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PayPal has long been the most common way for people to pay online. It is not necessarily the best, and there are plenty of better alternatives to PayPal. Many of the PayPal alternatives offer added benefits which are very easy to use for those people that have no programming experience.

PayPal is one of the most commonly used online payment services and has been around since 1998 when it rapidly grew as a result of its partnership with eBay for handling transactions. eBay bought PayPal in 2002 for $1.4billion. Although PayPal has millions of satisfied customers, there are a large number of online sellers who are quite vocal about the issues they have had with PayPal. The major issue is the inexplicable sudden freezing of accounts and the inability of withdrawing their money.

If you are looking for an alternative to using PayPal, here are the best alternatives for either accepting payments from others, or for selling online from a blog or website.

PayPal Alternatives


Dwolla is an online peer to peer money transfer service. Unlike PayPal, Dwolla does require both the sender and the receiver to have a Dwolla account. Setting up an account is easy, although for US customers they do require a social security number for verification. It is good for peer to peer payments, but not recommended for processing payment for web sales due to the need for both parties to have a Dwolla account.

What is good about Dwolla is the simple transaction fee, which is only 0.25c per transaction, and Free if the transaction is less $10. The transactions can a while to come through (normally a few days), unless you subscribe $3 per month to their Instant Transaction service which speeds up the transactions. Dwolla is available on desktop and as mobile apps for Android and iPhones.


Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, allows you to send and receive money to other users with a free secure digital wallet. It can be used for shopping online at 135,000 shops globally as a way of shopping without revealing credit card details. It is often used as a payment method for online gaming.

Payments to merchants are free and receiving money is free. Sending money never costs more than Eur 0.50 but it can be complicated to know how much as it varies depending on the country and the currency involved. There are also flat fees for withdrawals. Creating an account for an individual is fairly straight forward in terms of the normal personal details collected like name, address, email, password and you will need to link a credit card.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is mainly used in the US and is a digital wallet that can be used to buy in store with your mobile or to buy online. It is largely used for purchasing with Android phone apps as it is linked to your Google account. One of the great things about Google Wallet is that it is free to set up and to transfer money from a bank account, receiving money is free, only if sending money using a credit card is there a small fee.

For Merchants Google Wallet doesn’t charge any fees for processing, however, you will need to pay a payment gateway processor their charges. One drawback for some website owners is that it doesn’t support subscriptions at the moment. It can be used to purchase online in over 160 countries. It is limited to the United States for the use in stores and sending money peer to peer. It is the mobile payment system to watch, however, you will need to use Android to get it!


WePay is only available to United States citizens for accepting payments.

WePay started out as a way for groups of people to collect money and make a joint payment, like sharing a restaurant bill. Since then they have moved more into the online payments space, opening up their API with simple copy and paste payment buttons.

You can create an online store page for free and one of the best features is that customers can purchase without leaving your blog or website. There are no setup fees and no monthly fees. WePay charge 2.9% + 30c to accept credit card payments. What is good about WePay is that it is quick to set up with a simple backend. If you are a US seller you can accept payments from people using international credit cards.


This is an objective review of as an alternative to PayPal for people looking to sell products and digital downloads securely from a blog, website or via Social networks. Selz is the Ecommerce platform for growing businesses and can be used by sellers internationally including sellers in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. The registration is easy.

What is great about Selz is that there are no merchant accounts needed and no contracts or set up fees. You can cut and paste the customizable buy button on to a blog or website or embed a widget without any programming needed. A feature that is about to be released in the next week or two is the ability for customers to make a purchase without leaving your site. This is a great improvement in the buying process for the customer compared to PayPal who redirect the customer away from your website.

It is an excellent alternative to using a PayPal buy button on your blog or website as it can be used by international sellers and buyers. Great for bloggers who want to sell ebooks, software, files, or other digital downloads.

For sellers looking to sell via social networks, Selz has powerful Facebook Store capabilities.


All of these are good alternatives for PayPal. If you are thinking of peer to peer money transfer I personally would give Dwolla a try as a PayPal alternative. If looking to sell from a blog or website then give a try as its easy to set up and use which means you can then invest extra time on promoting your business.

About the author

Geoff Austin

Geoff Austin

I talk and write a lot. Some of it about ecommerce, selling online, startups, SEO, digital marketing.

Currently, head of analytics for an automotive business in Sydney, facilitating a culture of data-driven decisions. Delivering data-based insights and intelligence.

Chauffeur to twin daughters and a pizza chef master.


  1. San

    WHat about Payza?
    Its getting better now..

  2. Andrei Constantin

    It just depends on the positioning the company takes.
    The more companies enter the market, the better for us customers.

    1. Selz

      Melissa Whidjaya

      Yep, you’re right Andrei – it’s great to see so many options out there now.

  3. Jason William

    I think stripe is also good.

  4. RollingStone

    Thanks for the post!
    My two cents: at the moment i am using Paysera payments for such transactions. Also very easy to use and friendly for small business. I also had some experience with Skrill, however, Skrill was somewhat more expensive. Any way, both cheaper than Paypal.

  5. Aleksandare

    Hello guys

    I am from Macedonia and PayPal refuse to enable payments to banks in my country. We can only shop with them, no receive payments. This is a problem as I am looking to offer video courses online. Almost all the reputable platforms are offering credit card payments and PayPal.

    What are the payments methods available at Selz? Do you have Skrill, 2CheckOut and/or Payoneer?

    Thank you

    1. Kristen Runvik Selz


      Hi Aleksandare, thanks for your comment! We use both Stripe and PayPal to process payments on Selz. Unfortunately, Stripe does not yet operate in Macedonia, so your only option at this time is PayPal. Since PayPal does not allow receiving money in your country, Selz won’t work for you at this time. We hope to offer different payment options in the future, so thanks for letting us know that Skrill, Payoneer, and 2Checkout would be best.

      1. Adam I.

        Dear Kristen,

        Any news regarding being partnered with Payoneer? :)


  6. Victor Kyle

    Is it possible to withdraw money from Selz to payoneer?

    1. Tara Storozynsky Selz

      Tara Storozynsky

      Hi, Victor! Great question. Payoneer is becoming very popular, but at this time we don’t allow Payoneer as a payment option. It’s very easy for merchants to skirt around regulations using this, so our decision was based on compliance. If you’re in a Selz Pay approved country, this payment gateway is very easy to set up for Selz merchants!
      Best of luck and thanks for reading FounderU!

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