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You know how we love our feedback here at Selz, so when you said you wanted a sleeker checkout process for your buyers, we listened. We’ve now made a change to our address collection feature so that if you aren’t collecting sales taxes or require shipping for your products, you can choose whether to collect a billing address or not. This means a quicker purchase flow and higher conversions – sounds good to us.

It’s easy to make the change, all you need to is go to your Selz dashboard and click on Settings, and then Payment. Flick the switch to what you want and you’re done!

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About the author

Melissa Whidjaya

Melissa is the co-founder of Bloombox Co. Bloombox Co works to connect flower growers and flower buyers, creating a distribution system that reduces waste, improves profitability for growers, and removes barriers to consumption, providing flower lovers with a fresher, more sustainable product than ever before.


  1. Markus

    Thanks guys. This was just what I was waiting for. Took a look at Selz earlier in the year and loved it but didn’t use you because of mandatory address collection. But now I’m on board :)

    1. Kristen

      Hey Markus! Glad to have you here with us and to know this feature is important to you :)

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