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As an entrepreneur, feedback is a vital part of our business plan and helps us to evolve a product so they can be refined into a better, more helpful offering. Building in critical evaluation, product evolution, and encouraging a feedback loop in our business processes is key. The better able you are to take critical evaluation and turn it into optimizations of your service or product, the happier and more satisfied your customers will be.

Here are some of our favorite ways to collect feedback from customers and clients:

Use feedback from customers and clients

After you have created a product, think about creative ways that you can involve your customers. This makes space for improving your product as you hear what your customers’ buying experience was like and their experience with your products. Using feedback, you can make tiny tweaks to your products to ensure that future customers will get the best experience from you, and that your product continues to be validated throughout its lifespan.


As your business scales you will not be able to do this as often, but especially in the early days, while you’re building a rapport with your customers, some one-to-one feedback can be really crucial in working out what does and doesn’t work for them.

Consider looking at things like the buying experience; how did they find it, the design, layout, and content over your product or service.

Find out how easy it was for them to understand and how they are using your product. This is also a really great way to gain testimonials whilst you are evolving and working on your product range.

Use email

Include a series of follow-up emails to your customers after they have purchased something from you that gauge their experience and response from buying from you.

Use surveys

You could include a link to a survey in something like Google forms, or Typeform, in order to gain some quick feedback from your audience. (As a note though, ensure that your survey is short, sweet, and fun to do, so it is not something that they would want to avoid).

Offer bonuses

Consider offering a bonus or an upgrade in return for answers, as this will often yield some great data and will make your customers more inclined to take part.

Schedule invite-only video streams

You could also email a handful of your clients personally and invite them to jump on a live video stream with you, in order to gain some real time customer feedback. Or, you could invite them to email you back personally with their experiences of the product, so that they have a more personal approach.

Use Community Feedback

Selz has an amazing community of entrepreneurs with small-but-fierce businesses with a similar goal to sell online, so why not reach out to people whose work you admire and invite them to collaborate with you on a mutual critique?

Exchange your product for feedback

You can also offer a free version of your product, perhaps to some other members of the Selz community, to invite them to give critical feedback on your product and the experience of it, in return for doing the same for them.

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Use feedback as fuel for new content

You can use the feedback from your clients and community on your products to fuel your ideas for content creation too. After all, you will be finding out answers why your customers came to you in the first place, and you can use this as a starting point for more content.

Evolving the product does so much more than simply make a product that you’re selling better: It also opens up channels to engage with your clients and your audience; it allows you to hear from the real people who are buying from you, their wants, needs, their likes and dislikes, and it also help to inspire you for their future needs.

Not only that, but you are building up a great reputation for customer service by reaching out for feedback and showing that you care about what you sell.
What’s your take? How do you usually refine and evolve your product so that it better meets your customers needs?

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  1. Tom

    Hey Jo,

    Really great post, every point was super useful! Some of this I’ve already implemented and its great to have some reassurance that I’m on the right path, but most of it is still to be done and I’m really excited to get going with it! 🙌🏻

    Thanks so much for a great post 😊

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