We all have that one friend on social media. You know, the one that is always shamelessly self promoting their newest project. “Come see my band play! Buy my new T-shirt! Sign up for my class!” And while you want to be a supportive friend, you can’t help but consider hiding their feed just for a little peace. Don’t be that friend, we can show you how to promote your business without being intrusive.

Don’t let that one friend deter you from promoting your own business on social media. There’s a right way to do it without annoying your friends, and will actually help you make sales, too! We’re going to share our super secret ways of convincing your friends and family to buy and promote your business, without becoming THAT guy.

1. Start a business page, separate from your own personal Facebook
This is a big one. So many people mix business with pleasure when it comes to social media, and that’s when you start annoying your friends. Make a business account for Facebook and Instagram that is separate from your own personal pages. Not only does this allow people you don’t know to like your business, it keeps it separate from other life events you may be posting about.

Once you’ve set up your business page, then it’s alright to invite your friends to like it. You can make a post sharing your new business page, tell your friends why you started the business, and ask them to like it to help you out. Facebook also has a nifty feature where you can specifically invite people to like your page. They’ll get a notification that you’ve invited them, and they can make the decision if they want to support your new venture.

Once you’ve got a good fan base on your Facebook and Instagram business pages, then you don’t need to self-promote on your personal pages unless you have very, very big announcements. Keep it all on your business pages.

2. Be genuine
Part of the reason your friend we were talking about earlier is so annoying is because you can tell that they’re not genuine. They just want you to buy their product so that they make money, there’s no emotional connection there.

If you share your business with a genuine tone of writing, people will come. Selling is all about emotion, and if you leave that out of your writing, you’re not going to get anyone to buy, let alone your friends.

When writing about your business on your personal pages, it’s important to stay honest and modest. Speak as if you’re speaking to your best friend over a glass of wine, telling her about your new plan. Tell your friends why you’re choosing to start this business, what it means to you, and what your goals are. People will be supportive of your ventures when you’re willing to share a personal aspect of your life with them. And, we get it, Facebook isn’t exactly personal and honest these days, but that’s why you’ll really shine. Be the excited, truthful, bright post that shines out among the rest of your friends’ feed.

3. Don’t forget Instagram
We love Instagram as a way to promote not only your product, but your lifestyle. Instagram is an inspirational and beautiful place where you’ll find loads of support from friends and random followers alike. The important part here is to be real, and don’t promote yourself EVERY post. People that care about you want to see what your everyday life looks like. We know it sounds passé, but it’s okay to show them what you ate for lunch, or the coffee shop you’re working out of, or your kid’s newest drawing. This is where you are showing that you’re a genuine person.

Once people are invested in you personally on Instagram, then you can promote. Show them your newest product in the works, or a picture of someone using your product. Tell your fans what you’re working on and where they can buy your product. This is going to far outsell the lackluster “Hey, buy this!!!!” posts you see on Instagram these days.

We’re certain that if you follow these guidelines, you’ll not only have lovely personal pages with friends that don’t resent you treating them like customers, you’ll have a thriving business page with followers that truly care about your success. Good luck, and keep on posting!