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Selz has always performed well with ecommerce for WordPress, and we’re committed to keeping the plugin updated and easy to use. With WordPress powering about 70% of the internet; powerful, streamlined selling tools that integrate smoothly with the WordPress platform should be a given.

With Selz, you can transform your WordPress site and ecommerce blog into a fully-functioning online store in minutes with buy buttons, widgets, and a WordPress shopping cart.

WordPress powers a significant percentage of websites worldwide. Many of our merchants at Selz choose to sell through their WordPress site, either exclusively, or in addition to their customized Selz store. That’s why we’re so happy to present to you this incredible upgrade!

Ecommerce for WordPress: Revamped WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin
1. A Selz Dashboard Within Your WordPress Ecommerce Blog
2. Enhanced Toolkit for Ecommerce for WordPress
3. Abundant Buy Button Options for your Ecommerce Blog
4. A Shopping Cart on Every Page

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Let’s break down some of the details of this brand new feature:

1. A Selz Dashboard Within WordPress

It’s easy to navigate the plugin once you install it. After you’ve signed up for your free 14-day trial, head to your handy Selz Dashboard option, accessible within the WordPress Navigation Bar on the left. Once you’re here, enter your Selz store number to get started.

From here, you can also access help articles, and our support team if you have any questions about using this intuitive, effective plugin.

2. Enhanced Toolkit

It’s never been easier to add an item for sale, or even an entire store, to your WordPress blog or site. When you’re creating a new post, you’ll notice a couple of simple options in the Text Editor toolkit- add product, or add an entire store.

3. Abundant Buy Button Options

If you choose the ‘Add a Product’ option, this little popup will appear. Simply select ‘button’ and then customize exactly how you want your buy button to look. This makes it easy to get a consistent, unified appearance for your buy buttons, and ties together the design of your store beautifully.

These design options include price placement, the width of the button, and whether you would like the product to appear as an overlay or in a new browser tab. You can also choose to create a widget when you add a product. Play around and choose what works best for you!

4. A Shopping Cart on Every Page

Want to have a WordPress shopping cart accessible on every page of your site? That’s just what this plugin is designed for. Just copy the code into your header section, and you’re good to go! This quick hack enables you to have a fully functional shopping cart, constantly present throughout your site.

There’s nothing better for your customers’ shopping experience than being able to access their shopping cart at any given moment. The WordPress shopping cart upgrades your site from a content-only zone to a fully fledged eCommerce store.

Here are a few more reasons to try ecommerce for WordPress with Selz:

Selz is easy to set up – you can be ready in minutes
You’ll save money because you won’t have to upgrade your plan or change your theme on WordPress after updates
The Selz checkout process is secure, easy-to-use, and professional
Customers have multiple secure payment options
Selz gives you a reliable store and where you don’t have to worry about SSL or other security issues
There are no bandwidth or storage limits to worry about
You can link your store to email  and marketing tools with the Selz Zapier integration
The Selz customer success team is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Get Started with Ecommerce for WordPress Today!

Our new and improved WordPress Plugin and WordPress shopping cart make it easier than ever to convert customers from the comfort of your pre-existing site.

At Selz, we are always pushing for better ways for your merchants to connect with customers online. Check out our plans to see if Selz is right for your small business. Happy selling!

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