to the week it was functioning right, and I had paid for backups with them . So at this point I am hesitant on trusting website businesses that say they can provide you with platforms to sell your products on. This is still what I want to do and am willing to try again. I just need a trustworthy service that is not going to swindle me out of my work.

    1. Kristen DeCosta

      Hi Gloria!

      With Selz, you can sell downloads of your videos. You also have the option to stream or rent your videos to your customers. Here is a resource that gives you much more information:

      When you sign up for an account with Selz, you can build an entire online store hosted on the Selz platform. You can give Selz a free 14-day trial so you can get set up and see if it’s the right fit for you! If you have any questions as you get set up, our customer service team will be there 24/7 to support you in live chat!

      Hope you give Selz a shot and thanks for reading!

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