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The use of video online is growing at an incredible rate. Look at YouTube, it’s become the second most popular search engine after Google. But did you know that eCommerce is also seeing a big increase in the use of video? Product videos are also gaining great traction among successful ecommerce sites.

If you’re reading this you might be thinking “A video about my product would be nice to have, but is it worth the extra work?”

Well as it turns out, using product videos is worth it. There is a whole bunch of research that shows that a product video can do a lot to increase sales.

Product videos increase sales

Creating videos with your product in action and highlighting the features and benefits is a great way to show customers what they will get before they click on the “Get it now” button.

Two-thirds of consumers who watched a product video multiple times buy the product
Quality videos increase the value of orders by an impressive 174%

Zappos is a fantastic example of how videos can be used to increase sales.

Zappos have a fantastic reputation for great products and customer service. They have found product videos to be a great way to grow their business.

Zappos found product pages with video demos or previews had a 6-30% increase in sales – which is a significant increase.

Zappos also found that videos with staff in helped increase conversions as it made them more personal. This might be something you could try yourself if your not afraid of appearing on camera. It does help personalize it.

Product videos help make customers happier

Videos help increase conversions and help boost customer satisfaction.

A recent study by Invodo found that 50% of online consumers are more confident about their purchase after viewing a product video.

Product video examples

Here are a couple of product videos that are my personal favorites

Simply Hike Camping – tents aren’t the most exciting product. To a camping novice tents seem quite generic – so a product video is a great way to put across the important product features

reCAP Jars – this is a great example of a product video showing how useful something like reCap Jars can be

Kamado Joe – my mouth waters everytime I see these BBQ videos – I’ve got a “Big Joe” on my Christmas list for Santa after watching the videos on their site

Producing a product video
Cost of production

It’s about the product story, not the equipment. You could use your smartphone to create a video, but digital SLR cameras are perfect. You don’t need a big budget, just some creativity. But do remember a good quality video is the goal.

Give some thought to how best your video can showcase your product and make it appealing. The video needs to explain the product benefits to the prospective customer.

Depending on the type of product you’re selling you might need a space to record. Try to use as much natural light as you can. If shooting inside you will need good lighting. There are plenty of YouTube videos on video lighting. Lighting is one of the most important factors in shooting a video. The good news is that you can buy cheap lighting and backdrops on eBay to get you started.

Post production

You will want to do some editing of your video. You don’t want to just shoot it warts and all and upload it as a product video on your item in Selz.

There are a whole bunch of freemium or paid video tools out there to help you make your videos more easily. Here is a list of 30 free video editing tools.

Adding product videos to my Selz store

The best place for product videos is in your online store next to the each product’s details and the buy button. The good news is that adding a video trailer to each service, digital or physical product is very easy if using Selz as your online store.

To creat a new item for sale with Selz with a product video. First Sign into your Selz account and create your product listing by selecting the product type
If adding a video preview to an existing item in your Selz store. Log into Selz, go to “Items”, choose the item you wish to add a video preview to, click the three dots labeled “options” on the bottom right,
and hit “edit”.
You can add then choose to either upload a video file or embed a video from Youtube or Vimeo
Once the video has been uploaded you can then complete the other item details
How product preview videos look on Selz

The end result is a product video trailer that a customer can watch before buying for your product. Here are a couple of examples of how product videos look if using Selz.

To see the Animation Methods product video in a new tab on your browser.

To see the IronKlad Studios product trailer video in a new tab on your browser.


Big online retailers have woken up to the benefit of using product videos. But product videos are still underutilized by many creators and web entrepreneurs selling online. Why I don’t know. It doesn’t make much sense really. Product videos aren’t expensive to make, are fairly easy to do, increase conversions and makes customers happier. In the crowded online world, using product videos can help differentiate you from your competitors. So the opportunity is there.

If you’re feeling inspired, great. Try creating and adding a product video to your products and measure the result.

If you’ve come across any awesome examples of product videos please share them with everyone in the comments below. Your example might just be the spark of inspiration that someone needs to start using product videos.

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